All Systems GO! Extra-Potent New Beginnings Moon in Capricorn

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Happy New Moon in Capricorn! Potent New Beginning for the Year. Set Your Intentions!

Tonight’s New Moon (exact at 9:17 pm Eastern)is something to croon about, which, in relation to all the jaw-dropping heavenly energies of the past few months, is really saying something.

This New Moon is the first New Moon of the year. It’s also in Capricorn (cardinal Earth), so we’re talking about extra power given to starting something new. Capricorn is the master-builder; master-manifestor, so if you’ve been wanting to create something new, this New Moon, tonight, is the one to use!

Why? Let’s see… Well, fully half the planets in our solar system (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto) are hanging out in this sign relating to reaching new heights in the world. Saturn, in fact, is going to be here all the way through 2020! It’s Saturn’s home sign, so all the Capricorn themes (commitment, determination, patience, manifestation, success, career, clarity, authority, sovereignty, as well as the less-great themes of control + rigidity) are highlighted right now and for the foreseeable future. (Psst: right now is the time to take action, though!)

In addition to all the planets stacked one on top of the other in Capricorn, this New Moon is in a harmonious sextile (very friendly and easy relationship) with Mars and Jupiter who are fueling each other in Mars’ home sign of Scorpio. In fact, today Jupiter is EXACTLY sextile to Pluto. The King of Expansion meets the Lord of Power, Wealth, and Transformation. Mars is right next to Jupiter throwing fuel on that fire.

And (yes there’s more!) for more wealth-creation mojo (hey, if you don’t want it for yourself, I’ll wager you can think of a good cause to give it to), Venus, the Queen of Beauty, Pleasure, and Money, is right alongside the New Moon, lending her magick to all your intentions.

Oh, and did I mention that today’s New Moon marks the opening of Eclipse Season? That’s right. Expect sudden, major shifts over the next 6 weeks. The first eclipse is a total lunar eclipse AND a Blue Moon (second Full Moon of January) on the 31st. At this opening salvo of eclipse season we also have Uranus, the planet of sudden change and revolution, in an exact square to the New Moon. In short, start expecting the unexpected, beginning now.

Neptune is the only planet sitting today’s party out.

Even though I’ve just covered a lot of ground in very few words, I hope that you get how truly unprecedented all of the support we’re being given right now is.

ALL THE PLANETS are lining up to help us shift through the changes.

What’s more, ALL THE PLANETS are going forward. This hardly ever happens, especially not at the very beginning of the year; especially when half the zodiac is piled up in the sign of Doing Great Big Things. As of 2 January, when Uranus started moving forward again, and (only) until 8 March, when Jupiter stations retrograde, we are fully supported in all our forward-moving endeavors.

In other words, right now is THE time to get things going. I’d love to help, so if you’ve got some dreams, visions, or goals to bring into form this year, let’s talk soon to find out if we’re a good match.

What are your intentions for the year? Even if you joined my crystal-pulling party at the start of the month/year, or if you set your own intentions privately, now, today, is the perfect moment to re-commit to them, fired up by that Mars-Jupiter expansion fuel, the New Moon backed up by Venus, Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury, the energy of eclipse season, and the retrograde-free energy we are currently enjoying.

Now, I freely admit that I have a hard time setting long-term goals. They typically don’t work for me. Perhaps I’m at the point in my evolution where things shift so quickly that a 5-week plan is hard for me to stick to, to say nothing of 5 months or (snort!) 5 years!

However, as I set my own intentions tonight (it’s best/most powerful to do them between 9:17 pm ET when the New Moon is exact until 1:30 am, but if you miss that window, do it when you get up in the morning) I am going to set a feeling-goal. In other words, what I want my life to FEEL like (hello Mars and Jupiter in deep-feeling Scorpio) in a year and in 5 years, or even faster than that if it’s aligned.

In fact, at this time of souped-up manifestation power, it’s important to recall that when we tap into our visions of what we want to create, adding the FEELING is a necessary step. What’s your feeling goal?

I’m actually very optimistic about 2018. Things may feel like they’re falling apart on the political scene in the US, but the crazy Jenga tower we live in over here is going to have to come down sooner or later, and I’m hoping for sooner, even though it might be some very rough-going for a while. And that’s okay. Taking the long view helps, while staying connected to and feeling compassion for those who are currently caught in crosshairs.

As part of my enthusiasm for 2018, I’m organizing a Live Channeling on best practices in 2018. If you’re interested in hearing how to thrive this year, register here.

The live transmission happens on the 26th at noon Eastern (whoopee—just before the lunar eclipse!), but if you can’t make it live, no worries. Register early and submit up to 2 questions. Some of the questions I’ll be asking others to voice for me are: how to best claim our wings.

How to best live in our own place of Sovereignty. (Hello, Saturn in Capricorn!)

How to be so grounded in our own truth that we can stop apologizing for who we are and live in full awareness of the value of our sacred gifts.

Yes, I’m excited to get answers to my own questions, but one reason I love doing these kinds of events is to hear what other people ask and the answers offered by the Keepers. (If you’re new to my world, you’re gonna love it!!)

And, since this is such a forward-looking New Moon, I’ll tell you about a few of the goodies I have planned for this year. (We’ll see which of them come to fruition and when {grin}).

I’m re-christening my Being Mythic deep dive into the magickal, multidimensional version of you to something that resonates more, having to do with Sacred Sovereignty. Super yummy! More to come as this evolves.

(FYI: If you’re looking for transformation, even on a cellular level, this is it! My most all-inclusive, whole-shebang offering)

For the vernal equinox here in the northern hemisphere, I’m doing a 3-night, 4-day retreat in the North Georgia mountains. This is a time to get cozy with yourself, with the Sovereign Queen you are becoming… and with me! Outside my deep dives, this is the one place you can actually rub elbows with me, not just in our “official” meeting and play times, but as we’re cooking, hiking, eating dinner, or sitting around the fire admiring the amazing display of stars. I have room for 5, with a limited number of private rooms, so if you want one of these, please reach out soon! Just click this link and mention the retreat. I cannot wait to get together deep in the woodsy mountains, as spring is emerging here in Georgia.

I’m also seeing/seeding a new Sisterhood Circle that would meet on a bi-monthly basis online. A place where we would all be focused on the web between Sovereignty, Divinity, Magick, + Ritual. Something like an incubator/mastermind crossed with a priestess circle. I’ll be channeling topics monthly, in a second meeting everyone gets to share what is up for them to receive the collective wisdom of the group, and there might even be a live retreat that develops for this group—who knows! Whenever I think of it, a fire grows in my heart and solar plexus, warming me up. It feels divine.

I hope that you’ll take tonight’s rare opportunity to set potent intentions for this year (and indeed to the end of the Saturn in Capricorn period, at the tail end of December 2020). Let me know what you’re seeding, as I love to add my own magick to others’.

Here’s to an amazing 2018!

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: That link to the call on the 26th again, to use yourelf and share with friends: