Critical Mass, Value + Authority at Libra Full Moon

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Happy Full Moon in Libra:
Time to Claim Your Value

If you’ve been having a rough go of things lately, know that you’re not alone. There are lots of cosmic energies pulling us in different directions right now, so if you’re exhausted or confused, frustrated, angry or depressed, rest assured that it’s the perfect human response to what’s up out there.

I’ll explain in more detail below, but the thing to retain is this:

No matter what, right now is the time to re-assess your value and values; to really stand in your own authority about it once you’ve reached your conclusions.

I’ve been talking a lot about indigos in my video series (check it out on Facebook or YouTube). One of the things that I keep stressing, because it’s really central to who we are, is the sense of being different and consequently less-than.

(If you’re reading this you can trust that you are part of the family of Indigos including Rainbows and Crystals; once children, now adults. When I say “Indigo” I mean the entire spectrum.)

Indigos ARE different. We came here on a mission to shift Planet Earth out of a fear-based paradigm in which Patriarchy was born and plays a key role in maintenance, to one based on Love, which includes a deep sense of connection rather than difference, and where all humans come to know themselves as Love. Or as Divine. (Same-same.)

But because we helped to move the planet’s vibration up in part by arriving with a higher energetic frequency than the humans before us, we felt-were-fundamentally different and misunderstood upon arrival. Misunderstood and misunderstanding. Much more attuned to cosmic truths than the seemingly arbitrary rules of Earth, it took us a long time to learn to navigate in what often felt like a backward or roundabout way.

We knew it was going to be rough, but coming to essentially “save the world” made us pretty special right? Someone to be welcomed and celebrated? Well, no one seemed to have gotten that memo. Or when they saw our difference, it was taken as a fault (something to manage) rather than as a gift.

[If you’re really feeling this, please take a deep breath. Hand on your heart and another on your belly. Keep breathing until it feels okay to be in your body. I promise there’s good news coming further down the page. Just keep breathing and trusting.]

It’s time to flip the script.

So we tried to hide our specialness. These sacred gifts we came in with to really move all of humanity to a place of more Light and understanding became seen-even by us, master empaths that we are-as things to apologize for rather than to trumpet proudly.

We clipped our wings because we could see that no one around us had wings too, and that to be loved and cared for, and not cast out, we needed to be the same as everyone else in our families or peer groups. It was quite literally a matter of survival, especially for the earliest arrivals.

So now, the good news:

We no longer have to feel bad about being different!

There are enough of us higher-vibe people on the planet that things that used to be judged as goofy, stupid, or just wrong aren’t anymore (here I’m referring specifically to Western culture). Think about it: there are yoga studios on practically every city block now, whereas 40 years ago, if you did yoga or meditated, you were seen as weird or crazy, possibly dangerous. Now, nearly everyone recognizes the good of more stillness and reflection in life, even Western medical doctors. I invite you to look at how far we’ve moved perceptions already.

And, there’s still more work to be done.

Our critical mass is building. We’re about to reach the tipping point. It looks like that might happen in January of 2020, less than 2 years away!

In order to meet that critical mass/tipping point, personal action is required.

It’s time to own our gifts. It’s time to re-claim our wings. It’s really, really time to stop hiding or apologizing for who we are, because who we are is EXACTLY what humanity and the planet need right now.

When we drop our invisibility cloaks-maybe we’re even hiding our true gifts from ourselves (I see this all the time)-we add to the Lightworkers’ critical mass. When we stop apologizing for our amazing and divine abilities and start using them in an ever-widening community, we increase our critical mass. We move the entire planet closer to that tipping point when the old fear-and-control paradigm loses sway and the new Love-and-connection paradigm takes hold.

It’s time. Time to step into the mission you came here in this lifetime to complete. Time to stop managing your brilliance; holding it in check (you were probably taught to do this by well-meaning parents or teachers) and really let it out to perform its magick! Time to let your true Legendary Self come to the fore.

