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Happy New Moon in Gemini–

Magick Afoot!

Gemini New Moon Greetings!

Oh, there is magick afoot these days! So much opportunity to shift the old narratives and create new ones. Before I get to the main message the Guides wanted me to share having to do with Magick and Robin Hood, let me just say that if you’re feeling the jittery, teeter-tottery energy a lot right now, you’re not alone! Read on for lots of advice on how to move through it with a little more ease.

First of all, know that you’re not alone: it’s not just you. That could be good or not so good. Good because there are plenty of others who can empathize with what you’re going through. Not so good because most people out there aren’t in any shape to be generous or understanding right now as they begin to feel the familiar landscape crumbling. Get cozy now with those who ARE generous and understanding; it will make the next 8 years go a lot more smoothly.

Yes, we are at the end of Month 1 of an 8-year period of change. Alas, it’s not going to get easier any time soon.

(You can do the math; I don’t even want to look at the number of months remaining, which is disturbingly close to 4 figures…)

This is the New Normal, and in fact, it will only intensify.

[BREATHE! And again!]

If you are finding this troubling, please know that I only want to prepare you. If you are reading this, you are a Light Bearer, and someone who may be called to lead others through the uncertain times ahead. It really is time to work on getting comfortable with discomfort. If we expect the unexpected, we are better able to maintain our sang-froid.

My advice:

  • Seek out those who are going with the flow and not trying to cling desperately to the familiar as it slips away. (The more you are anchored in your own Truth, the longer it will take for this to show up for you, but it might already be underway for others around you)
  • Strengthen your connection to the Divine Plane and your guides, so that you can keep rolling with the punches
  • Find something that you can stand for (not against) and link arms with others around the world who are also standing for these things. It’s best if you choose some kind of Universal Good (justice, peace, equality, truth, beauty, freedom) and not something that was created by human culture, as these might not seem so sturdy in the coming months and years

And of course, if you want more nitty-gritty advice on how to handle potential overwhelm, and best practices for navigating the energetic shoals of the next 8 years, lots of people have been finding loads of useful information in my Uranus in Taurus Channeled Wisdom Call.

If you’ve been reading me for a while, you know that I typically don’t actively promote these calls after the live version is complete, but this is different. We are entering a period of massive shifts. Everyone is going to be challenged. (From the final message of the Keepers: “Even those such as the Dalai Lama are going to be having to remind themselves of what the truth is so that they can breathe and say ‘Okay, we move on from here!'”)

None of us, with the possible exception of the under-18 (especially the under 6) set, will be immune. I have been doing similar calls-bringing in Divine Wisdom to the Earth Plane-for years to help illuminate people on certain subjects or prepare them for changes, but I HAVE NEVER FELT THE SAME SENSE OF URGENCY TO GET THIS INFORMATION INTO THE HANDS OF THE MANY in the over 8 years I have been channeling topics.

If you are feeling wobbly, or are experiencing disruptive wobble in others, you may find you owe it to yourself to start the suggested practices now. This is especially true because there is a key role to be played by those who have listened.

The Keepers asked us to start NOW (i.e. last month) with the daily practices to help us find our own centers of gravity amidst all the change, and to be able to lead those around us when things get precarious.

If you’re feeling called to help the planet shift from a fear-based, patriarchal paradigm into a new, love-and-connection based one, you may want to jump on board.

Some of the information on the call might be challenging; it IS all about radical shifts after all. However, several subscribers have written to me this week saying that it put the unexpected exits of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain into context. If you were as troubled by these as I and many others where, this alone might be a good reason to dig deeper.

Yes, there is a charge for this call. That’s because of the massive amount of useful information (and grounding energy around a disorienting subject) it contains, and because of the special leadership role listeners might take on. In other words, this isn’t just a casual “oh, that’s interesting” kind of call. It’s full of tools and practical information to help set you up for success during the coming years.

Click here to check out the registration page where all the questions which were asked and answered are outlined.

And now back to our regularly-scheduled program.

Yesterday’s New Gemini SuperMoon is asking you to be Robin Hood to your own stories.

In other words, to steal energy from the rich (old, well-established) stories you’ve been telling yourself for years, and to give that energy to the new, emerging, empowering ones. Pull those old broadcasts off the air! Then offer that airtime to the new stories you are building for yourself. And for the world.

The stars are literally aligned right now to help you build your new reality. Using words as your wand*, infuse more magick into your life! It may feel like mischief now, but you’ll be happy you did in a few years!

*Your Word is Your Wand is the title of a 1928 book by New Thought leader and metaphysician Florence Scovel Shinn, a major influence on Louise Hay of Hay House. Meaning, of course, that you create your future by the words you speak/write and intentions you set today.

You may know that the New Moon period is a magickal time to set intentions; yesterday’s SuperMoon status makes the magick even more potent, because the Moon is now very close to the Earth, and if she were visible, would appear HUGE! The best time to set intentions runs through Noon Eastern on Friday. If you know your birth chart, you can set intentions regarding the house that contains 22 Gemini, or simply go with Gemini themes of communication, writing, speech and perception.

You may ALSO know that Gemini’s ruler, Mercury (the Roman name for Hermes), is the Magician. He has always been seen as the master of all the elements, and he was the only one of the ancient Greco-Roman gods to be able to return from the Underworld unscathed. His staff (wand) is the caduceus, which is falsely seen by some as the symbol of the medical profession. (The true symbol is a staff with one snake.)

