Quantum Leap Day

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Break Through Old Patterns to Embrace the Future You Today

You may be thinking “ho, hum, today is just some day in September.” While most of that statement is true (it is indeed a September day), there’s nothing ho-hum about today’s energies.

After all the massive shifts and waiting around of this summer (the arrow notched in the bow pulling back and back and back to maximum tension) now—TODAY—it is time to unleash. You can skip the next paragraph if you’re not into the details of why.

[For today is the third and final in a series of 3 Mars-Uranus squares in the early degrees of Aquarius and Taurus. As the final one of the series, we can all expect the tension of the others to be resolved/released today. Mars rules survival and drive/forward motion and Uranus rules freedom and the future. This is HUGE.]

In fact, today is likely be anything but ho-hum. This is a kind of radical change/expect the unexpected kind of day.

If something comes in to pull the rug out from under you today, take a deep breath and acknowledge that you knew something like that was going to happen. Then dust yourself off with the sure wisdom that whatever it was is setting up your brilliant future, even if it looks more like a breakdown than a breakthrough from your current perspective.

To help you capitalize on the unleashing your freedom and a quantum leap toward your best future, I’ve set up a Cosmic Confirmation call for today at 7 pm Eastern. Come with one question about your business or life, and get a short answer from your Akashic Records.

Register here.. There are still a few spots available for $25 with the promo code ANSWERS; after that all spots are $55.

To keep these calls a reasonable length, I limit them to 7 participants, and you’ll want to stay on the call to hear the answers others get, because chances are that you or someone you know needs their answers as well as yours. If tonight’s call is filled, you’ll be directed to register for another one at a later date. You can find another Tuesday evening in October, a Saturday morning in October, or even 9 days from now in the afternoon.

Typically, these calls are geared toward entrepreneurs, but if you’re feeling called yet don’t own your own business, that’s fine. Today’s energy is such that I want to offer as many people as I can the answers they need to move forward with ease and joy into the shimmery future.

Calls are not recorded, so you’ll want to bring a pen and paper to take plenty of notes.

Additional things you could do today:

  • Re-listen to my Uranus in Taurus channeled wisdom call (find it here if you don’t have it already)
  • Do significant aerobic activity like running or kickboxing to release any Martian aggression
  • Lie on the Earth or hug a tree to ground some of the excess electricity in your body
  • Talk to your crystal collection
  • Set up a time to talk with me if you feel called to really take some leaps forward (reply to this email and I’ll slot you in asap, especially if you live overseas and my calendar doesn’t have any good times for your part of the world)

Then, let me know how things went for you.

Finally, a few gratitudes and announcements:

Thank you to all those who replied to my call for intention amplification at the Virgo New Moon last week. So many of you replied that you truly felt it when I performed your ritual. One reported feeling a burden lift immediately, and another said that someone who could help her with her intention literally knocked on her door 3 days later!! If I also held space for one of your intentions and you’ve felt movement there, please let me know.

Thank you also to those who have been wowed by my Eclipse Transmissions and the first of my Cosmic Confirmation calls. I’ve been getting so much love from those who’ve been saying they could never get a taste of their Records before and now they can! I’ve heard you, and you’re welcome.

That’s why I’ve dropped my rates for the Wisdom Portals and have developed more accessible offerings. At the same time, my Legendary Self Gateway is going up at the Equinox (this Saturday) as it keeps expanding in time and transformational potency. If you want to lock in the current rate, contact me about putting a deposit down and setting up a payment plan by the end of the week.

Speaking of the Equinox, I’m going to offer my Crystal Blessings again in honor of the turning of the Wheel of the Year! I still need to get that opt-in organized on my new system. I also haven’t decided to do it as one group call on that Saturday, individual Zoom calls, or a Facebook event as I’ve often done in the past. Stay tuned!

Many blessings to you on this big Day of Transformative power. I hope to see you on tonight’s call if you’ve got a question in need of an answer that will help you break through to a radically new and empowering future.

Much Love to you!

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: I’ve opened up my Cosmic Confirmation call to everyone (not just the business owners among us) today because of the special energies. Even if you can’t get onto today’s call, registering (setting that powerful intention) today will create a kind of wormhole through time so that it will be AS THOUGH you were on the call today.

Also, please feel free to share the registration link with your friends! https://www.elizabethlocey.com/cosmic-confirmation/

Deep bow of thanks!