Your Legendary or Mythic Self is that Divine aspect of you that carries the thread of your purpose throughout lifetimes. If you’re ready to release your shiny essence-self from the box or closet or sarcophagus you’ve been keeping it in for years-for the sake of self-protection, of course-let’s have a conversation.

Tip your personal scales from hiding to shining.

And when you do, you’ll be adding to the critical mass of all the Champions of Light/Love out there. When we all claim and proclaim our brilliant sacred gifts and stand in our full, authentic power, we will tip that scale. Can you feel it?

Right now is the time-fully and unconditionally supported by the Divine Plane-to take a good look at yourself and re-asses your value; the value of what you bring to the world. When you arrived ready to kick some ass, your élan was interrupted, and you forgot who you were. Please take some time in the next day or week to really feel into what’s true now, and if you need a mirror to see past your blind spots, I’m available for that, too.

Right now is also the perfect time to reassess what your values are: what energies or movements do you want to support in the world? Are there energies or movements it’s time to remove your support from?

Support can mean anything from materially feeding it your money, if it’s an organization, to giving it power with your THOUGHTS.

NB: I see a lot of people say that they want abundance but keep feeling the idea of lack with their thoughts. That’s how you confuse your guides, folks. Don’t say you want riches and then give all your energy to the poverty end of the scale.

(See the Norman Vincent Peale quote below.)

I invite you to take this opportunity to do your accounts. What are you supporting, and is that still in alignment for you? If so, carry on! If not, how are you going to change your habits?

Now, I’m circling back around to explain the astrology behind everything I’ve been talking about. I’ll do my best to be succinct–I know this is a long post.

So… as you know, all Full Moons involve an opposition between Sun and Moon. This is part of why the energy is so amplified at the Full Moon: opposite forces are at play. ln this case: self vs others, Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra.

Now, Aries and Libra are cardinal signs, meaning that they are major spokes in the wheel of the zodiac, anchoring the year by kicking off the seasons. Aries and Libra start with an Equinox, and Capricorn and Cancer with a Solstice.

This initiatory or beginning energy means they are catalyzers, and demand action, even if it’s “just” making a decision. That’s major action in the realm of energy.

The other major headline right now is that Mars has crept up on Saturn in cardinal Capricorn. These conjoined planets are in a powerful T-square (in a tense relationship with both the Sun and the Moon) This conjunction is like driving with one foot on the brake while the other is on the gas. Mars represents drive and youth, the warrior. Saturn, the wise elder in its home sign of Capricorn, is asking us to slow down.

According to my excellent teacher Emily Trinkaus, this “badass” pairing of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn is a major seed-planting. If Mars is about making our mark and Saturn about crystallization, we are being asked: what do we want to set in stone?

Think about longer-term goals and upgrading or up-leveling. What do you want to create over the next 2 years? If you know your birth chart, look for the house that contains 8 degrees of Capricorn; that’s where this conjunction is located and where your intentions will have the most effect. Use the power of the Full Moon to amplify your intentions! The T-square means there is a phenomenal amount of energy behind it.

Use the power of the Full Moon to amplify your intentions! The T-square means there is a phenomenal amount of energy behind it.

Venus is also playing full-out at this Full Moon. Venus governs 2 signs: Taurus and Libra, so this Full Moon is ruled by Venus, and on today, the day of the Venusian Libra Full Moon, Venus herself is at the initial degree of Taurus. More beginnings!

The energies Venus oversees are those of Love (of all kinds) beauty, pleasure, art, sex and sensuality, money, and value.

How can you create a new beginning around how you see your own value, the way you stand for vs poo-pooing your values (especially, if, like me, you don’t see them reflected much in the outside culture) and the way you do self-Love (as a practice, not a concept)?

You might not (know you) have flying horses at your disposal as Venus does in this mosaic, but I encourage you to try to see yourself as Legendary. It’s time.