This is a Marathon, not a Sprint

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Defending Justice + Seeking Wholeness in the Age of Separation

(Note: I have written about 7 different blog posts over the past 10 days–about Venus Retrograde, the Kavanaugh confirmation process, last Monday’s Plutonian Libra New Moon, and more–but not one of them held a big enough container, and there are no words to hold all the emotion. In this post on Spiritual Activism, I’ll be talking specifically about the US here, and clearly that’s what is writ large in my imagination as an American, but many of these same questions and controversies are arising in other parts of the world, perhaps to a lesser or less obvious degree. Please consider yourself included in whatever part of this narrative that feels like it fits.)

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks! So many ups and downs, white male smug entitlement on display, then Friday’s gut-punch by Susan Collins. Wow. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to stand back up after that one!!

But I did. And I know that you did, too.

Because we are here to bring more Light to humanity. We are here to help hasten the end of the Patriarchy that was so disgustingly on display in the Senate Judiciary Committee and in the news coverage.

We are here to help usher in the New Paradigm. One based on Love, not fear or hatred or privilege. One that is characterized by alignment, not crooked back-room dealings. A new paradigm in which the Light of everyone’s Divinity (yes, even Mitch McConnell’s though I’m resisting seeing it right now) shines through.

We now live in a world where African-Americans get arrested in a Starbucks for the crime of not buying anything, but an entitled brat gets elevated to the High Court for life—even with credible allegations of sexual assault and lying under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee—after copious tears and partisan belligerence during his fitness hearing. And now the Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief says that all of America owes Bratt an apology. Wow.

Hierarchy breeds fear.

Fear can show up as hatred, greed, anger, judgment, shame, stress, a desire for control, anxiety, loneliness, deep mistrust of others, lying, lashing out, depression, hoarding, desperation, and aggression.

Fear disconnects us from our hearts.

Ultimately, fear dehumanizes us, justifying oppression of others to maintain our position in the pecking order.

Although the party in power refuses to admit it, the Kavanaugh confirmation process was a fear-driven consolidation of their power. Those who endeavored to “create a more perfect Union” understood absolute power and fought a revolution to get away from it. They carefully crafted their Constitution to maintain checks and balances, in order to keep monolithic (monarchical) power at bay. Well, the Republicans just swept all that away. As long as they get to keep their power, they couldn’t care less about our Constitution, apparently. Tyranny is just fine with them as long as they are the ones being tyrannical. But don’t you dare question them! They are certain that they hold the moral high ground.

So, this is where we are.

This quote from Dr. Adrienne Keene has been passed around the interwebs, just in time for “Columbus Day” (yay–celebrating colonialism!):

“Just a reminder: the system in what is currently known as the US isn’t ‘broken.’ It was designed by male white supremacist slaveowners on stolen Indigenous land to protect their interests. It’s working as it was designed.”

This begs the question: if we as lightworkers, Champions of Justice and Love, don’t want to live in a country or world that pretends to offer “liberty and justice for all” while really only extending those rights to a handpicked few, what are we to do? Leave our bodies? I know that lots of us did that, over and over, during the re-traumatizing confirmation hearings. But that’s not the solution.

The answer is to STAND UP. Be counted. Let your voice be heard. Vote. Call your representatives. Demand evidence that our electoral system can be trusted.

It may be true that it feels safer to operate in any dimension other than the 3D, but right now we need to stay here and grounded rather than dematerializing. Let’s use our sacred tools and BE HERE NOW. Otherwise, we will have no traction for creating change.

This blog post is a CALL TO ACTION. According to the Oxford Dictionaries, an activist is a “person who campaigns for political or social change.”

If you are reading this and you carry a flame in your heart—a burning desire—to make the world a better place, then you are an activist.

If you think of yourself as a healer or a lightworker or Love Warrior or a fierce defender of a cause that will benefit more than just yourself, then you are an activist.

If you strive daily to act, speak, and think from a position of LOVE rather than fear—creating connection rather than separation—then you are an activist.

I see you and everyone else reading this as a powerful column of Light, illuminating shadowy corners and standing as a beacon for others to follow. We stand for Truth, we stand for Justice, we stand for Harmony, and we stand for Love. In a word, we are Guardians of Light.

I am calling upon you now, in the most explicit of terms, to BE that Light. Join me, wherever you are, in connecting to others in the name of Love.

Small actions beget large change. You can start with your own thoughts: catching yourself when going into judgment of self or others, and ask if that’s be best road to take. If you see someone being oppressed, whether in the street, your workplace, the grocery store, on social media, or in your own home: speak up. Interrupt! Be that pattern breaker in whatever way feels aligned for you. Band together. Use that heart-connection. Make waves.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
–Mother Theresa

Does this mean that you have to go out marching in the streets? Not necessarily. But remember that in a country like France, where I have lived as a child and an adult, citizens go on strike often, and do protest in the streets. But their protests are called “manifestations.” Protestors are “manifestors.” They demand; it is given. Let that sink in!

Let us not forget that it can be exhausting to fight against, especially if what/who we’re fighting holds all the cards. Charge forward into the fray if you must (oh, and I do want to!), but know that it’s strategically smarter to take a powerful stand for what you believe in than to rail against what is.

