Celebrating Mary Magdalene

Elizabeth Live Channelings of the Akashic Records

Feast Day of Mary Magdalene:
22 July


Today, 22 July, we celebrate the Feast of Mary Magdalene. If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ll know that I am a big fan of this Mythic Being who represents, along with her Sacred Marriage partner Jesus, the Sacred Masculine and Feminine working together in perfect harmony. (Can you guess who is who? You might be surprised.)

For 2000 years, the Magdalene was painted in the gospels as the quintessential sinner: a prostitute to whom Jesus was kind as she washed his feet and dried them with her hair.

Those who are more connected to a truth located outside of canonical teachings know that she was a priestess of Isis–a sacredly sexual priestess whose healing included sexual rites to relieve soldiers of what today we would call PTSD, for example.

Two summers ago (June-July 2016), after the Orlando Pulse mass shooting which was catalyzed by the apparently uncomfortable intersection between sexuality and religion for the shooter, I was inspired to host a series of healing/channeling calls entitled (un)HOLY TRINITY . It’s actually quite holy to me, but I know of many who would shudder at putting those topics together. The entire series is about how sexuality is perceived in relation to spirituality, love, and money, and how we can heal limiting beliefs, both spoken and unconscious, around their connection.

And, while I knew the series would illuminate and bring a sense of relief and wholeness to listeners, I had NO idea how far-reaching the effects would be.

When I opened this first call on the connection between Sexuality + Spirituality, I was surprised to find that I was taking everyone with me to the cave of Mary Magdalene in the south of France for the healing portion at the beginning of this call.

This was by far everyone’s favorite of the 3 calls, so I am offering it again on her Feast Day.

The healing portion of this call is about 20 minutes long and you can listen and walk through the experience as many times as you like, but what people received in the Magdalene cave was SO potent and literally life- (or business-) changing that I’m guessing they wouldn’t want a do-over. This alone is well worth the price of admission ($39), plus there’s nearly 2 hours of Akashic Records answers afterwards.


In this bas relief from the main doors of Notre Dame de Paris, we see that the Serpent of the Garden of Eden–who is seducing Eve to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, causing The Fall–is clearly a woman! The probability here was not that the story would change but that it would become less relevant.

The Sacredly Sexual Priestess was a major topic in this call, not only because of Mary Magdalene, but also because the term harkens back to a time when sexuality and sensuality were not seen as polar opposites, but as co-synchronous, inseparable, One.

If you are called to listen to this recording, it’s because you are being called by the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine is currently Spiraling out horizontally (not rising, as the phrase goes), and this energy flies in the face of patriarchal energies–important in 2016-18.

“The more you are whole in yourself and know that you are, the more you can spiral this energy out to those around you.”

Other gems include the power of sound to amplify healing work in all areas, and that the human brain as it is currently constructed will never be able to grok the truth that all time (what we humans perceive as past, present, and future) is one single present moment. Even though the brain can’t take itself out of space-time to understand it, the Keepers gave us a key to do that anyway. Cool!

Finally, the Adam and Eve story got a good deal of attention. The Keepers indicated that the story won’t change per se, but it might become less of a cultural reference available to most people, as it is today. That just as most scriptures-quoting people can’t rattle off by heart those verses relating to how to treat your slaves–because it’s no longer relevant or meaningful in our society–so too will the story of The Fall fall out of favor because it won’t feel aligned, important, or meaningful even to believers to beat that old horse.

Furthermore, the Keepers discussed how this story is still used like a hammer on an anvil today. Whenever someone steps forward and tries to talk about women’s rights, or womankind in general, BOOM, hammer comes down. “We’re done talking: you’re a sinner, bye.” Soon this story won’t be a hammer anymore. The Adam + Eve story is so culturally inscribed in the West, that even those who are aware of it being apocryphal are affected: it acts subconsciously on the brains of women and men. Look to see where you’re shutting your own self down, even if you think it’s a ridiculous metaphor that has no bearing on life in the 21st Century. Then discover the Keeper’s “best response” for the next time to feel or witness that Original Sin hammer coming down.

The Akashic Records Keepers spoke at length about sacred geometry patterns found in nature that were important to be using to heal the perceived gap between spirituality and sexuality, “especially from now [2016] through 2018.” I was surprised to hear that! It was also a stunner to realize that this channeling, that so resembled one I had done just about a week before, dated from a time when a Trump presidency was perceived as laughable.

How are YOU going to be celebrating Mary Magdalene and/as the Feminine Rebel, no matter your gender?

This holiday is meant to “spiral out” like the Divine Feminine into your home, your community, and your career. No, you don’t need to invite your colleagues for tantric union or inaugurate a new viral hashtag on Twitter.

You don’t even have to be loud + proud about who you are and what you’re doing.

Quietly operating from a space of Love + compassion is all it takes to hold the Magdalene’s banner high.

Be a Balm unto others. And Own Your Magick.

P.S.: I really do want to hear back from you about how you will be honoring Mary Magdalene’s energy within you over the coming months!

And, I hope it’s obvious that I never want to strong-arm anyone into signing up for an event, whether free or paid. It’s always an invitation to participate in something that fits the energy of NOW, to help you to more easily ride the energetic waves that get increasingly more challenging week on week. When listening back to this Mary Magdalene recording as part of my celebration of her, I was struck by how timely it was, even two years later, even with a new and very different administration in the White House, even after the #MeToo movement and the Women’s Marches. If you signed up for this series two years ago, why not pull it out of your archives and listen again? If you’re new to my Universe or did not feel this was aligned for you in the past, you can get it now for just $39.


P.P.S.: We’re still in the thick of things! Eclipse season continues stronger than ever with a Total Lunar Blood-Moon Eclipse coming up this Friday. I’m still getting my arms around what I want to do for this one, so I’ll let you know closer to the day.

It’s not too late to register for my Plutonian Solar Eclipse/Cancer New Moon/Friday the 13th Divine Feminine Portal webinar I called “Eclipsing the Patriarchy Within.” It was the juxtaposition with this call that made the Magdalene call so stunning–the information practically overlapped in some areas! The energy of that portal/eclipse will spiral out until at least January of 2020, so there’s no way you can be “too late” for this one.

I hosted this webinar in partnership with my good friend Nedjma Tara, and she is quite something. Queen of the Light Codes. Alchemist Extraordinaire. When you get to the page be sure to scroll down to see her photo. Prepared to be shifted just by looking! At the end of the call, she took us through a very subtle-feeling Right Brain Activation that was MASSIVE! Be sure to ground yourself afterwards and offer yourself gratitude for giving yourself the immense gift of listening. Wow. There’s no payment required, but if you’re moved by the work, we would gladly accept a gift in exchange. Find that webinar here.