3-3-3 “Gateway of Epic Proportions”

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Welcome to this Triple-3

“Gateway of Epic Proportions”!

I love numerology, but am not a numerologist, or an astro-numerologist. My good friend Jen Duchene is, though. I asked her for something to share about today’s portal (the opening of which I was already feeling yesterday big time), and she wowed me. I’m just going to copy the whole thing here, because what could I leave out???

333 A Triple 3 day.

March 3, 2019.

A 3 day, 3 Month, 3 universal year.

3 is a sacred number that always reinforces the power of 3. 

3+3+3 =9 is number of unconditional love, forgiveness and wisdom. Reminding us to let go of what is complete.

There are many expressions and contexts in daily life that reflect the power of 3. 

For instance 3, blind mice, 3 wise men, maiden, mother, crone, red, blue and white, and so on. 

We say things happen in threes, and repeat actions 3 times to reinforce their impact.

3 is the number of creative expression which activates self love. By joyfully experiencing what we encounter, with childlike wonder we get to be intrigued and curious, following the natural curve of growth and change.

This triple 3 day is highly charged with feelings because all 3 numbers that fall into the emotional triad ( 3, 6, and 9) are activated.

It’s a rare to enjoy a triple 3 day that wakes us up to our imagination and courage. Taking us back to an innocence, not a naiveté, to look at life through renewed eyes.

We are offered the courage to be foolish, and vulnerable wearing our hearts on our sleeves. Because this is how we are meant to experience life. If we hang back judging each other and ourselves we won’t discover the breadth of emotion nor the depth of this one true life. 

We will miss the beauty of this world if we fail to look through the eyes of loving curiosity and the joy of being invited to explore. Our willingness to risk all to know life is the essence of the number 3 tripled today, a gateway of epic proportions.

In fact the number 3 looks like the top of a key, opening a riddle to unlock the mysteries that lie beyond the walls of what is expected and sanitised.

We are being deluged with love. Love of self, love of family and community and universal love. Eyes wide open to what is possible when we dare to be enthusiastic and go all in. Chasing butterflies and laughing uproariously. Finding our wit and wonder.

We are embarking on and adventure, giving us an opportunity to express with love and joy. Two of the highest vibratory emotions we can experience are love and joy.

This is indeed a birth or revolution of sorts, since the 3 and in this case the triple 3 activates the triple goddess energy and the material, spiritual and mental aspects, all converging in conference.

3 is a number of renewal and regeneration, and represents the child.

This 333 provides an opportunity to connect to your third eye, your high heart and the intuitive doorway in your 3rd chakra – the source of your power. 

Source, your Body and Earth all finding your rhythm within you.

The shape of the 3 is open facing forward, eager, excited about life and raring to soak it all in, to stimulate all the feels. Sparking a creative leap into self autonomy, .which leads into more grounded and intuitive collaboration that ignites Innovation, delight, constructive, playful exploration.

Be inspired to connect to the creator within you, partner up with source and earth to bring this expression out… let the tears fall, dance and play.

Welcome your spontaneous partner to the party!

Here is a detail from one of her fabulous “Illuminating Journey” cards–the 3 portal. (BTW, she doesn’t know I’m sharing her work here. She just deserves to be more widely known and appreciated.) I received my deck about 2 months ago, and I’m still discovering new and wonderful things in every card. What do you see?

I’m going to be saying more about this in my Newsletter for the wonderfully magickal Pisces New Moon coming up on Wednesday, but this month of March 2019 is shaping up to be the most delicious intuitive opening in a long, long, time. And it really starts with today’s 3-3-3 portal.

When talking about this month in her new Monthly Beacon, astrologer Elizabeth Jones advises:

“Qualities to develop/focus on:
– Developing and trusting your intuition and inner knowing.
– Believing in yourself and your dreams.
– Forging links between your spiritual and your everyday lives.
– Unconditional love and compassion.
– Seeing/moving beyond boundaries.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Four days ago I got the hit that I had to burn down my old Intuition course, and birth a new one. If you’ve been with me for a while, you may recall (or have participated in!) the popular and effective Rock Your Intuition. I’ve known since the last time I taught it that I wasn’t going to be able to teach it again, as it was not longer reflective of who I was or how I was thinking about intuition.

So in 3 days, and just in time for this intuitive creative portal (ish–I know it’s late in some parts of the world), I brought this new program into form. Yes, I had the name over 3 years ago, but until Friday I didn’t truly know what this new deep dive into intuition (really in the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine) was going to look like. It has just been flowing out of me ever since!

I invite you to check out the new program, called Marry Your Intuition, here.

Truly, it was born on the wings of my heart after the most heart-opening trip possible to share my work with the women of Divine Mommy in Sarasota. I was so buoyed by the Love and appreciation that I was filled with the energy of a divine flame to complete this program in time to begin on the 12th of this month.

Beloved, I’m going to wish you a happy Triple-3 gateway, and remind you that whether you have a question about my work/how we could work together or just want to get to know me a little better, please set up a time to chat here.

Remember to Own Your Magick, because the world really needs it right now.

All Love,