2019: Honoring the New Cycle

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Happy New Year!

New Year’s Greetings!!!

Here we are at the time of the yearly cycle when we get to start getting used to writing a new number on all the dates. How is it even POSSIBLE that we are 2 decades into writing 20xx on the dates? In 2018, time seems to have moved at a more variable rate than ever before: sometimes very slowly, and sometimes leaping forward in great bounds. Did it feel like that to you? It sure did to me, and also to a few Love Champion friends of mine…

I don’t really have any great wisdom to offer about it. It’s more of a musing, really, but I get the feeling that the more we explore the fractal planes, both individually and collectively, the more we’ll experience this kind of unpredictable time.

My sense is that the more we allow magick into our lives, and infinite possibilities not bound by the so-called laws of physics—in other words, the more we un-yoke our minds from what we’ve always been taught to be true—the less the rules of space-time will apply to us.

Quantum physics has demonstrated this over and over, but since I don’t live in a quantum laboratory, it has taken this long for me to really FEEL it in my life. How about you?

Perhaps space being flexible is next? Who knows. That sounds exciting, but I can also see it being truly disconcerting, especially as most modern humans live according to an atomic clock. Can you imagine leaving for an appointment, whose location has always been a predictable 20 minutes away, only to find that sometimes it takes 40 minutes and sometimes only 5 to get there? What seeds of confusion that would sow, individually and collectively. (This is my prayer that we’re given the grace of a few years’ delay before this begins in earnest.)

In any case, welcome to a new year that begins with a portal—a partial Solar Eclipse this Saturday evening for those in the Americas.

Last year’s intensity was demonstrated up front when we had a Full Moon on New Year’s Day. There was no wind-up. Just full-throttle tension, quite literally from Day One. Later that month we had the incredibly intense Super Blue Blood Total Lunar Eclipse, just in case we hadn’t gotten the memo about amped-up energies and emotional upheaval.

This year, in a welcome reprieve, we get plenty of new beginnings. First there was the Solstice on the 21st, marking our entry into the cardinal sign of Capricorn. (Cardinal signs are initiators: among other things, they usher us into a new season. What other new beginnings are you feeling or exploring?) Then today—New Year’s Day—we welcome a new calendar year. And on Saturday with have the New Moon in Capricorn, with is also this partial Solar Eclipse.

New Moons always initiate a new lunation and usher in a new energy, new opportunities to start over or to continue with more of the same if you’re loving where you’re going.

Let me just interject a few things about Capricorn here: We’re already in Capricorn season since the Solstice. Pluto has been hanging out for over a decade, Saturn–Capricorn’s ruler–arrived just over a year ago (amplifying the potency of everything happening in Cap-land, as if Pluto wasn’t enough), and the Moon and Mercury will be here too by the weekend.

Five planets in a single sign, along with Dark Horse Pluto and the Sign Ruler AND an eclipse–that’s a massive amount of Capricorn energy to be handling these days, especially if you have fixed or negative ideas about this sign.

Capricorn is often seen as the sign of blind ambition and ruthless corporate climbing. True, it is the last of the Earth signs, and is therefore the master builder while also potentially stuck in some ruts.

What many forget is that Capricorn is a feminine sign and represents the wise Grandmother. She is the sea-goat (the head-butting mountain goat is a lower-frequency aspect) with her fishlike tail dipping into the seas of consciousness. Her footing us sure as she ascends through the levels of spiritual growth. keeping her hooves on the ground but her eyes on the stars. Her high-vibe aspect is the Unicorn.

(Full disclosure: I have Capricorn rising, my artistic father never fit the mold of the career-oriented Cap, and my daughter has Cap rising as well as 3 out of 4 personal planets here. Shining a light on and embodying the pre- and post-Patriarchal faces of Capricorn is dear to me.

And now back to our regularly-scheduled programming about new beginnings:

Since this first New Moon of the year is an eclipse (the first of 2 this month, but also the first of several eclipses in Capricorn over the next couple of years) the portal-energy it brings is considerable. Typically the energies of a New Moon last for 29 days, until the next one.

Eclipse energies reverberate out for at least 6 months and initiate a 19-year cycle, making this considerably more potent than a typical New Moon. Because of this 19-year cycle, Saturday’s eclipse asks you to look back at what you were doing in early January of the year 2000. What are you completing now that you began back then? I certainly recall the freshness of feeling a new century opening up at that time.

By the same token, it’s now time to ask yourself what you would like to build for yourself over the next 19 years. You’re invited to journal on this. The placement of this eclipse smack at the beginning of the year truly amplifies the sense of fresh new beginnings. There’s no new century here, but our eyes are wide open today in a way they couldn’t be back when the 21st century was a total unknown.

For the past week or so, I’ve been feeling incredibly joyful. It’s not just because my husband and daughter are off in the South of France visiting his parents and I get the house to myself. No, this comes from tapping into the Universal Energies of Now.

There’s a new sense of optimism out there. A new wave of joy and possibility, no matter how nasty the outpicturing of the world looks. (NYE revelers in Japan rammed by a vehicle, the US government going into hibernation, nationalistic sentiment [read: hatred of “the other”] on the rise around the world, devastating civil wars, and so much more!)

Honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve felt the emanations of so much new joy. My sense is that it has to do with overcoming strife; the relief and sense of completion that comes at a marathon’s finish line.

Last year was a hard year. So was 2017. In fact, most people (especially the sensitives like you and like me) have been experiencing the stretching and challenges of entering a new energetic system for at least a decade.

Are we done with the challenges? Clearly not. AND, it will serve us all to pause and celebrate personal and collective victories achieved over the past year or so, no matter how small. Pop the corks, gather with friends, put on your dancing shoes, buy yourself flowers, smile at a stranger, pull a card or light a candle—however you want to celebrate is perfect; just do it.

And know that when you do, you are feeding the collective wave-field of joy that will sustain us all through the next rough spot. If you can’t get excited about doing it for you, do it for everyone else, with gratitude from me and the Divine Plane.

Stay tuned, as I’ve been cooking up something special to celebrate the newness and anchor in the joy.

If you thought I had fallen off the face of the Earth after mid-October, it’s that I was sending daily emails to my #CrystalCrushForActivists Light Crusaders for 7 weeks, and then December had a lot of processing going on, personal and collective, as well as a push of daily support for a single beloved client who was working through his fears and traumas. I thank you for your patience, and look forward to being more available here as we begin our new 2019 adventures!

Again, all my best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous, and joy-filled 2019. It’s up to us to make it happen, and no thought, action, or word is too small to make a difference. We are the ones who are creating the New Paradigm in every instant. I’ve got a lot more to say about this soon, but for now, I’ll just share this New Year/Potent New Beginnings message, so that you can start preparing for Saturday’s eclipse portal.

Own Your Magick, and may all of our winged hearts FLY FREE this year and ever after.

P.S.: I’d love to hear how you are feeling this new cycle. Reach out on social media or email me to let me know: elizabeth@elizabethlocey.com

P.P.S: As a free gift to celebrate 2019, if you haven’t already picked up my “Saturn in Capricorn” channeling from a year ago, you can find it here. There’s no opt-in, so I have no way of knowing who picked it up or shared it except when people tell me. In the first week after I released it at the end of 2017, I was told that it had been shared across the globe many times. (Australia in multiple threads, South America, all over North America and Europe. I’m not sure about Asia or Africa.) If you listen and share, please do let me know in the email above!

Many thanks and deep bow of gratitude for being here. I learn as much from you as you do from me. Know that.