Re-Drawing the Maps

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Re-Drawing the Maps at Today’s
~Aquarius Solar Eclipse~

Today’s the Lunar New Year (hail and welcome, year of the Dog) and a partial Solar Eclipse. All around, it’s a great day for planting seeds for your future, as Aquarius is all about looking forward and advancement, sometimes remarkably quick shifts. Mercury (our daily-task mind + communication) and Juno (Goddess of committed partnership) are right next to the Sun/Moon conjunction, and are being eclipsed. That’s a major reset button for relationships and for persistent beliefs. What are you ready to let go of or embrace?

If you know your natal chart, find the house containing 27 degrees of Aquarius to get specifics on what part of your life these resets may be happening in.

When I checked in today about what to share in this post, the message I got was to talk about “redrawing the maps.” This can actually mean lots of things, including setting aright what was unjust on a literal map (for example, gerrymandered voting districts), but what I’m seeing and hearing most clearly is the idea of re-imagining what’s possible.

Again, if you know your natal chart (you can get one gratis at; I’m not affiliated but use them all the time), I invite you to especially consider re-drawing the maps in your mind–re-imagining the limits or borders or spaciousness–in the following areas. Maybe there’s something you’d simply like to wipe off the map! Or something you’d like to bring closer, as it were. I encourage everyone to read all the way through in case something sticks.

I’m including crystal allies for all the houses, but will make just a few generalized suggestions here. For clarity about how or where to re-draw the maps, Clear Quartz is always your best bet, especially if it’s got the point still on it.

When it comes to letting go of things-this is a South Node eclipse, oriented to the karmic past, so letting go is part of the package, like it or not-your best crystal friend is Green Aventurine. It helps you to see what you’ve outgrown and to let it pass from you so that you can bring in the big, juicy NEW stuff!

If you don’t have a crystal collection at your fingertips, never fear! Look up an image online and ask to connect to the energy of the stone. Open your heart to it and allow its unconditionally loving and supportive energy to flow in to help you.

Read on:

First House: Your SELF. Take some time to consider how you’re different now (wiser, more grounded, more compassionate) than you were the last time you did a major check-in with yourself. That’s step one. The essential second step is to consciously re-draw those limits based on WHOM you desire to become. Crystal Allies for self-knowing: Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli

Second House: Your resources, talents, skills, and money you make yourself. Is there something you’re looking to embrace or let go of in this area? A mindset you’d like to shift? Limiting beliefs to wash away? (This is where the eclipse is happening in my chart, incidentally.) Crystal Ally for talents/skills: Rhodonite; for prosperity: Garnet

Third House: Perception/Communication + close family/nearby environment. Is your perspective asking for an upgrade or revision? If things are looking black-and-white, could there be a third as yet unseen option? Do you say too much? Not enough? Who counts as a family member to you? Do you want to re-christen someone not legally family as a sister or brother, for your own heart’s sake? N.B.: Because Mercury, the planet which rules the 3rd house, is being eclipsed today, I recommend that we all take a special look at this area. Crystal Ally for communication: Blue Lace Agate; for speaking your personal truth: Amazonite; for seeing the bigger picture: Hawk’s Eye

Fourth House: Home and Mother. Is there a way in which it would serve you to think radically differently about your home? Is it time for a purge or a makeover, or to create some special sacred/ritual space in it for yourself? Also, mothers are interesting. If we’re lucky enough to know our mothers and for them to live many years, even as adults we’re still their babies. It’s like living in a time capsule. Is it time to re-draw the map of responsibility vis-à-vis a mother figure in your life? Or heal a wound (erasing it from the map, say)? Crystal ally for mothers/motherhood: Moonstone; for healing Mother wounds: Rhodochrosite

Fifth House: Creativity/Play/Divine Child. Ask yourself: have you been suppressing your creativity? Or your Lion’s roar? Are you living a life where you just work and work and never refill your cup? How can you shine your Light more brightly? How can you allow the map of what’s possible here to be re-drawn? Hint-use your creativity! Crystal Allies: for self-confidence: Citrine; for peace and shining your Light: Lepidolite; for creativity and an energy boost: Carnelian

Sixth House: Daily rituals/Path of Service/Healing. How are you going to re-draw the map of the small, daily actions that make all the difference in the world? If, like me, your meditation practice as slipped, this is the perfect time to draw it back in. Maybe the map of how your nourish yourself (including with food) is asking to be re-drawn. Are you honoring yourself and your needs as much as you could? If that’s true for you, consider re-thinking why you don’t, and adding in one small thing per week to rectify this? Put it on your calendar so you don’t forget. Crystal Allies: for courage to keep on keeping on: Bloodstone; for healing and regeneration: Mookaite; for grounded balance: Hematite

The second half of the zodiac is not just about you, but you AND, or you turned outward toward others; sometimes just one other, and sometimes all of humanity or the collective consciousness.

