Divine Feminine Portal to Harmony Opens this Week

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Harmonizing our Feminine + Masculine Energies

A Divine Feminine Transformation Portal Opens later this week! Read on for more.

I talk about the Divine Feminine a lot, but it serves to unpack what I mean by this periodically. And truly, the Divine Feminine cannot be fruitfully discussed without her dance partner, the Divine Masculine, so here goes.

The Divine Feminine—which exists in each man and woman, and which is expressed to different degrees in all of us—is everything that is internally-directed: the creative spark, fertility, inner wisdom (intuition), inner strength, perseverance, the courage of one’s convictions, and material abundance and manifestation.


The Divine Feminine circles IN, and gathers family, friends and self close in a radiant matrix of generosity, nourishment, beauty, pleasure, art, and Unconditional Love.

Key word: BEING

Conversely, the Sacred or Divine Masculine spirals its energy OUT into the world. All expression (and all things we do facing the outside world, thus the “ex” meaning “out of”) is the Sacred Masculine.

Key word: DOING

In our society, there is a strong preference for taking action over doing inner work, but we have to remember that ALL humans are the reflection of the merging of feminine being and masculine doing.

The Divine Feminine is an ideal that a human man or woman can’t realistically sustain over the long term, especially without the partnership of the Sacred Masculine, but which can and does shine forth periodically. We can all live in our Divine Feminine and Masculine for longer stretches of time as we connect to our Truth and The Truth that we are all one big human family.

The Divine or Sacred Masculine (again, this is not the exclusive purview of men, but the necessary energetic partner of the Divine Feminine) spirals its energy OUT into the world. When someone writes a book, the work it takes—sitting down to write, and all the inspiration, generative creativity, and dedication that goes into it—is an expression the Divine Feminine. The Masculine and Feminine merge when the words spill onto the page. Getting the book out into the public eye through publication and dissemination, book tours, promotional interviews: that’s the Divine Masculine; both parts are needed to create the final work.

This is expression in its purest sense: broadcasting to the outside world. The Divine Masculine also holds the warrior’s courage, and protection that is outwardly directed, as a Gate Guardian, to create a safe container for the Feminine.

However, we live in a world where neither the Divine Masculine nor Feminine can be fully expressed, because for at least 7 thousand years, most humans have lived under a regime of Distorted Masculine (also known as Patriarchy).

The Distorted Masculine disturbs the inherent balance of Divine Feminine and Masculine by assigning these energies to gender—a gross simplification and warping, and very much in disservice to all humanity–and appropriating all the positive elements of the Divine Feminine for itself. The result, then, is that the Feminine (i.e., women) is/are the epitome and source of evil (“original sin”) and men are the epitome and source of everything that’s good.

The biggest insult you can give to a man even today is to call him a woman; or a pussy, the holiest part of a woman. Patriarchy stripped the different genders of their commonalities and put them into separate, adversarial camps. Separation and hierarchy are the defining qualities of the Distorted Masculine, and that includes humans being taught to feel separate from and inferior to the Divine, rather than seeing that divinity in ourselves and those around us.

This division or separation, and hierarchy, are at the root of: misogyny, slavery, Jim Crow laws, the 1%, White Supremacy, our polluted oceans and the hole in the ozone layer, colonial expansion and oppression of aboriginal peoples, sexual objectification of girls + women, clear-cutting of rainforests, the holocaust, glass ceilings, lynching, children of immigrants being removed from their parents at the US border, political corruption, racial profiling, wage inequality, justice inequality, xenophobia, homophobia, the Crusades + all so-called holy wars, internment camps, child abuse, animal abuse, domestic violence, rape, terrorist attacks, internet trolls, sexual predators, nuclear weapons, blaming the victim, building oil pipelines on ancestral lands, civil wars, refugees drowning in capsized overcrowded boats on the Mediterranean, nationalism, genital mutilation, bombs at abortion clinics, eating disorders and body shame, sex trafficking, witch trials, genocide, double standards, and so much more.

Over the millennia, the differences became more and more entrenched as the rich got richer and the disenfranchised became ever more so.

And yet, we are beginning to hear the gears of a paradigm shift grinding into motion. The #BlackLivesMatter, Occupy Wall Street and #MeToo movements are calling attention to inequalities. No, we are not out of the woods yet—far from it. But there is reason for optimism.

