Mars Eclipsed at Blood Moon

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Longest Eclipse of the Century on 27 July 2018 at 4:20 EDT


Are you all ready for this? For the past couple of years we’ve been traveling through some {ahem!} intense energy patterns, and this summer has seen that energy (and with it, sometimes a feeling of chaos, both inside and in the out-picturing) ramp up to an even greater degree.

Well, today’s MASSIVE total Lunar Eclipse (happening at 4 degrees 44′ Aquarius at 4:20 Eastern in the Americas; alas, not visible to us) is the culmination of those energies.

We’ll still be feeling the echoes for another year or so, but this is the peak for right now. Hang in there!

When I say “hang in there,” I mean:

  • Breathe. Deeply and often. Especially before responding to anything even remotely triggering
  • Ground yourself to the Earth. There is a ton of static electricity “out there” so it’s also likely to be inside you. Give it back to Mama Gaia who can use it much more profitably (read: less destructively) than we humans can right now
  • Open your Heart. This is the most-needed medicine right now: our collective AND individual best way forward right now is to really operate from that heart space! Put your hand on your heart and breathe into it if you need help feeling it. Use Rose Quartz to help yourself operate in those Love frequencies. See yourself as a radio transmitter and set the intention to broadcast LOVE on all channels
  • Forgive yourself and others. Realize that today is going to be a tough day for all living things on the planet, and act accordingly. Give yourself plenty of extra time to get places as drivers may be particularly aggressive. Let comments or judgments of others slide off your back today. Be compassionate rather than buying into others’ anger
  • Listen to the transmission below. It contains a portal to GRACE and came through in a way I have never experienced before. All the feedback I received was that it was very different from anything else I’ve ever done, and I feel that, too. It was super special, and opened up so much of what I would call “Magick” but in a way that no words can capture
  • Share this transmission with others whom you feel might need it, and then let me know where in the world you sent it!

I am putting this out freely with no payment gateway or even an opt-in. I want everyone to be able to have access. AND, I’d also appreciate knowing your response, and where in the world people are listening and appreciating. Please do reach out to let me know.

For me, a major part of the energetic exchange when I put these out with no request for payment is that you (1) let me know that you listened and if you sent it somewhere, and (2) what your experience was of it. When I do these super-high-frequency transmissions, it feels like parts of myself get spread out all through the Cosmos. This is not a complaint–I am a star child, so it feels great to me! However, I do also live on Planet Earth right now, so when you let me know your ah-ha’s or the things that landed, resonated, or startled you, it helps me to pull myself back together in the 3D. Deep bow of Thanks.

I had a whole bunch of things ready to say about this eclipse, but I prefer to let this channeling speak for itself. It’s mighty powerful, if I do say so myself! Be sure to get grounded afterwards. It has been described as “trippy” and that’s no joke! Give yourself the space and time to listen and RECEIVE the gift of grace contained therein.

A few of the things that came through via words (much of it was a wordless transmission, very high-frequency) were that in retrospect, today will be seen as the “Independence Day” from Patriarchy.

Also that “mindset” is an old-paradigm term (and energy) and it’s best to want to change your “mind-flow.”

There were also some tools and reminders of ideal ways of being, but for me one of the most enchanting parts of this experience was the Grace transmission.

Humans need it to nurture ourselves because energetically it’s as though we’ve been “eating styrofoam” for a long time. Grace will quench and nourish our cells in a way we almost didn’t know we needed.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water while listening!

Special thanks to the women who volunteered to do this call with me!

If you loved this transmission, let’s talk about channeling your OWN Akashic Records. Right now is the perfect time: all the portals are open, and we humans are primed to make major shifts. You can reach out on Facebook (a great way to share you impressions and ah-ha’s as well) or set up a time to talk here.

Own Your Magick,

Important Sidenote: this triple-4 of the exact degree and minute of the Moon as it is being eclipsed (4 degrees 44′ Aquarius) is very soothing to me in the midst of all the apparent chaos out there. FOUR is the number of the cosmic architect. FOUR builds strong foundations for the new. FOUR grounds the fire and electricity of this Martian and Uranian eclipse so that we can work with these energies without getting burned.

Moreover, the TRIPLE FOUR is a wink from the Universe: lining the numbers up to let us know that there’s a message there. 444 tells us that all is well and that while this is a portal to global awakening, humans are being supported in the best possible way. Yes, a new world starts today, but it’s not like we’re being thrown out into a harsh wilderness: there are great cosmic forces at our backs building this New Paradigm with us as we go!

P.P.S.: This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is highly influenced by Uranus, which is T-squaring both luminaries (Sun + Moon) at the eclipse, as well as trine Saturn in Capricorn. One recent listener had this to say about the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse call (on this page) and other recent channeled wisdom:

“I <3 Elizabeth Locey’s channeling! I listened to this at the Lunar Eclipse yesterday and am still getting guidance from it today. For me, this channeling combined with the Friday the 13th/solar eclipse channeling and the Uranus in Taurus channeling bring the energies of this season all together. Check out all the goodness!”

Thanks, Ann! Links to these other calls are below. xoxo

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