Start Building! {Virgo New Moon}

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Happy Virgo New Moon!

The time for waiting is over. It’s time to START BUILDING!

Last time, I mentioned that the Divine Message for you from my Guides at the Pisces Full Moon was that we were on the Bridge of Manifestation. The bridge linking the old system and the new. The bridge between the mundane (3D) and the magickal (5D and beyond).

This week, the message is to start building! We’re not in dream-land anymore. Mars Retrograde and Eclipse Season have cleared enough so that we can start seeing the way forward. The time has come to bring those dreams into reality. And there’s mounds of energetic support for making things real and concrete. For stepping them down from the 5D into the 3D.

Now, when they say to start building, they don’t necessarily mean to scoop up bricks and mortar and go to town (unless you dream of building brick structures, of course).

They mean to begin taking concrete steps toward those dreams, starting NOW.

Yesterday’s potent Virgo New Moon is a massive seed-planting opportunity (good through nearly 7 pm Eastern tomorrow, Tuesday), and it’s practically the only one for the rest of the year that’s free and clear. Now that we’re out of that massive pressure cooker of an eclipse season that also overlapped with Mars retrograde, we can see more clearly what we want to create.

What seeds are you planting? That is to say: what steps are you willing to take towards making your dreams a reality?

Key word: WILLING.

Why is it that we might not be willing to create the life we desire? That’s a bit of a stumper, isn’t it?

I invite you to take a second to think about it. Are YOU really willing to create the life you desire? If so, what’s your first step going to be? Email me here to let me know and I will stand as your Sacred Witness.

I won’t judge or be a cheerleader, I’ll just observe and hold space for your dreams to come to fruition. It may sound like nothing, but it’s a potent experience to be witnessed.

When I receive your email I will light a candle for you, call in your Guides + mine, and read your intentions out loud into my magickal crystalline-Akashic-energy infused office space, letting them reverberate along with the crystal singing bowl I will sound at the end. I challenge you to take me up on it. This is a big deal.

In my experience working with and talking to thousands of Lightworkers, the unwillingness to create the life of one’s dreams comes from a fundamental sense of unworthiness.

It comes from a sense of being different and therefore less-than. Possibly even entirely unlovable, because so different… (Gosh, I’m going to cry just tapping into it!)

The truly amazing thing about working in your Akashic Records is that you find out that all that not-good-enough business is just a BS story designed to keep you small and safe. Safely small; out of the public eye; not running any danger of being noticed and then potentially rejected or judged.

It is total BS because here is the TRUTH of you: you are great and powerful beyond measure. Your heart is a mighty instrument of healing and connection. YOU ARE the medicine someone next to you needs.

It’s my great honor and pleasure to see that whenever I work with someone in their Records. To see their radiant brilliance, their amazing divine gifts, their enormous heart… To see them see themselves the way I can see them.

That’s one of the biggest benefits of Records work for me: not merely all the useful information + clarity, or the healing of old wounds that have held people in place—sometimes for years–but to see their grandeur reflected back to them. To be able to take the measure of their own worth.

This isn’t about feeding someone’s ego, because ego doesn’t get admitted to the Akashic Archive. It’s about finally coming to know your TRUTH. The truth of who you are, of what you’re here to do, and to implode those false belief systems which have been trying—often successfully—to keep you safe and invisible your whole life.

Just today I received this message from a friend and colleague whom I supported in the Records at the end of last week:

“The MAGIC of working with Elizabeth Locey. I had a life-rocking session with Elizabeth on Friday and still feeling the life-affirming effects. Her brilliance gets directly to the heart of the matter for what will support you on your next step, specifically what is best for you right now. Clearing away emotional clutter, stagnant old thoughts and those circular patterns we can all fall into. From my <3 to yours Elizabeth THANK YOU.”

I don’t get lovely testimonials like this every single day, but this one arrived after I had already finished writing, so it felt aligned to drop it in here. ♥

Here is my invitation to you: start building.

As in: the future you want to live in!

Take advantage of this amazing moment when the stars are literally lined up to help you bring your dreams into manifestation. My advice to you:

♦ Pay attention to your dreams. (Dreamy Neptune is in Dreamy Pisces right now, sitting directly across from this New Moon, so being aware of your night and day-dreams is more available right now.)

♦ Listen to your heart. (Journaling can help unpack its desires.)

♦ Start mapping out what you’d like to create. (Remember, no dream is too big or too small.)

