Capricorn Eclipse Upgrades Business + Career

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Happy Capricorn New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse Bearing Energetic Upgrades for Your Career

Dear one,

Last time I let you know that we were in a period of new beginnings, and yesterday’s partial Solar Eclipse (which is an extra-powerful New Moon/new beginning whose effects will resonate out for at least 6 months) is a whopper of a portal. It’s supporting so much optimism and forward movement! Let’s do this…

I could say a lot about the astrology of this eclipse but will attempt to be brief: it’s the first of a series of eclipses in Capricorn over the next 18 months, made extra-potent by being located at the midpoint between Saturn (11 degrees) and Pluto (20 degrees). It’s also a harbinger of next January’s (are we really that close to 2020?!) potent eclipse when Saturn and Pluto will meet at 22 degrees of Capricorn to completely re-birth and re-build the way we think about POWER. You’re invited to pay attention to what happens this weekend to have an idea of what next year’s ka-BOOM of a New Paradigm initiation will be like. (Ooooo, I have so much more to say about this, so send me questions and I’ll surely be doing an activation/channeling on it soon.)

Adding to the potency: we also have a bunch of planets in their home signs at this Solar Eclipse, meaning that they are extra authentic, showing up as fully themselves: Mars is in Aries ready to take action. Jupiter is in Sagittarius filling us with optimism and supporting our deepest positive beliefs. Saturn is in Capricorn supporting our Sovereignty and encouraging us to look [differently] at our limitations (are they real? And if they are, how does that free us up to operate there, like a baby in a playpen, not in danger of getting hurt but free to explore everything that’s there?). Neptune is still in Pisces, connecting us to the Divine Plane and our Dreams, big and small.

This is a Solar Eclipse, though not a total one, so a little less intense. Solar eclipses turn out the light on our Sun. That can be pretty scary to our reptilian brains, even though our neo-cortices know that the world isn’t REALLY going to end. Traditionally, this is “the King Must Die” energy, because clearly a ruler who would let the Sun be blotted out has got to go.

Eclipses shine a light on what is hidden, what we don’t want to look at. What is generally kept in the shadow is suddenly brought out into the light of day, and that can of course lead to awkward situations or uncomfortable realizations. This is what makes them more intense than regular New and Full Moons. This energy is especially strong at this eclipse as Pluto (the ruler of the Underworld/what is hidden) is sitting very close to the Moon.

Lest we get too far into the potential bummer aspects of this heavenly event, let me say that the kind of portal/rebirth/reset button that this eclipse represents can be incredibly empowering, especially with Jupiter expanding our dreams, if we can stay optimistic.

What are you letting go of to be born anew? Setting conscious intentions for releasing old patterns will really help you to see them go. If you’re the kind of person to set intentions or make resolutions at the New Year, it will serve you to re-set them again, any time starting now through midnight Monday except for a short period between 1 and 2 am Eastern Monday morning.

Personally, this eclipse is happening in my first house of self, so I’m getting an energetic makeover as we speak, about which I will no doubt be inspired to write over the coming months. If you know your birth chart, you can find out which house it’s happening in by looking for 15 degrees of Capricorn.

Also as of this eclipse, we have no planets seemingly moving backwards. For so many months during the second half of 2018, it felt like almost everything was pedaling backwards, but that period is now over! All systems are go, and Mars is in Aries ready to get the ball moving. Right now is a very magickal time of forward momentum, and it makes my heart happy that it’s coinciding so powerfully with the beginning of the calendar year so that we can really FEEL it.

Because of this strong sense of forward motion, and releasing the old to start anew, especially in the area of career or business (the area ruled by this Capricorn eclipse) it feels like the perfect time to really unveil my Chief Alignment Officer program.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that much of my life is ruled by the energy of alignment. Big and important areas of my life get re-structured based on this principle.