It seems that part of Mercury’s influence on ME right now is to tell you a lot of lore about Mercury/Hermes and his relation to Alchemy. You can skip this if you want.

Hermes Trismegistus, the “thrice-great Hermes” is the patron of Alchemy and the founder of the field of Hermeticism. It is his name on the Emerald Tablet, the foundational text of the alchemical arts. He is possibly an amalgam of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth, but he is also claimed as an ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad. In any case, sacred writing, alchemy, and wisdom are his purview.

The element Mercury is also known as quicksilver. Alchemists considered it the prima materia from which all other metals are born, and they required it in all attempts to turn base metals into gold. Indeed, it is the only metal on our planet which is liquid under normal conditions. Mercury has been found in tombs dating from 3500 years ago in ancient Egypt, as well as in the Mesoamerican pyramid “Temple of the Feathered Serpent” (you can’t make this up!) of Teotihuacan near Mexico City, as well as in that of the first Emperor of China, who purportedly died drinking a mixture of Mercury and ground-up Jade, thinking it was an alchemical Elixir of Life, to bring him immortality.

Oh, and did you know that Quicksilver is/was a superhero in both the Marvel and DC comics pantheons? DC debuted a Quicksilver character in 1940 that it didn’t pursue, then Marvel added a Quicksilver (originally a foe, then a member of the Avengers) so DC had to re-baptize its Quicksilver as Max Mercury. Their superpower was incredible speed, of course.

At this New Moon, Mercury itself is in a mutual reception with the Moon (she’s in his sign of Gemini; he’s in her sign of Cancer, empowering them both) AND in a tense T-square with authoritative Saturn and healer/mentor Chiron AND in a harmonious sextile to Uranus. We would be paying attention to Mercury anyway at a Gemini New Moon, but given the mutual reception and all the other planets he is aspecting, Mercury is the major player here.

That alone is enough to be focusing on magick, “but wait, there’s more!”

Mercury is not only in a happy sextile with Uranus (recently arrived in Taurus), but Uranus is considered the “higher octave” of Mercury. If Mercury is the is the scholar/magician, Uranus is the revolutionary genius! Mercury is also now “out of bounds,” meaning that it is orbiting beyond the Sun’s realm (this has to do with declination, which you can look up if you want). When a planet is “out of bounds” as Mercury is now for the next few weeks, and as Venus was last month, it has more of a Uranian flavor and operates in stealth mode: the King (Sun) can’t see what it’s up to.

Mercury is already considered a trickster (potentially too smart for his own good, and traditionally the protector of gamblers, liars, and thieves), and this turns up the volume considerably on the mercurial quality of month that started yesterday. Mercury is now like a quick and light-footed outlaw, slipping in unseen to switch out old stories for new ones. Robin Hood, if you will.

Allow this outlaw-Mercury alchemical energy to shift all the stories you’re done with. Be very deliberate with your words and energy as you set intentions any time from now until noon Eastern tomorrow (Friday 15 June).

Because words are so powerful right now, and because Mercury is in Cancer, it will behoove everyone to be deliberate with their words not only for the next 24 hours or so, but for the next month and beyond. Cancer, the sign of the crab, but also deep nurturing and sensitivity, plays host to the NEXT New Moon, which is also (gulp!) a partial solar eclipse, launching a 3-eclipse eclipse season; one more than usual!

Be aware that words can wound as well as heal, and that people (you and me included) might be especially reactive right now. Pay attention to how you are responding to others and how others are responding to you. It will serve everyone to not go scuttling away into one’s hard shell, but to step forward toward the pain with an undefended heart. This is where the healing happens (Chiron).

Sending you SO much Love right now, and reminding you to Own (and USE!) Your Magick,

P.S.: If you want to supercharge your shifting out of old, programmed stories into new, empowering ones, I am happy to help you. By doing it in your Akashic Records, you can know that it’s gone on all levels.

Here’s a message I received from a long-term client after work we did together in her Records on Tuesday:

“At the top of the call, I was very upset, and frankly- scared/overwhelmed by the insurmountable challenges that seem to lay before me- it is so wonderful to feel a grounded relief and release now. I feel like I’m on the verge of tears, but happy tears/laughter of oh thank god! Interestingly I also feel so open, spacious, calm and available, like a in-my-body, day at the beach, relaxed kind of way. I’m glad to know I’m already in the thick of it and not deciding whether or not to make the jump, so I can just be open to the path. I can feel the joy in my smile and the bubbling up of excitement. Like the cherry on the top 🙂 or the foam on a latte, haha!

I want to acknowledge and thank you for your ongoing support, guidance and your ability to cut to the heart of any matter with clarity, kindness and humor – your imagery and words really help me to reframe the how and the what I put my focus on. Having clear tools and a spiritual “checklist” of how to proceed makes me feel confident and excited, so I can be open to the best path forward. Yes! Thank you Elizabeth!”

If this sounds like something you’d like–relief, release, reframe, relaxation in the place of overwhelm, laughter, spaciousness, joy, and openness to the path ahead–I’d love to talk to you about how we could work together. Find a time to speak here.