Virgo Full Moon + Magick of Alignment

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Glorious Virgo Full Moon to you!

Did you see her in the sky last night? It’s been extremely cloudy and rainy here in Atlanta, but at 1 am I was suddenly called outside; she was breathtaking through a break in the clouds. The entire landscape was illuminated but gray-scale; a bit like a partial solar eclipse.

Today’s Full Moon is a Supermoon: the biggest, brightest, and closest to the Earth of all the Moons of the year. This means she has an extra-potent effect on the tides of the ocean, but also the tides of our bodies, since we’re mostly made of water. Be compassionate with yourself and others at this emotional peak of the moon-th.

Before I get to the special message this Virgo Full Moon brings, let me just say quickly how stunning the astrology of this moment in time is. Since November, all of the Full Moons have occurred at zero degrees of each sign (in December it was at the Solstice point), and the March Full Moon will be at zero Aries, known as the Aries Point, kicking off a new astrological year at the Equinox. The Aries Point is a reset button, and tends to be more intense than the zero degrees of other signs because it initiates the new year. Chiron is sitting at the Aries Point right now! If you’ve been feeling called to getting a healer or mentor this week, that may be why.

Not only are we experiencing the 4th of 5 zero-degree Full Moons, but a crazy number of slow-moving planets are at the very middle of the signs they rule: Jupiter in Sag, Saturn in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces. It’s like they are enthroned there, beaming out their regal beneficence to all and sundry. Even master-builder Saturn, considered by some to be less than friendly (I disagree) is sitting with beautiful Venus, softening Saturn’s harder edges.

Moreover, until the 5th of March, all planets are still in forward motion, an extremely rare phenomenon. For the next two weeks, then, it’s “all systems go!” If you’ve been planning a new beginning, do it sooner rather than later, because we’re still held in a gloriously supportive cosmic cushion.

With no further ado, here is the message from my guides for this zero-Virgo Full Moon:

Breathe and allow the slate to be wiped clean of all your apparent imperfections. Drop the seed of “you are perfect just as you are” into the still pool of your consciousness. Watch the ripples carry all self-judgment away from you. Ahhhhh….

Now lean back into that cosmic cushion and feel how held and loved you are. Unconditionally.

There is a stillness and reset energy at the fully-illuminated zero degree. Virgo represents the Priestess, and because she tends the temple of the Goddess, in order for her service to the Holy Mother to be worthy, she is constantly on the lookout for dripping wax or a stray leaf marring the her offering—a pristine temple space. In today’s world, we tend to think of Virgos as compulsively (irritatingly) tidy, but it’s really about how the Earth Plane can sometimes feel fundamentally imperfect when one’s eyes are turned to the Divine Plane all the time.

Where in your life have you been judging yourself or your gifts to the world as less than worthy? If this lands for you,

I invite you to make a practice of letting go of that perception every time it arises.

I’m an Aquarius myself (my birthday was at the New Moon/Imbolc/Lunar New Year, which is why I was unable to write to you then; so much energy was up for me!) but my priestess training in this and previous lifetimes plus 3 major outer planets in Virgo connect me deeply to the Virgoan energy. For balance, I also have 2 personal planets & Chiron in Pisces, melting everything into Oneness. As you practice letting go of judgments, I invite you to tap into that cosmic consciousness (or the collective unconscious) that is Pisces—the vast ocean that holds and dissolves everything, until the individual re-emerges at that Aries Point, opening a new cycle.

Please let me know how this practice speaks to you!

Of course, perfectionism is not the same as being appalled at what is clearly out of alignment. This past week in the news we have had SO many examples of out-of-alignment behavior among our so-called leaders (and I’m not going to address the Oval Office occupant—he is too easy a target, anyway).

Virginia’s governor’s medical school yearbook page featured him in blackface or a Ku Klux Klan outfit (he’s not saying which one is actually him). His Lieutenant is now accused of sexual assault by 2 different women, and the third in command—speaker of the VA house—has also admitted to dressing up in blackface. Here, White Male privilege is on full display: they felt they could deny the humanity of People of Color or women with impunity. In fact, the privilege probably allowed them to do it without a second thought: they felt entitled.

