(W)holeness: Channeled Wisdom at the Virgo Full Moon

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Channeled Wisdom at the Virgo Full Moon

Virgo Full Moon Greetings!

When I asked my Guides what to talk to you about on this Virgo Full Moon day, they immediately said wholeness vs fullness. (W)holeness.

We humans don’t use even 10% of our brains at this time. We Westerners numb ourselves out with food, sex, alcohol, TV, the internet.

We disconnect from the healing power of the Earth by wearing rubber-soled shoes and driving around on asphalted roads in cars with rubber tires. We disconnect from those right next to us by pulling out our phones instead of making eye contact or engaging in conversation. (Don’t get me wrong–I do this as much as anyone and was equally a target for these lessons as you or someone else might be.)

We are so freaking adept at cutting ourselves off from wholeness and connection that we can’t even see it. We think we’re hungry or bored or (if we’ve done a lot of personal-growth work) that we have a hole that needs filling.

The problem is that, ironically enough, filling (our bodies, our minds, our spaces, our time) with more stuff—always more stuff—isn’t actually FUL-FILLING. It’s just stuffing and it makes the hole we’d like to fill feel bigger.

The truth is that bona fide wholeness is full of holes. The guides are even calling it “(w)holeness.” There’s a lot of emptiness out there in space, or in the space between electrons in an atom. What we consider to be solid matter is mostly empty space. And that’s a good thing.

Those who are the happiest are not the ones with the most stuff or running around to the most activities. No, they’re the ones who have built lots of time for stillness and the unexpected into their days. They get to stop and smell the roses. They get to have magnificent conversations with complete strangers in grocery stores, waiting rooms, or on public transportation.

There’s freedom in spaciousness, in allowing (w)holeness.

When we try to “fill a hole” what we’re really doing is avoiding, not fixing.

The idea of wholeness and numbing out/filling holes is germane today because it’s the Virgo Full Moon.

Virgo is the sign of healing, the sign of daily ritual or practice, the sign of the priestess working in service to the community.

In ancient times, the priestesses were Virgin (Virgo) but that didn’t mean chaste; many healed the community through their sacred sexuality, in fact.

“Virgin” meant “whole unto herself” as in not needing a husband, father or brother to make decisions or hold property for her.

She was independent. Sovereign. Free.

This Virgo Full Moon is asking you where you’ve been filling holes rather than living in (w)holeness.

This might be especially true since we’ve got SO much energy in Pisces these days. At this Full Moon—the final of 3 Full Moons happening at 11 degrees since the first of the year (11 Cancer on 1 January; 11 Leo Super Blue Blood total lunar eclipse on 31 January, and now 11 Virgo on 1 March)—the final sign of the zodiac is full of planets: the Sun is right next to Neptune, Pisces’ modern ruler, and Venus, Mercury and Chiron are also at the Piscean Party.

[Quick aside: Several people have asked me recently about the significance of 11:11. Good for them for seeking wisdom rather than hiding behind shame. If you’ve been wondering too, here’s my take on it. The 11:11 is a portal or a colonnade. One is the initiation, the beginning; two ones together mark an entry or ceremonial gateway into something new.

Multiple gateways can take you even further than a single one. These are almost like wormholes! The year 2018 just happens to be an 11 universal year in numerology (2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11) so any 11 that you run into this year is automatically an 11:11. Full Moons at 11 degrees are directly opposite the Sun at 11 degrees of the opposite sign (in this case, Virgo to Pisces) so that’s an 11:11:11. Shazzam!]

That’s 5 planets all in the sign of dissolution (yes—that’s to be read in multiple ways) and oneness. The sign of dreams, the unconscious, deep feelings, intuitive knowing, dissolving into the Sea of Consciousness to be re-born as the Self when the Sun hits Aries at the Equinox.

Shadow Pisces likes to tune out. Reality can be such a bummer, you know? (I’m not even joking here. Whenever bits of news find their way to me, they’re always about closed hearts and minds taking desperate actions… to fill their holes, which as we know only exacerbates the problem rather than solving it.)

So if you find yourself tuning out after this very intense eclipse season (hooray, it officially ends today!), I invite you to take a moment to see if you’re stuffing holes full of distraction, food, busy-ness, stuff. If you discover that you are—congratulations! You’ve just taken your first step to (w)holeness: recognition that you’ve been ful-filling rather than creating space.

Creating space for inquiry, wisdom, love, connection, contemplation, wonder, healing. In a word: (w)holeness.

We might just find that all that extra, unused space in our brains is there for a reason.

This leads me to a topic near and dear to my heart, which is that any shame you’ve been carrying about not being good enough is probably there because when you first incarnated you felt that you were “too much” and that your too-muchness threatened your survival. I’ll be talking about that next time, and I might not even wait until the next lunation to do it! Stay tuned.

Own Your Magick,


P.S.: If you’d like to talk to me about any of this, please find a time here. We’re still in a time of unconditional cosmic support for forward momentum (for another week only), so if you’ve felt a tickle, twinge, inkling, nudge or hit that I might have a key that helps you to unlock your own healing or expansion, please click over right now. Let’s connect and indulge in some (w)holeness together.