It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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Happy New Moon in Taurus
Uranus enters Taurus today

Can you feel it?

Uranus moved into the sign of Taurus a few hours after the Taurus New Moon, for the first time since 1942.

People have been reaching out all over the place asking what’s going on with the energy today, and it is BIG.

One client for whom I’m channeling in two days said she was nauseous and had thought it might be the energy of the Records (and all the shifts that come with diving deep into them) until her sister was also feeling it.

Another was really happy at all the impending changes.

I’m in the middle: very much affected by the wobbly-feeling energy yet also super excited about the massive changes that are on the way.

The central message from that call was to expect the landscape to look nothing like it looks today when Uranus finally moves into Gemini for good in late April of 2026, and to start NOW with the suggested practices, so that when things shift around you, you won’t be swept away.

I say massive, because I did a very potent (live) Oracle transmission of the Uranus in Taurus period on Saturday, and the Keepers noted that “the word far-reaching doesn’t even remotely cover it.”


The central message from that call was to expect the landscape to look nothing like it looks today when Uranus finally moves into Gemini for good in late April of 2026, and to start NOW with the suggested practices, so that when things shift around you, you won’t be swept away.

This is the best opportunity the human collective has had to grab the brass ring of freedom in a long, long time.

Another important message was that this 8-year period would be the time when we actually witness the fall of the old paradigm and the birth of the new, and not just for a select few Light-Bearer types, but for everyone. In other words, the world all humans have known for the past 5 to 7 THOUSAND years will be swept away, as by a massive energetic tidal wave. Since the landscape will change, it’s better to be a part of the wave than a part of the landscape.

Start riding the crest of the energetic wave now, so that you suddenly don’t find yourself on the beach wondering if that huge wave is going to hit you. (It will, especially if you are standing still, attached to your own desired “reality.”)

It’s wasn’t all dire news, but as I was listening to the replay, I was surprised to hear my perfectly composed voice say things like “Yes, some humans might lose their lives, but that’s not as big a deal as it sounds; it’s part of the birth-death-rebirth process. Humans tend to overemphasize the importance of a single lifetime.”

[Some context: what came immediately before was: the impact probably won’t feel positive in the moment—it will be unsettling, and humans don’t like feeling unsettled—but eventually it will be very positive. The truth is that everything WILL be okay in the end. Better than okay, actually: a brand new world where everything is built on Love and connection.]

This Uranus-in-Taurus period was likened to the caterpillar (humanity) entering the chrysalis; at the end we will emerge as the butterfly. The Keepers went on for nearly 8 minutes about cocooning, and what it will mean for us as individuals and as a human collective.

Ultimately, we will likely see (progress toward) a single global currency by the end of this cycle, and possibly an end to monetary systems altogether by the end of the century, possibly sooner.

The Keepers talked about banks, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the Eurozone (and how we might see a similar move connect all Latin American countries monetarily), and Ebenezer Scrooge as an example of someone who had been firmly entrenched in his own ideas of the value of money versus Love, until the nocturnal visits caused him to have a change of heart.

In brief, attachment to things looking as they do now over the next 8 years is NOT a good idea. The best way to survive and THRIVE during the coming years is to expect massive, radical change, and be ready for it, starting now. You can get all of the details here.

A little astrological background to today’s big shifts and initiations:

Taurus is the sign of fixed Earth: grounding, stability, determination, endurance, traction. Taurus is the solid foundation, and bringing the fiery new ideas of the Aries season into the realm of “do I want to create this, and if so, let me gather my resources.” Taurus is the material plane, the body, Planet or Mother Earth.

Taurus is a feminine sign, ruled by Venus, and as such is all about what one values, one’s resources (including skills and talents that help you bring in revenue), money in general, creature comforts, beauty, pleasure, sensuality, fertility, agriculture. Typically the New Moon in Taurus signals a time to slow down, to stop and smell the roses, to enjoy the journey, to come back to one’s body.

This year… not so much. Because a mere few hours after the Taurus New Moon, Uranus enters Taurus, and for all Taurus’s stability and repetition (shadow Taurus is being stuck in a rut), Uranus is the Great Awakener, the change-maker! The future-oriented revolutionary genius who wants to bring positive change and isn’t afraid to shake things up. A LOT.


Uranus is the lightning bolt, electricity, technology, and governs breaks: breaking up, breaking down and breaking through to something new.

Where Taurus takes comfort in the familiar, Uranus wants to shatter the same-old, humdrum patterns.

Can you see how today’s (uh… I mean, the next 8 years’) new energies might be at loggerheads? Even Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is currently “out-of-bounds,” and emitting a more Uranian frequency, according to my favorite astro-guide, Emily Trinkaus.

There’s definitely a sense of newness in the air. A je ne sais quoi of ripening potential.

As long as you’re not attached to what it will look like, this time of radical transformation WILL provide you with a new set of wings!

Set your intentions for this lunation (now until 16 June) AND for the entire Uranus in Taurus period starting right now through early morning Thursday.


Uranus is a trans-personal planet, so the intentions involving the next 8 years can be for the whole of humanity or (I think this is more appropriate given the content of Saturday’s channeled wisdom call) you AS the whole of humanity.


What if we could shatter poverty consciousness? What if we could simply do away with a sense of not-enoughness, both in our selves as in our finances? What if, through our individual intentions, we plant the seeds of a new era of prosperity for all?

Remember to Own Your Magick!


P.S.: This really isn’t out of reach. Let’s dream this dream together. Send me your intentions for witnessing! And, if learning more about the energies of the next 8 years, and getting on board with the changes now (so that they are less challenging when they arrive) speaks to you, I invite you to pick up the recording here.

Here’s that link again. If you are called to share it with your friends, please do so with my gratitude!