In 2010, when my tenured faculty position turned toxic, I did the unthinkable thing: I quit. Mind you, the life of a faculty member was the only life I had ever known (both my parents had been professors) and I had been in training for that position since the age of 2. It was a big deal to say good-bye to that, but not only did it feel “right” to leave; in the moment of that intuitive knowing, I also knew I couldn’t do anything BUT let go of the work I had spent my entire life training for/doing. I’ve never looked back.

In 2014, when coaching was no longer a good fit for me, that part of my business fell away. I had joyfully built a 6-figure business in 2 years (I loved the work, I loved my clients, I loved being of service in that way) but when the Universe showed clear signs that it was done, my choice was to be sad and think I had become a failure, or to pull up my boots and pivot, so I pivoted. To my surprise, my health improved dramatically!

And then something happened that I wasn’t prepared for.

In the fall of 2015, I joined a Mystery School. I loved it! The remembrance was so powerful, waking up secret pockets of knowing in my body. A few months later I dove in as deeply as I could. I was in love with the profound self-exploration that being a priestess required, I loved the lineage (I felt in my bones that I was reconnecting with many threads of past lives), and I loved my mentor.

As soon as I was fully committed to the work (I got a tattoo to remind me of who I was) I had an experience with her that felt wrong on so many levels. But instead of walking away the very next day, I questioned my own truth: that she was projecting her stuff onto me and then calling it my shadow.

As a professional Truth Teller, rejecting the aligned truth for myself (so that I would not be exiled from the beloved sisterhood, the first place in my whole life where I had felt truly seen, welcomed, and at home) turned me upside-down emotionally and tanked my business for many months. How could I share their soul truth with others if I wasn’t willing to own my own?

I let myself twist in the wind for a year and a half before I had the heart to pull the plug near the end of 2017. I’m still full of grief and loss over it, but at least I have my integrity. Had I walked away the following day—the aligned thing to do—I would have saved myself 18 months of pain and confusion.

Saving people valuable time, energy and money, and helping them to avoid many months of pain and confusion is the raison d’être of Chief Alignment Officer.


I’ll let you look behind the curtain of its development, because the many steps in this process are all about coming into alignment.

This offering has been under development since the beginning of 2018, when I knew all the details except the name. At first, I was thinking “Chief Spiritual Officer” but that wasn’t a fit at all—especially for the spiritual entrepreneurs who are in my orbit, THEY (you?) are their own Chief Spiritual Officers in their businesses.

For months afterwards, I was playing around with people hiring me as their “Chief Wisdom Officer” but that wasn’t right either, for pretty much the same reasons why CSO wasn’t aligned: we are all the final wisdom arbiters in our own businesses and lives. Obviously.

For the sake of alignment, I couldn’t launch until I had a name that matched the great idea for the program: business owners come once a month (or more, if the business is bigger or in an expansion phase) to get pressing questions answered in their Business Records. Questions like:

  • “Is it better to launch A or B this month?”
  • “My business interests are shifting, what’s the best way to gracefully close down what I used to do so well and open up this new wing?”
  • “I have a really exciting partnership opportunity, but I’m not sure it’s right for me; is it? If so, how should I negotiate a win-win for me and the new partner? If not, how do I say no without alienating these people?”
  • “How do I expand my products and services without overextending or exhausting myself?”
  • “Is now the right time to write a book, or is it more aligned to wait a [period of time] before I start?”
  • “As my business expands, I can hire more people; what’s the best bang for my employee buck?”
  • “What is the very best way for me to expand my sphere of influence so that the right people can find me?”

I knew things were headed in the right direction and could feel SO much wind under my wings for this. But I still didn’t have the right name. Then, at the Summer Solstice, while doing a channeling on new information about Empaths for the Conscious Life Journal‘s September/October edition the name “Chief Alignment Officer” came through. Wow!! Even as I was deep in the Akashic Records, a part of my brain turned on and I knew this was what I had been waiting for. Within 10 days I finished building the information page and felt that I was ready to go—woo hoo!

