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Today’s 11:11 Eclipse Portal

Yes, today is an 11:11 eclipse—I’ll get to that in a second—but the message for everyone from my Guides today, and it feels super urgent, is to open to your true value.

There’s a portal here that is available for a short time that will allow us (you, me, and everyone on the planet) to easily let go of the old stories and the fears that have been “keeping you safe from your own Power.” (You are invited to sit with this if it doesn’t make sense immediately.)

If you’re reading this, it’s because you have a special, powerful gift to bring to the world. It’s some kind of healing gift, even if you don’t think of it in those terms. You might even be openly using it in your professional life: healing with words, or touch, or energy, or beauty.

And yet, even if you are intentionally using your amazing gift professionally, the message of today is to OPEN UP and realize—the word realize means “to make real” or to manifest—on a cellular and conscious level, the true value that you bring by your very presence to this planet. It’s huge!!

It’s also hard to put words on. When I feel into this message, the sense that I get is this:

It’s as though someone large has been sitting on my chest for years, and suddenly stands up.

Out of nowhere, I can breathe fully, and it makes me gasp and cough to be able to breathe like that again. I feel weightless: it takes zero effort to move my body; I’m actually levitating a little! And I’m crying tears of gratitude for having been relieved of the crushing weight. I wasn’t even aware that it was there until it was gone.

THIS is the portal that is available today: to truly GET that your so-called limiting beliefs were there for a reason (you were holding them in place for a reason: like fear of rejection, or fear of knowing just how powerful you might really be) but are now ready to be released. Opened up. Let go of.

The people who aren’t ready to be done with the old stories aren’t reading this. They’re not the ones this message is for. YOU are, since you’re here reading this now. You are the intended recipient. And ready.

Let me be clear: this portal of knowing your true value doesn’t make you better than others. It simply releases you from feeling “less than” others and allows you to show more of who you truly are.

It lets you speak the truth of your own gifts with no reservations.

With a louder voice, or even a megaphone.

Maybe the weight that was just released from your chest looked like one of these: the fear of being labeled “too big for your britches,” or of losing the support of your friends and family because of jealousy, or the fear of being too in demand and therefore overwhelmed and exhausted all the time, or even that past-life fear that so many of my readers have (because it really did happen, sometimes many times over) of being killed for your gifts.

When you are released from the crushing weight that is Old-Paradigm fear, MAGICK happens.

The BOX disappears.

I see this all the time in the Records, and I know that it applies to me, too, on those occasions when I’m feeling sorry for myself (yuck). We put a box around ourselves for our own protection. It will keep us from being “too much.” It will keep us from being hurt. When we do personal growth work (yes: I see you laughing over there!) the box grows and we grow to fill it. But the box is still there.

What’s on offer now is NO BOX. That’s right. It sounds crazy even to me, and I see beautiful “outlandish” things every day in the Records. (Just in the past hour I did a wild + amazing call with a returning client.)

Crazy yet true.

What would you say to TOTAL FREEDOM?

Yes? No?

A lot more people say no than you’d think, actually.

They probably believe that it would mean free-falling. What I see in my Legendary Self work is that it’s all about seeing yourself as you TRULY are: Divine. Fully and unconditionally Loved + supported. Able to do and create anything, just because you know you can.

Quoting from social justice warrior astrologer Chani Nicholas’s 8/8 newsletter:

“The partial solar eclipse on August 11th is the 3rd and final eclipse of this season. This is also the very last solar eclipse in Leo for quite some time. Eclipses, especially solar eclipses in Leo, teach us something very important about our life purpose and how to manifest it in the world. This is a time where we want to be setting the patterns that will continue to bear fruit for years to come.”

(When I read this, my jaw dropped. Life purpose and how to manifest it in the world are what my Legendary Self work is all about. No wonder the effects had been so huge lately!)

As I said back in previous messages, this eclipse season has been an intense series of portals. Portals to the New Paradigm where Love rules and fear is sidelined. Portals to a greater sense of who we are, both individually and collectively. Portals to more wisdom, which is another way of saying FREEDOM.

The portal is here and available to you. Step through it, or not. You are free to choose. But I’m guessing that since you’re still reading, you’re choosing to step in. Congratulations.

You can choose to fully open to this portal through intention and by using your intuition. Or by working with any one of the amazing guides out there, many of whom are my dear, dear friends.

However, if you are feeling called to doing this work with me, I would be honored to be your chosen midwife as you birth the new and extra-ordinary you.

(I’ve recently been reminded that these are soul contracts, so check in with your heart—if you just felt something like a ping, a pull, a gasp, a leap or an opening, please reach out and we’ll set up a time to talk soon, as this season is drawing to a close. I have room for one more Legendary Self at the end of this upcoming week, and 2 spots open the week of the 19th—the last week of Eclipse Season. If you know that one of these is for you, please reach out as soon as possible, as it takes a few days for the energy of this most-potent activation to open up to its fullest.)

As I’ve been writing to you, that returning client has popped in with a few messages. “I’m still in tears from today’s session! […] Boy, you weren’t kidding when you said it was an act of courage to have a reading at this time!” (Less than 5 hours after an exact eclipse!)

During this Eclipse Season, all of my sessions have been MASSIVE. I’ll admit, all false modesty aside, that they are uniformly life-changing. But the tools and the self-understanding and the rapid expansion and the ancestral healing have just been off the charts, even for me, for the past 6 weeks. Exceptionally, because this is a 3-eclipse season, there are 2 more weeks to go. Reply here to find a connection time soon.

Go ahead: pull those threads out of the weaving of your life. When you do, the threads of your MYTHIC being magickally become available.

Much, much LOVE to you at this 11:11 open-portal final Leo Solar Eclipse.

Own Your Magick,


P.S.: Whatever you choose to do with this moment, I encourage you to do something. This is a powerful moment not to be missed.

In the heavens, at this New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse, EVERY planet is engaged. This never happens. It’s an intense seed-planting, as all solar eclipses are, but it’s also so so much more.