One reason is astrological. Starting this week, the stars are literally lining up for us to claim our freedom from the old ways of thinking and doing that has kept (let’s face it) pretty much every human on the planet subjugated for thousands of years. Even the “patriarchs” are not stress-free, and there are only a few of them around at any rate. Dictators, and Emir or two…

Specifically, this week kicks off a hugely powerful and rare triple-eclipse season late on Thursday the 12th in the Americas with a partial solar eclipse in Moon-ruled Cancer (the sign of the Divine Feminine), followed by Friday the 13th, the double day of the Divine Feminine, just hours later.

As you may know, Friday is the day of the week dedicated to the Norse Goddess Freya (Freya’s Day), and the number 13 is representative of the magick of the Goddess/Divine Feminine as well; the notion that 13 is associated with “bad luck” is yet another example of the systematic suppression of the Feminine that reached a fever pitch with so-called witch trials over 500 years ago.

Scholars estimate, based on Church trial records, that over 9 million women were tortured and burned at the stake, drowned, buried alive, flattened, or stoned to death between 1450 and 1800.

(Yes, 9 MILLION. There was even a town in Germany so fired up to eradicate all the evil that they killed everything female: wives, daughters, and mothers, but also all the animals. They soon realized that not only did they have no one to cook, clean, and comfort them, but they also had no food. No milk or eggs. No way to create future generations of livestock. Oops.)

Intentionally using Thursday’s eclipse / Friday the 13th is a capital way to honor those 9 million lives lost as well as the feminine energies in you (no matter your gender identification) and the women you admire.

Moreover, during Thursday’s solar eclipse—an extra-potent New Moon which brings that which has been hidden to light—the Sun and Moon are directly opposite, and thus in conversation with, Pluto, the God/Goddess of the Underworld, ruler of the death-and-rebirth process of transformation.

If you would like to transform your relationship to your inner masculine or feminine this summer, it is important to work intentionally with this set of eclipses. For the second eclipse, at the end of July, retrograde Mars is be eclipsed, opening the door to re-wiring the distorted masculine in our own hearts and minds (I’ll be sharing more about this later in the week: stay tuned!).

A further reason for optimism is that there is plenty of support for your individual (and by extension, global) transformation out there, including a special event in which I’m honored to be participating, called the School of Inner Beauty. This week there is a no-cost 4-part video Workshop called “Unlock Your Inner Beauty,” whose topics include taming your inner critic, finding your secret superpower, and a sisterhood map.

It’s really about PURE ACCEPTANCE OF WHO YOU ARE. Are you ready to live your life—to really live it without hedging your bets or buying into the old stories, limiting beliefs, and childhood wounding that’s been holding you back from living as the magnificent being that you are? If you’re a woman, then I encourage you to sign up for the “Unlock Your Inner Beauty” workshop. (Sorry, guys.) Sign up here.

Next week in the School of Inner Beauty’s private Facebook group there will be 3 “Courageous Conversations,” live video panels on Body Shame, Depression + Loneliness, and Motherhood. We’ll be getting very raw and vulnerable on these panels, because there’s sugar-coating to spare in the outside world, and here we’re being fierce and real. I’ll be speaking on the Depression + Loneliness panel. I haven’t prepared any remarks, but whenever I feel into what I might say, I feel huge swells of emotion that I never share publicly. Claim your freedom, and your seat at this no-charge event here.

This series is designed to give you some really powerful tools to release your most radiant self into the world, because the world needs ALL OF YOU to be set free. This initial workshop has no fee attached. My presentation for the full School of Inner Beauty will be later in the autumn during the spirituality unit, where I’ll be talking about using crystals to connect to your own inner radiance and be fully supported by the Universe and the ground under your feet. In the live Q+A I’ll be channeling from the Records of crystals, so that will be extremely juicy, too.

Look, Thursday’s Solar Eclipse is a direct precursor to another eclipse in January of 2020 when things really heat up. If you’ve listened to my “Saturn in Capricorn” channeled wisdom call, you know that when Saturn and Pluto meet in Capricorn at this eclipse, this is when the new paradigm energy shows up in earnest. As you well know, things are already moving. Honestly, sometimes it’s too fast for comfort even for me, but earlier today I felt like I wanted to have my toes over the cliff edge, arms outstretched, and lean into that void so that my new wings can form on the way down.

The timing is perfect, then, to really embrace our Inner Light and let it shine out into the world to heal the divisions that appear to be so very real. When we love ourselves enough to connect our hearts to all the other hearts out there, this is when the shift occurs. This is when that old paradigm that has been driven by fear and division for so long suddenly shatters to make way for the new Love-driven one!

Own your magick, and enjoy this week’s massive transformation portal!