Tools for Today’s Super Blood Total Lunar Eclipse

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Welcome to an HISTORIC Blood Moon/SuperMoon Total Eclipse

This Lights-Out is a Set-Change Opportunity.
What will you move onto or off of the Stage of Your Life?

Wow! If you’re in the Americas, today’s Lunar eclipse will put on an amazing show for you as well as bring up lots of stuff. It will be big for everyone across the globe, but as with all eclipses, if it’s visible in your part of the world, it will affect you even more strongly.

The January Full Moon is traditionally known as the Wolf Moon, and because there is so much emotional intensity associated with tonight’s moon, I encourage everyone to do some wolf-howling. You don’t have to wait until the Sun goes down to do this! Just tilt your head back to open your throat, and ah—ooooouuu!

If you’re worried about what your neighbors might think, I witness you and suggest that you might need to do this more than most. Could you turn music up really high for a minute to mask your emotional release for a minute? It’s best to not try to howl into a pillow, as that sort of undoes the freedom of expression that is the particular magick of this exercise.

Howling like a wolf is an amazing heart, throat, and high heart chakra balancer. It clears layers of calcified emotions from the heart, which have been erected as a kind of rampart or protective wall around it. But do you really want to live with a defended heart? This means that you will meet the world in a fear-based, defensive attitude. It’s very “old paradigm,” and if you want to operate in openness and from a place of Love and connection, having an undefended heart is essential.

Incidentally, having an undefended heart is also the best protection for your heart that you can get. Ramparts and defenses invite attack. When your heart is constantly streaming Love to the world in all directions, nothing untoward can penetrate. Love is always the best and highest way to operate, both for yourself and for others. This is a major way we shift the energy and the paradigm on Earth.

When we put our voices out there in a non-verbal way, it really shakes things loose in astonishing ways. Lots of my clients have reported shifts in their moon-blood cycles—less pain, more consistency, even onset within 30 minutes of intense wolf-howling was reported by one. If you’re not subject to bleeding because of your gender or age, I still encourage engaging in this practice, because we ALL have emotions, and we all have intuitions that are improved when we drop the walls around our hearts.

If you do try this tonight or this week, please do let me know how it was for you. There’s a lot of (your own) magick you can open yourself up to when you reverberate your powerful voice out into the world.

In addition to being a Supermoon (meaning that it’s very close to the Earth, looks huge, and has even more power to reveal those things which are hidden and to initiate powerful endings and beginnings than even a regular total lunar eclipse, already quite the powerhouse), this is the culmination of a series of eclipses happening in Leo and Aquarius that we’ve been experiencing over the past few years. Tonight’s eclipse is the last one that we will see in these signs for 17 years.

Moreover, the eclipse occurs when the Moon is at ZERO degrees Leo and the Sun at zero Aquarius. The zero point is that point at which anything is possible. It’s the blank slate which is full of potential. Nothing is yet anchored, so the potential is infinite. It’s the Cosmic Egg, waiting for you to decide what form it will take, so that you can b(earth) it into your 3D reality. This eclipse is thus the ultimate in endings and beginnings.

Oh, there is more to say. The partial solar eclipse of the 5th of this month was a South Node eclipse, meaning that we were all being asked to let go of those things that no longer serve us but to which we tend to cling out of a sense of comfort and security. The South Node represents the default mode; our coping mechanisms; the easy road which is not always the best.

Tonight’s is a North Node eclipse. The North Node beckons us to our highest expression or learning curve in this lifetime. It invites us to reach for the tools of the sign in which it is located. Leo is the one sign of the entire zodiac ruled by the Sun. This eclipse asks us to have the courage to live out our hearts’ desires, and to embrace new ways of shining our light out into the world. Leo is the King, the leader, the risk-taker, the center of attention, but also the Divine Child who knows the value of play, joy, and laughter.

At this infinite-potential zero-point of Leo, this eclipse is asking all of us to pick up, for the last time in a long time, the Leonine tools to help us tread our highest path. How will you own your spotlight? Take risks to catapult you to the next level (=joy) in your career? Your love/family/social life? Your health + wellness? How will you deploy playfulness? Operate from your Personal Power + Sovereignty to make your life and the lives of others around you infinitely more aligned and ultimately better?

These are the questions that this Super Wolf Blood Total Lunar Eclipse is asking you. If you’d like to check in with me about any of this, it would be my honor to go exploring with you. Simply reply HERE to start the conversation.

If any of this seems daunting, be aware that the stars are lining up to support us right now! For the next month+ all the planets are traveling direct (no retrograde energies slowing us down or asking us to backtrack) and a multitude of planets are in their home sign (more powerful because most comfortable). Mars in particular is in Aries, the sign of its rulership, and since this is the planet and the sign of our DRIVE, it’s a great time to get things started or completed.

Jupiter is in Sag, and this planet and sign are about expansion, optimism, and the future. Jupiter is currently activating Neptune in its (their) home sign of Pisces. (Jupiter ruled Pisces until Neptune was discovered.) Neptune and Pisces represent Oneness, the (collective) unconscious, the culmination of the zodiac, dissolving, and dreams. Together these two planets are asking us to DREAM BIG so that we can take advantage of this auspicious moment.

Finally, Saturn is still in its home sign of Capricorn, where it’s helping us to stay in alignment and to manifest what we came here to do. This is the Master Builder. The South Node is here in Capricorn with Saturn, along with Pluto and Mercury, so the shadow of Cap (fear) can come up as we get ready to build. Use the Leonine courage resonating out from this eclipse to overcome any fear of your own greatness, and what it might look like to be truly seen and adored. Incidentally, all these home-sign planets are at 13, 14, or 15 degrees of their signs, so right at the heart of their power at tonight’s eclipse.

If that’s not yummy enough, here’s the cherry on top: At the eclipse, the two “best planets” (the Great Benefics) Jupiter and Venus are sitting right next to each other AND in a happy trine with Mars. What does this mean, when the planet of Confidence, Luck, Optimism and Expansion is with the planet of Beauty, Pleasure, Love and Money? You can work that one out, I’m sure. With the addition of Mars to the mix we have Vitality, Passion, Drive, and Courage. Mars is the Divine Masculine in harmony here with the Divine Feminine Venus. Empowered by Jupiter. How can you let this eclipse configuration influence your next six-12 months, or even the next 19 years?

Full Moons of any kind can be rough, and one like this (culmination of a series in which the Patriarchy started to be eclipsed—see my musings on this from last summer—plus a supermoon) can really operate profound changes. In my own life, I lost a significant relationship in a very painful way at one lunar eclipse, and 6 months later at the next one, I stepped out of a career for which I had been in training since toddlerhood. With no regrets! I suggest doing plenty of journaling to help your feelings clarify themselves. Also, you can breathe with your hand on year heart and journal what it says. (Try writing with your non-dominant hand to keep your mind out of it, or use my Breathing in the Stars exercise beforehand to loosen your intellect’s grip on things.)

And of course, howl like a wolf tonight while it’s full (maximum eclipse happens around 11:40 Eastern, but the whole show is a few hours long; start watching the moon turn red around 10:30 pm ET).

Here’s to Owning Our Magick!

P.S.: If you want to take full advantage of the auspicious moment when the stars have lined us to fully support those of us humans who are willing to be New World pioneers and carry the Shift in our wake, let’s talk. It’s my mission to help precisely those Heart Warriors to see themselves as they truly are: bigger than life, with amazing tools at their disposal, and fully cognizant of their path to Greatness. Let’s meet your Legendary Self soon!

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