Cosmic Bungee Jumping

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Welcome to the Bridge!

Dear fellow-traveler, when I checked in with my guides and the Records today about what message to share with you on this most potent of days (Pisces Full Moon, Eclipse Season conclusion, Mars grinding to a halt to station direct tomorrow and therefore VERY much in our awareness) what came very clearly was this:


It’s actually the bridge between dimensional realities.

The bridge between paradigms.

The bridge between worlds.

After moving through so many portals during this eclipse season and all the energetic upgrades that came with them (including more access to your intuition and a more expanded, compassionate heart), the process of truly moving from a 3D reality to a 5D one and beyond has truly begun.

Take a moment to feel that one in your body right now. When I do, I feel excitement bordering on giddiness, but I also feel the grounded wight of Truth. The first question that comes to me is: how are we (am I) going to celebrate this? The next question is: now that we’re here, what work is to be done in this new place?

Let me say that I really didn’t see this coming; at least not in this way. I feel weird and a little vulnerable admitting it, but on this bridge we are being called to full alignment and absolute integrity, so I’ll just speak it and leave it there, visible to anyone who wants to look. It is what it is.

I had seen something like this on its way, but I did not see until checking in today that it was HERE. Already. And that we are already on the bridge, peering down over the parapet.

It looks + feels like a pretty magickal place, this fractal bridge! Taking us to a new reality with more power to co-create than most of us ever thought possible.

This is a bridge of Manifestation. (The fractal plane is where energy collects and forms itself before being drawn into 3D reality, so a fractal bridge would automatically have the same powers.)

Whether you take the following as the Best. News. Ever! or as a cautionary tale of gravest importance, know this:

Now that you are on this bridge, the stories you tell yourself and others are ever more “real.”

Your thoughts will harden into matter with next to no revision step, so be very deliberate as you create, for you ARE creating with your words and your thoughts and your dreams and your prayers.

Another thing to know is that it appears that not all humans are on this same bridge. It looks to me as though only those who have stepped through the portals and checked the “terms and conditions” box on this new Cosmic Contract are here in this powerful laboratory of the future. If you’re reading this, you can know that you didn’t walk in by mistake, but were brought here to this message so that you can get on with creating (in Charles Eisenstein’s words) “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”

This more beautiful world includes feeling released from the stories and “rules” of the Old Paradigm Patriarchal order, which stipulated that competition for limited resources makes the world go round. The fundamental lie (it lies at the very foundation of the entire structure) is that limits exist. They really don’t! Not in the Real World (and we don’t mean the 3D world anymore).

The Truth of the Universe is that any limits we perceive or operate under are self-imposed. This is great news, because if we put the walls there, we can surely take them down!

Bungee jumping is one way that humans can experience that cosmic Truth of Limitlessness. When you’re attached to the bungee and you jump OFF that bridge, that physical reality feature we know as gravity propels you face-first towards the ground, but then pulls you back up to safety! And, you don’t even need to jump off a bridge harnessed to an elastic band: just thinking about the limitlessness/operating outside the “rules” of 3D Earth is enough to open you up to the magick.

So… what did my guides mean when they said to call today’s message “Welcome to the Bridge/Cosmic Bungee Jumping”? Two things. Firstly: that now we can create the experience of Limitlessness from this Fractal Bridge.

And secondly: that if you want to go down and experience the energies of the Old Paradigm for a while as you’re adjusting to being a Creator/Creatrix of the New Paradigm, you certainly can. And you won’t get “stuck” in those lower frequencies because you’ll be pulled right back up to your new position on the interdimensional bridge.

I’m curious: what are you going to create from this new place of Pure Potentiality? From this Bridge of Manifestation and Laboratory of the Future? I’d love to join forces and stand side-by-side with you in service to that More Beautiful World if that feels like fun for you.

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Wishing you a fabulous time on the Bridge, dear one! Don’t forget to look out and see all the sparkly things that are now within your reach. Go for it! There’s no reason to hold back, or think that you don’t deserve an even BIGGER dream than you ever dared to imagine.

Own Your Magick!

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