Today’s LOVE Portal (Super Blue Blood Moon Total Eclipse)

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Eclipse Greetings!

If you’re lucky, you got to go outside and see today’s Super Blue Blood Moon Total Eclipse. I live too far east to be able to have seen it (though if I had been on higher ground, I might’ve caught a glimpse during the few minutes between Moonset and Sunrise this morning; I watched the live NASA feed which was breathtaking, of course, but not the same as being there in person).

This was the first time in, oh, 174 years (!) that we’ve had this radical combination of Supermoon (moon at perigee, which is at the closest point in its orbit to Earth at the time of the Full Moon, and therefore at its most powerful), Blue Moon (second Full Moon in a calendar month, further amplifying the potency) and Blood Moon (a total lunar eclipse that turns the Moon that eerie + magickal red-orange color and bringing with it all the epiphanies of an eclipse). If you missed it this time, the next one happens in only 19 years (2037).

There’s SO much to say about this phenomenal astral event, yet these days I’m trying to be concise in these missives, so if you want me to unpack something, please reach out. Let me start with the story of the Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse that radically shifted the direction of my life.

The Blue Moon in question happened on 31 December 2009. It had been a really hard year for me—including being unjustly blamed by colleagues for the death of the academic department that I had been chairing; it was absorbed into a hostile department when I stepped down—but also one of new teachers (crystals), settling into my intuition and learning to really trust it, and rapid spiritual growth. I had spent much of the 31st journaling about what I wanted to release moving into 2010 (mostly about toxicity in my job as a professor), and what I wanted to call in (essentially more wind under my wings: a sense of freedom and expansion).

The very next day I blew my top because I hadn’t been listened to. I really do think my eyes bugged out of my head when I saw the extent to which I hadn’t been heard (again). It might easily have turned into an “I’m hiring a divorce lawyer” moment, but my husband asked, a few hours later, what was really behind my explosion of anger. I gave it real thought, and what came to me was that I didn’t want to go back to work in a few days.

His next words played a pivotal role in my life: “Why don’t you quit?”

Now, he was the ONLY person in my life who could’ve said this. I was raised by two tenured professors, all the people I knew and had known for decades were either tenured or desperately seeking tenure. Hell, I was tenured! That’s the academic equivalent of winning the jackpot, so quitting a tenured position was the unthinkable thought for anyone but him in my world.

Time stopped. I watched those words leave his mouth and move toward me. When they hit, my whole body rang like a GONG. I’m not kidding. In one, enormous, resonant moment, I knew that not only could I quit, but that in order not to die inside more than I already had, I had to quit. So I did. I turned to my computer and sent my resignation letter to acting chair, dean, and provost, and I never looked back to second-guess my decision.

Did I know on that day that I’d go on to have an international following as an Oracle and mentor? Nope. Not a clue. It was a true leap into the Unknown. But I trusted that whatever it was, it would be better than being a professor with a guaranteed salary for life, a career I had trained for since age 2.

These past 8 years haven’t all been rainbows and unicorns, but most of it has been. I’m no longer subjecting myself to a toxic environment every day, and bringing that energy home. I get to work with people whom I love and respect, and who love, respect, and are inspired by me. What a concept! (If we’re working together currently or have worked together in the past, picture your smiling face here!)

Not only that, but every time I work with someone, their whole sense of who they are and what they are capable of is shifted and expanded. And because they, like me, are all committed to raising the frequency of Planet Earth, every time I work with someone new, I empower them to create new waves of change in their field of expertise. I cannot even express the degree to which I am humbled by and in awe of this gift I carry, and the ways it moves virally throughout the world to generate Good even for people I have never met and never will. Just… wow.

I thank my lucky stars that I was ready for that Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse and that I/my Higher Self had installed the one person in my life who could say those magick words in a place where he could say them, and I could hear them + answer the call.

Things line up at portals like today’s. I trust they will line up for you if you are open to seeing yourself and your environment in a new light.

And Now For Something Completely Different. After inspiration, information.

This Full Moon, like its sister on the first day of the year, is occurring at 11 degrees. (Leo this time, rather than Cancer.) Now, this is an 11 universal year (2+0+1+8=11, which can be reduced to 2, but typically is not, as 11 is a Master Number), so that Full Moon on the first was really opening up the 11:11 portal (11 Cancer Moon, 11 Capricorn Sun). Today’s Full Moon is at 11 Leo, with the Sun opposite at 11 Aquarius; again that 11:11 portal invites us to step through into higher wisdom and frequencies.

Full Moon is all about Love, not only because Venus (Goddess of Love) and the asteroid Juno (Goddess of Marriage + committed partnership) are right next to the Sun/opposite the Full Moon in the sky, but also because this is the Love Axis. Leo is about receiving Love (and accolades) from everyone, and Aquarius is about giving it to everyone.

The Love portal is W-I-D-E open today. What are you being asked to lay down in order to enter this gateway?

For me, my guidance is to look at where I’m withholding Love from myself and others because of judgments that I’ve held which are not serving me anymore. There are still lots of places where I judge myself (oh, I’m so far from being perfect at this that it’s not funny!) and also judge the way others express their Love to me as inadequate or unsatisfying. And that keeps me from fully receiving it, of course.