Along the way, if you find you’d like some help from me and your Akashic Records Keepers, I would be thrilled to step into that role (or to step in again, if we’ve taken a spin on the Akashic dancefloor in the past). Deep bow!

I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for this potent + auspicious New Moon in Virgo to unveil my new slate of offerings. Most of the pages aren’t ready yet, but I’m going to tell you about them anyway, and what the different options are best at, and even the rates. (Some are coming down! And I have a lot of new lower-investment offerings to share. Even on the higher investments, don’t worry: I always work with people to arrange a payment schedule that works.) Drum roll, please…

If you want to see yourself and your mission in the world in the truest, most expansive light possible, the Legendary Self Gateway is for you. This isn’t a new offering, but it keeps renewing itself in the sense that it gets more expansively transformational all the time. The Legendary Self Gateway draws a clear line of before/after in your life. It will help you to make sense of who you are, will give you many magickal-practical tools to use every day, and especially will lay the foundations of a lifelong relationship with the Divine aspect of you which holds the thread of purpose.

Call on your Legendary Self for guidance and assistance as often as you like to move brilliantly and purposefully through the world! And because this is YOU, seeing your Divine aspect really clears up any sense of unworthiness, straightaway.

Time commitment: Now, some people think that because this is a metamorphosis akin to the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis that it must take lots of time (weeks or months). Not so! We do it in 2 days. You’ll want to set aside about 3 hours on Day 1 for the visualization and Records channeling, and one hour on Day 2 for integration for our recorded calls. You’ll want to set aside more alone time for taking a salt bath (you really don’t want to keep those old limiting beliefs running in your head, do you?), journaling, and extra sleep.

Current investment: $1500, but going up to $1800 on the Equinox later this month. If you know this is for you, save yourself $300 by putting a first payment down before the 22nd.

If you want to ask your own burning questions and get answers from your Soul Records, you’ll want to choose from one of my Wisdom Portals. Until Legendary Self, for my 8 years as a professional Akashic Records channel, this has been my primary one-off offering. It has had several names over the years: first it had the no-name of “Akashic Records consultation,” then “Clarity Injection,” followed by “Personal Oracle Consultation.” Now it’s my Wisdom Portal.

Aside from the name (and the rate, which is coming DOWN!!), nothing has changed. You can still expect to go over your questions with me at the start of Day 1, then 50 minutes recorded questions and answers in your Records. On Day 2, we’ll integrate for about 30 minutes. By shortening the integration through more focused attention, I’ve managed to bring the rate DOWN from $1200 to $1000.

Time commitment: Approximately 2 hours over 2 consecutive days. Expect the first day to run about 70 minutes, unless the questions need a lot of wordsmithing. I always build in an extra 30 minutes of cushion just in case this takes more time. Confusion in = confusion out, and this work is all about clarity, so we will stick with honing the questions for maximum impact and targeting as long as we need to.

Give yourself time to ground afterwards before trying to do left-brain work. (This is true of all my channeled experiences.)

NEW OFFERING: Condensed Wisdom Portal

In response to popular demand for a lower-priced option, I’ve sliced my staple Wisdom Portal in half, and the investment along with it. If you’ve been wanting to work with me in your Soul Records for years but were worried about the hefty investment, this one is for you! Time flies when you’re touching the Godhead, but we’ll take time to wordsmith 3 burning questions and then record your Akashic voyage for 25 minutes. The next day’s integration call will be short: 15 minutes at the most.

Investment: $500 (As with any of my offerings, I can work with you on a payment plan as needed).

Time commitment: approximately 50 minutes over 2 consecutive days of time on the phone with me. Make allowances for grounding and a salt bath any time before the end of the day.

NEW OFFERING: Chief Alignment Officer. If you’re sad that you missed my days as a spiritual business coach, never fear! I’ve brought back sustained support for entrepreneurs with my new Chief Alignment Officer program, so that you can know which way to go as you reach every crossroads without slowing down. Don’t let inertia take over your business!

Choose from 2 levels of support: 90 minutes per month (3 weekly half-hour sessions) of nothing but Records OR 45 minutes (in one session or 2 bi-weekly ones) Send me an update at least 24 hours before your appointment and we’ll go over questions before opening your Records or those of your business(es).

Time commitment: less than 2 hours per month for 6 months

Investment: for the 45 minutes of alignment support per month: a very affordable $500 monthly; for the 90 minutes of alignment support: $1000 monthly with a six-month commitment for each.