But I wasn’t. For reasons unbeknownst to me in the moment, it wasn’t the right time, even though I had an offer of support from a dear client who is incredibly well known in the business world. He promoted it on social media, but I wasn’t able to follow up with those who had expressed some interest.

Then I waited for the journal to come out with my article in it: maybe THAT would be the right time? No, not really. The energetic field around the offering felt too empty. I respect the void, but this wasn’t the right place or time to start talking about Chief Alignment Officer.

As I waited for the energetic tide to rise high enough to start actively inviting people into CAO, I felt a very strong urge to take up the staff of spiritual activism and launched an activist edition of Crystal Crush. It was amazing! I always love teaching that class, but with the special focus on spiritual warriorship there was something incredibly potent and aligned there, so I let that be my focus for 2 months.

At the end of Crystal Crush, and a few days before the Sag New Moon in early December, I thought “Now! Now’s the time to really start sharing about Chief Alignment Officer!” Then I saw that the day after that New Moon was when Chiron was turning direct. This asteroid, who rules mentorship and healing, had been retrograde ever since I had the page all set up and ready to go in early July. Snort. No wonder I couldn’t offer my impeccable mentorship services then!

But a small voice was still saying “not yet; you’re nearly there, but the timing isn’t 100%.” I was confused, but simultaneously unable to say much about the program. When that kind of thing happens, I know it’s not procrastination, but intuition. As though the hand of my Higher Self is gently holding me back until all the stars are perfectly lined up.

And as it happens, that client who had offered to share about it in July was back needing daily alignment support (sometimes a few hours a day) for himself all throughout December. Looking back, I wouldn’t have had the time to really dig into the Chief Alignment Officer work before the end of the year even if I had been mobbed with applications.

And now, here we are at a New Year. And a New Moon eclipse in the area of business and career which is telling us: “you’re ready for big upgrades in how you do your work.”

And so, I am proud to finally (finally!!) be throwing open the doors on my Chief Alignment Officer program. Honestly, everyone to whom I’ve spoken about it gets really excited, because it’s sustained support to create your best business yet, in a time-effective format and at a remarkably affordable rate.

Here’s what it includes, every month for 6 months:

For the baseline $500/month, you get 45 minutes of recorded answers to any questions that you like from your Business Records. Several days before your session, you’ll send me a completed form catching me up on all your progress since the previous call so that we can go faster and deeper in our 45 minutes. You get to pepper your Keepers with burning questions, and then follow any threads that feel potent. At the end of the session I’ll email you the link to the recording.


As my long-term private clients can tell you, getting into your Records consistently really expands things. Your vision of who you are and what you’re capable of expands. Your intuition expands. Your ability to surrender to your highest path expands.

When you implement the changes suggested by your Records, things will accelerate. They’ll also go much more smoothly, which is not typical during moments of business acceleration or shift. And because there’s no coaching from me (just channeling) things will feel cleaner, clearer, and energetically lighter for both of us.

As you step into this level of trust and alignment, everything gets easier. More graceful. And when things are easy and light, there’s so much more JOY available. Not to mention prosperity.

What do you say? I’d love to talk to you about it. You can check it out here.

And, to celebrate this New Year/Potent Portal, everyone who hires me as the Chief Alignment Officer for their business between now and the Lunar New Year on 4 February (my birthday, the end of Eclipse Season, and the Chinese New Year of the Pig, a sign traditionally associated with comforts and affluence) will receive a BONUS: a 90-minute 2019 kickstarter session with me worth $888. We’ll look at the energies you’re likely to face during each month of the year and start to drill down on the areas of maximum opportunity for you.

Get on my calendar here if you’re feeling curious, nudged, called, or intrigued.

I look forward to helping you be of ever-greater service to the world as it shifts and comes into greater alignment with Love.

Own Your Magic in this New Year of 2019!

With so much Love,