This is going to be a long and nasty fight, and it is already asking all of us what we’re willing to throw under the bus. We saw all Republicans but Lisa Murkowski, and most notably Susan Collins, defend their positions in the Senate (their privileged status) over the rights of women and minorities in this country. We saw our Constitutionally guaranteed checks + balances thrown under the bus.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to guard and defend the Fortress of Truth while we watch 7 thousand years of the Patriarchal Order fall down around us. Let’s not use up all our resources in the first week.

One of the ways I’ve been taking action, in addition to writing and scrapping and rewriting and again scrapping this update, is to share my stories of sexual assault online. I’ve been asking the men whom I know to share them too, because men are the ones who can change other men’s minds.

I’ve been sharing articles that discuss the rape culture, and white privilege on display during the confirmation hearings.

I also sat for a long time with what I wanted to do in my Love (+ Justice) Champion business. As the FBI was conducting its “investigation,” I was setting up a new version of my signature program, Crystal Crush, called Crystal Crush for Activists.

Come play with me!! We will weave delight in our wake.

The re-design brings in a few new stones that I feel are key for activists, people walking their edge to make the world a better place. This is ostensibly an introduction to working with crystals as powerful guides offering unconditional love + support, but the conversation will skew toward co-creating a more light-filled world with the crystalline realm. In this short, 6-week program, we go deep and wide. If you have enjoyed my crystal-related offerings, you owe it to yourself to check the program out. There are plenty of payment options, and if those don’t work for some reason, reach out. If crystals are calling, don’t resist! They are much friendlier than the 2×4 we often get when we ignore Divine Calls. Details can always be negotiated.

One thing I realized as I was re-designing Crystal Crush is that the original version was for activists too, because it was designed for Lightworkers who are by definition working to create change for the better.

The stones I included were to support being more courageous, speaking one’s truth, persevering in the face of opposition, dealing with negativity, staying grounded, clearing space, and much more. I’ve added a few more to help us overcome duality, stay in our Power through initiations, and replenish our Life Force.

I have always been an activist. Although I’m an introvert and an empath, I go out to march. In college I marched for women’s rights. In graduate school I marched in protest of the first Gulf War every night while the war was on; I also used white tape to mark “U S OUT NOW” in huge letters on the back of my leather jacket for the duration. (My feet have never been the same; I learned the hard way that January in Madison Wisconsin required a warmer coat if you wanted to maintain circulation to your extremities.) As a professor, in addition to my commitment to bringing the voices of women + people of color to my culture and literature classes, I protested the second Gulf War by co-organizing students and faculty, first on campus, then just off campus. A small group of us would routinely get spit upon by drivers as we stood on a major intersection carrying a huge sign that I made from a refrigerator box that read “Regime Change Begins at Home.” And now with the Trump administration, I offer healing calls, advocate for women’s rights on social media, and attend Women’s Marches.

And of course, all my work to bring individuals into their greatest, wisest, most aligned self. Alchemy and Magick are nothing more than persistent faith in the powers of Love and the ability to see through illusion. All waves begin as ripples.

I love you. I see you. I hope you will join me in weaving a massive Web of Light around our planet.

Always remember, whatever it looks like out there, that Love is stronger than fear. And my favorite quote by John Lennon, which is an adaptation of Oscar Wilde (who uses “fine”): “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

This is not the end. Indeed, it is just the beginning!

Please pass this on to those who would resonate with and be lifted up by this message. (Use the share buttons below.) All is not lost. Au contraire. We can see more clearly than ever, now.

Together, we can make a difference!!

Own Your Love-Magick,

P.S.: Connection is the key to Love conquering fear. If this message is speaking to you, let me know! It will nourish us both. Reach out over Facebook or email me here. Truly. I crave connection now more than ever, too.

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to fill your whole body with Light, check out my Breathing in the Stars meditation. It works wonders when you need to get out of your head.

P.P.S.: There’s room for one or two more people on Saturday’s Cosmic Confirmation call. These short group Akashic Records events are truly magickal! It’s happening at 11 am Eastern, so if you’re in the UK or Europe and have been asking for an earlier call, this is it!

Finally, if you can’t wait and need the crystalline support right now, I recommend BLOODSTONE for Courage, HOWLITE for remaining Powerful in the midst of an Initiation, AMAZONITE to assist in speaking your Personal Truth in a way that it can be received, CLEAR QUARTZ for Clarity (in point form it can act like a sword), ROSE QUARTZ to help you keep your heart open + compassionate, and HEMATITE to flash negativity right back to the sender. If you’re lacking in life force during all of this, RUBY or GARNET will connect you to Mother Earth, who has all the resources you need if you’re willing to receive. And, because this is where we want to go while defending Truth + Justice: KYANITE for building energetic Bridges.

The best way to use these energies is to carry them on your body (touching your skin or at least within your Auric field) but if you don’t have access to the actual stones, holding them in your mind with the intention of coming into resonance with (adopting) their energy will do.

Enjoy, and let me know how you’re doing with this.