Seventh House: (Relationships with) Others/Partnerships. Since Juno is eclipsed today, it will serve everyone to look at this area. This is the time to look at how well or how little our personal or professional relationships feed us. Which ones are exciting and which ones, if any, a drag? If the latter, what can be done to either spice it up or let it go? Is there a relationship where we are just going through the motions. When considering how to re-draw the relationships map, we can look at which ones to leave off entirely. Crystal Allies: Kyanite for building bridges, Rose Quartz for Love (for yourself first, so that you can give and receive more Love in relationships), and Moldavite for swift + breakups where we’ve been dragging our feet

Eighth House: Intimacy, Power, the Unconscious (shared resources, loans, debt, taxes, sex, forces beyond the ego’s control, the Mysteries). How can you re-draw the maps of what’s possible in your most intimate relationships? In your relationship with power (your own-where you give it away and where you claim it-as well as perceive others to have power)? Are there certain responsibilities that you’ve left off your map until now? In your relationship to the Mysteries or the Occult? Do you desire more transformation (death-and-rebirth) in your life? Make a new map to reflect that. (FYI: trying to draw a map with less transformation on it will just bring it on bigger, faster, harder. Just sayin’.) Crystal Allies: for power: Howlite; for protection and grounding: Smokey Quartz; for bringing hidden patterns to the surface with minimal negative effects: Snowflake Obsidian

Ninth House: Higher Mind/Education, Belief Systems, Broadcasting. Right now is the perfect time for you to re-draw the map of What Is Real. What old beliefs are you going to prune away at this eclipse? What budding beliefs are you going to start tending and fertilizing? I can feel several readers start channeling and sharing their wisdom as a result of this eclipse. Perhaps it’s the moment to start a blog or publish the book manuscript you’ve got in the desk drawer. This house is associated with foreign travel, so perhaps there will soon be more pins to add to your “places I’ve been” map. Crystal Allies: for clearing your heart so that you can communicate more clearly: Chrysocolla; for speaking your personal truth: Amazonite; for connecting powerfully with your Higher Self and angels: Danburite and Celestite

Tenth House: Career. How are you seeking power in the world? Are you called to re-draw the map of your professional life, or how you’re showing up/being seen? For everyone, but I think women especially, what is your relationship with authority? Are you the author of your own story? This is the perfect time to write in or out plot lines or characters. The question of Sovereignty is located here; is there anything about this issue that you’d like to let go of or embrace? Crystal Allies: all the Tiger Eyes for success: Golden, Hawk’s Eye (Blue TE) Dragon’s Eye (Red TE), plus Sunstone and Malachite for aligned leadership

Eleventh House: Community, Purpose, Humanitarianism, the Future. Aquarius rules the 11th house, and since the Aquarius New Moon is eclipsing the Sun, it serves everyone to look at re-drawing maps here. Has your sense of purpose expanded or shifted? “What’s my greatest gift the world can’t miss out on” is one of my favorite questions to have clients ask in the Records (it’s suggested for my Personal Oracle Consultations, and one of the fixed questions in the Legendary Self Exploration). Are you sensing expanding possibilities for your contribution to the world? Is the future you imagined for yourself-even 6 months ago-transforming? Crystal Allies: Amethyst for divine connection, Moldavite for radical transformation and brining the future into today, + Sugilite for support in following your dreams

Twelfth House: Ecstasy, Merging/Dissolving. This house is one of pure, ecstatic merging with spirit at one end of the spectrum (this is where I see the Akashic Records at work), and pure dissociation or distraction (numbing out) at the other. Is the map of consciousness-the way we think about Being-asking to be re-drawn? Are our intuitions and guides being called upon often enough in our lives? Are we trusting enough, or are we subtly showing mistrust by not being present (spending time with noses buried in our phones or surfing the internet to avoid, say, feeling our feelings)? Crystal Allies: Labradorite for connecting with the Temple of the Stars, Aquamarine for surrender and merging with All That Is, Selenite as tangible White Light


Blue Lace Agate






Snowflake Obsidian


Dragon’s Eye

Rose Quartz


Bonus: at the moment, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune are all conspiring to connect you to your dreams and your drive, expand them, and electrify them! Saturn in Capricorn is here to build what you dream up, (to bring it into form in this 3-D world) so get to work re-drawing those maps!

Finally, a reminder that the ultra-rare “all-systems-go” period of no planetary retrogrades ends in 3 weeks, so if you’ve been looking to leverage eclipse season without the usual obstacles, now is the time. Of course, doing transformational work is great any time, but right now the path ahead is clear, so it’s full speed ahead. This won’t be the case starting at the end of the first week in March. I’m already scheduling into March but have kept some spots open for conversations this month still. If you’d like capitalize on that full-speed-ahead energy and to see if we’re a good energetic match, please set up a time to connect.

The best time for clarifying your intentions for the next month/6 months to a year/19 years (this is what’s on offer today) starts at 9:41 pm Eastern Time and lasts through Saturday evening.

Own Your Magick,


P.S.: If there’s a silver lining in the horrific school massacre in Florida yesterday, it might be re-drawing the map of what’s acceptable in terms of gun ownership, and how easily the current regulations in the US can be circumvented. All the hearts are bleeding today…