New Earth. New Rules. {Invitation}

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Have you felt the powerful energetic shift over the past month? For me it’s been very personal, but nearly everyone I’ve spoken to recently has felt it, too.

In 2017, our planet was in transition. Things felt wobbly. Many familiar things (what we knew to be “true” about earth events, mutually assured destruction as a clear deterrent to nuclear war, human slavery as a thing of the distant past) were morphing, turning upside-down or inside-out before our very eyes. Real news became “fake news,” and vice-versa. The landscape was totally unfamiliar, and truth became a moving target.

Then, at the end of the year, Saturn moved into its home sign of Capricorn. Now we’re getting more structure. The landscape may still be unfamiliar, but at least it feels less like the ground will fall away from us quite so dramatically anymore.

As Lightworkers or Love Warriors or Champions of Peace + Justice, we chose to be here during this time. We helped to call in this new energy. And now it’s time to learn to live in it.

There is no such thing as “business as usual” anymore. Nothing we know from the past is a reliable predictor for the future. Now we all march under the banner of “Expect the Unexpected!”

That’s why I’ve set up a new Channeling call happening live tomorrow, 26 January at 1 pm Eastern. (Note time change.) Can’t make it live? Register and submit up to 2 questions to be asked in absentia.

Come and get your questions answered.

Come be a part of in-forming (giving form to) the call people will listen to all year, and possibly for years to come.

Come with your questions. Come with your Hopes + Dreams.

Come and let’s discover together how to best live and support ourselves and those we serve in this Brave New World of ours.

The time for rebirth is here. It’s up to us, individually, to decide if this new life is going to be one of struggle or of ease.

My vision for this call is to get nitty-gritty with best practices and practical information from the Record Keepers about how to BE in this New Earth. How best to respond when we’re triggered or so taken aback by what’s happening that we don’t know what to do.

How to support those around us—perhaps those who have a less solid connection to All That Is and the sense of security that goes with it—when things get tough. This could be family, clients, community…

How to do the things we’re used to doing (i.e., ritual, intentions) in a new way. Are there cherished old practices that we’d do best to let go of? New ones to embrace? Let’s find out.

How to connect with our personal greatness, because this surely is the time to do so!

I hope you’ll accept my invitation, and invite your friends to join too. This isn’t a no-charge call (there will be so much actionable information and hands-down truth that it would be absurd for it to be given away), but nearly so: come to participate and/or listen to the download as many times as you like for a mere $18.

Register here and look for the green button on the lower right of the page. If you get to my signature and bio, scroll up.

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: By the way, the timing of this call is not random. Next Wednesday’s mighty Total Lunar Eclipse (a Full Super Blue Blood Moon) is REALLY bringing this energy home. Come learn to flow with it before it starts sweeping through.

P.P.S.: What’s clear to me is that this call isn’t just about giving us tools to LIVE in the New Earth. It’s about CREATING THE NEW EARTH. I hope you’ll join me for that. Deep bow.