Remember that according to the Akashic Records, a person can only receive Love from others to the degree that she or he loves her or himself! Moreover, we can only give Love to the degree we love ourselves. The takeaway here is to Love Ourselves More, so that we can fully engage this Love Portal open today.

With any eclipse—especially one THIS POWERFUL!!—we all need to expect the unexpected. An eclipse is like a light being suddenly switched on to illuminate what has been in the dark, hidden, or brewing under the surface. Don’t be surprised if you have a “What the… ?!?” kind of response to a turn of events over the next few days. And this isn’t limited to what other people are doing or saying; you might have an epiphany about yourself too.

A total eclipse of the Moon like today’s is a harbinger of endings and beginnings, which are of course the same thing energetically: all endings open the door to something new and all beginnings announce the end of the old cycle. Think of the ancient alchemical symbol of the Oroboros, the snake that eats its own tail: never ending, always re-newing.

Lunar eclipses are often associated with relationships, especially today’s with the Venus and Juno involvement. If you are having a strong reaction to something that feels eclipse related, know that the best way forward is to love yourself, feel your feelings engage your creativity, step into your spotlight, and take a risk.

Eclipses occur when the Moon is conjunct one of the Lunar Nodes. At this Leo Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is sitting with the North Node, which points to the best way forward or your highest evolutionary path. All Leonine themes of play, creativity, expressions of the divine child, trusting your intuition and taking a big leap are your best ways forward. Shadow Aquarius (the South Node brings out shadow themes) include staying in your head rather than feeling your feelings or taking action, and these are things not to do. If you aren’t having a body-ringing-like-a-gong moment, never fear. It might take up to a week for the eclipse-related clarity to show up.

A few years ago, my energy-healer friend Katie Todd suggested at the Leo Full Moon to do a writing from the heart exercise, and I highly recommend this. Leo is associated with the heart and courage, so why not take a piece of paper and a writing instrument in your non-dominant hand, put your other hand on your heart, take a few deep breaths (or use the Breathing in the Stars meditation that people are still gaga over, even years after I brought it through) to get out of your head, and then start writing with your non-dominant hand. You may be surprised at what your heart has to tell you on this Super Blue Blood Total Lunar Eclipse day!

This eclipse is asking us to see where in our lives we have numbed out or are going through the motions, and to stop that in favor of doing what lights us up! What makes our collective hearts sing? Where can we do a better job of fully LIVING, of honoring our essence-selves, and really standing up as the person we were born to be? This fiery Leo Eclipse wants us to take action in that direction, and of course, for the next 5 weeks or so, there are no major planets moving retrograde, so it’s an all-systems-go moment, right now.

If you dare (Leo brings us the courage of the Lion) I invite you to take the leap that your intuition has been poking at you to take. If you’ve been standing with your toes at the edge of the cliff, looking down into (what appears to be) the void, listening to your ego-brain telling you how dangerous it is to step off into nothingness, I offer this: right now, today, is the perfect, divinely and astrally-supported moment to shake off the voice of caution, and to take action.

Find help if you need it. If you suspect that I may hold a key to stepping into your magnificence, and you’re ready to start feeling your wings, then please, let’s set up a time to talk. I’m ready to support you if you’re ready to step up.

If you’re comfortable where you are on your life’s path, or if you don’t yet have the resources to do the Big Work, I invite you to listen to what I brought through last Friday about the paradigm shifts the world is currently moving through called “New Earth, New Rules: How to Thrive in the New Landscape.” There is one remarkably simple and easy thing to do on a daily basis to really help you to flow, financially and otherwise, with and in these new energies. What a perfect time to start practicing this, at the Love Portal! If you’ve already listened, did you recognize where I made reference to this easy practice above?

I wish you the smoothest and most epiphany-filled Super Lunar Eclipse. Remember to feel your feelings if or when you get triggered or activated by what happens over the next few days. If you or someone you love is sick right now, know that this is the body’s response to eclipse energy, which is to purge that which no longer serves us. And (this is a little delicate, but people have been bringing it up), if you are aware of people suddenly choosing to transition off the planet, that is also eclipse related. My heart goes out to you if you have recently and suddenly lost a loved one. When you’ve grieved and are ready for some perspective, please reach out.

All the very BEST to you at this potent Love Portal, dear one.

With Heart Wide Open,


P.S.: Last Friday’s channeling about New Earth, New Rules was truly one of the most powerful calls like this I’ve ever done. The forces of nature kept there from being too many different questions, so the entire 90 minute recording speaks to a single, very consistent message. As I was closing the Records, the gratitude flowing in from the Akashic side was more powerful than I’ve ever felt it. EVER. Because everyone who opts in to this replay and takes on the simple practice the Keepers proposed is doing unimaginably powerful work towards bringing the planet into full alignment with the new Love-based paradigm. Find it here and join the Love Team.

P.P.S.: If you resonated with what I said above about being committed to shifting the way consciousness is done on this planet, or desiring to shift and expand the whole sense of who you are and what you are capable of in this lifetime, I invite you to set up a conversation. I ardently desire to know who the change-makers are, and to speed up the process of making those big shifts. First for yourself, and (magickally, as a result) for the world at large. The time is now. Let’s do this!