NEW OFFERING: Cosmic Confirmation Call. If you’re thinking, “well, that Chief Alignment Officer deal sounds pretty sweet, but I’m not sure I want to commit for six months without getting a taste of what it is to have fluid answers for my business,” then the Cosmic Confimration call is for you. A few times per month I will be hosting a call where business owners can come incognito to ask one question in their business Records.

Is there an area where you’re currently stumped, where you’re experiencing resistance, or don’t know which way to go on a major decision? Tie on your mask of Zorro and get the confirmation you need to move forward powerfully with Elizabeth and the Keepers.

You must be there live to ask your question and receive your answer as these calls are NOT recorded! This is a group call, but you’ll be anonymous. Names of attendees will never be shared. Each group will consist of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7 callers.

Why a group call, you may wonder? Well, over my many years as a teacher I have learned that when one person asks a question, more people in the room are going to take furious notes, because they needed that answer, too. Making this a group experience amplifies the effect of this session for all.

This is a fabulous opportunity to get direction or confirmation from your business Records at a super-low investment threshold. I’m doing it this way because I want ALL entrepreneurial Light-workers out there to be able to experience the glory of the intersection of Akashic Records and a spiritually-aligned business. In the past this has been reserved for people with more lucrative businesses; now I’m opening the gates for everyone to witness for themselves what a difference it makes to have your Records be fueling your business. Do I think I’ll have more takers for my bigger programs by doing this? Of course. AND, I want to give those for whom this work was cost-prohibitive in the past the chance to get some answers too.

Time commitment: will depend based on number of participants, but never longer than 90 minutes.

Investment: generally, seats at these roundups will run $55 (this is a magick number: the 5 represents change; is amplified when doubled, and 2 fives together add up to 10, which reduces to 1 in numerology: a fresh new beginning). However, as a launch special I’m offering the first people a seat for $25 with the code ANSWERS. (If the coupon doesn’t work, it has reached its maximum number of takers. Sorry!)

NOTE: So that everyone gets to play, and because too much of a good thing can be considered gaming the system (I AM the system), I am limiting participation in the Cosmic Confirmation calls to 3 per year. I’ll refund more than 3 if you purchase in bulk.

If you want more support than that, Chief Alignment Officer has your name on it. (If your business is too new for CAO, let’s talk; I do have another less robust extended-support option for you; it’s just not ready for prime time yet.)

BREAKING NEWS: I’ll be hosting my first Cosmic Confirmation call this Thursday at 4 pm Eastern. Use the code ANSWERS to save over half off. And even if you can’t come this week, I’ll be hosting another one soon, and we’ll work together to find the perfect spot for you.

If the Akashic Archive had a co-working space, it might look like this. Read more and sign up here.

Okay, that was a lot of information! Before I close let me just share a Crystal Ally card pull I did yesterday for this Virgo lunation that was incredibly spot-on, and which may help you ground this energy.

I asked for the best stones to work with for this Virgo lunation, and 3 stones came: GARNET for prosperity (the message is to really connect with the heart of Gaia to know that all your needs are being seen to and there is plenty of support in the world). BLOODSTONE for courage, connecting your root and your heart chakras to be able to meet what’s coming around the bend with purpose and intention, even though you don’t know what shape it takes. And SUGILITE for dreams.

Now, when I interpret stones coming out of my bowl, I tend to say that this is a heart stone and offers you a green light for following your dreams; your heart’s desires. I stand corrected! It’s actually a crown chakra stone which encourages you to use the guidance from your day and night dreams, thus opening you up to greater trust in your intuition. And that really is the whole intuitive ballgame: if you can trust the guidance, you’ll get more guidance which is better and more copious every time.

These 3 stones really struck me at this Virgo New Moon. Right now (at the New Moon) we have 8 planets in Earth signs (Mercury, Sun, and Moon in Virgo, Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus). Opposite the Sun/Moon is Neptune, planet of Dreams in the sign of Dreams, Pisces. The other 2 major planets–Jupiter and Venus–are in Scorpio, another water sign.

In other words: EVERY PLANET IS NOW IN A FEMININE SIGN. When has this ever happened?

All the qualities of the Divine Feminine are now highlighted: inner knowing, inner strength, fertility, the creative spark, manifestation, grace, connection.

No matter your gender, this is the perfect opportunity to achieve more FLOW. Rest. Lay off of DOing and try more BEing for the next few days. Lie on the Earth or in a salt bath. If you’ve got an ocean handy, that would be ideal! Release your concerns and receive unconditionally Loving support.

Own Your Magick!