In the meantime, we have news coming out from around the world about sexual assault of Catholic nuns by bishops, and more dioceses admitting to covering up sexual assaults of minors by parish priests and higher-ups. In Texas, the Southern Baptist church was rocked by a report detailing years of similar behavior by their ministers and laypeople. Using the guise of spiritual superiority to perpetrate or cover up sexual crimes on vulnerable populations is unconscionable.

My Akashic Records mentor (Jen Eramith of Akashic Transformations—check her out) said that the Keepers have called 2019 the “Year of Reckoning.” We’re only 6 weeks in and already so-called leaders are toppling!

My contributions to this discussion include a workshop in Sarasota Florida this Friday 2/22 called “The Spiritual Activist: Keys to Leading with Integrity in an Ever-Changing World” and my Chief Alignment Officer program.

If you know anyone near Sarasota who would enjoy meeting me, attending this workshop or a live crystal-pulling party on Sunday the 24th, please share this link with them with my thanks. I’d appreciate you connecting us, as well.

You’ve heard me talk about Chief Alignment Officer* before.

That’s the program which invites you to allow EASE into your business. At least once a month, we’ll get into your Records or business Records to get quick answers to your many questions, so that you know which way to go before you reach the crossroads.

The cumulative effect of the Akashic intention (and attention) is exponential and brings a combination of acceleration, ease, serenity and confidence.

By committing to working in your Records for 6 months, you are signaling to the Universe—and more importantly, to yourself—that you are ready to undertake your Work In The World. It’s a declaration of independence (from fear and dependence) and a claiming or reclamation of your Power and Intent. This is NOT a coaching relationship: I don’t give advice, I just channel answers to your burning questions.

You aren’t giving away your power or sovereignty because I’m just opening the doors to your answers more quickly than you might be able to open them yourself—just like you might be able to figure out how to build your own website, but if you want it to be born quickly with all the bells and whistles, you’re probably going to hire an expert to set it up for you.

When you get confirmation of your intuitive hunches, you can move forward with confidence and alacrity. And ultimately, you’re more apt to trust those hunches when they get confirmed all the time.


Chief Alignment Officer was born from work I’ve been doing with a private (millionaire entrepreneur) client of mine for years. He’s really good at what he does, so he rarely asks for help in his business. He wants help sorting out his blocks and motivations so that he can be a better person. Last week he sent me a book chapter he was having trouble writing; he wanted the Keepers to let him know what was missing, so we did!

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This offering isn’t for everyone: those who are just starting out don’t know what they don’t know. If you’re feeling called by this kind of support, let’s talk and we can do an Akashic business building session or something else that we dream up together to best meet your needs. It’s also not meant for those who don’t yet have consistent business income yet: unless you still have a day job or some other means of support, I don’t want your money! Putting yourself in a precarious financial position is out of alignment … and it would be out of alignment for me to accept it.

If you’re wanting the business or personal growth of Chief Alignment Officer but aren’t yet able to easily afford $500 per month, I suggest doing the Legendary Self gateway: it’s a life-changing experience which brings you into deep relationship with your divine aspect that holds the thread of purpose. It only takes a few hours over 2 consecutive days, but you’ll never be the same again! You can split the payments up into as many installments as you need, and be well on your way to creating your purposeful business.

I don’t expect anyone reading this to be stepping as far out of alignment as our current administration (shutting down the government and imperiling the financial survival of three quarters of a million federal workers in a fit of pique, or allowing Vladimir Putin’s word to carry more weight than that of the collective wisdom of American intelligence agencies are just two examples).

And yet, any chiropractor will tell you that when you’re subluxated (out of alignment) your immune system is compromised, your balance is off, you have more chance of injury, you experience pain, and you have to work a whole lot harder to get anything done, even if you’re not conscious of the extra effort.

Let Chief Alignment Officer bring you to new levels of ease and success by maintaining you’re your balance even as you move at speed, keeping the wheels of your business and personal growth greased and ready to pivot on a dime when necessary.

Wishing you oodles of growth, self-discovery, and new levels of freedom at the so-potent Virgo New Moon.

Go outside and look right now, if you can! I keep trying, but each time I do I get a face full of water. Not that that will stop me from trying!

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: Wherever you are in your life or your business, if you’d like to have a conversation, please do! It wont be until after I’m back from Florida, but I so love being of service to those in my world. It’s the priestess in me. Sign up for a time to meet virtually at no charge. I happen to be a great conversationalist, but I’m more interested in hearing what’s up with you.