Ride Your Lotus/Pisces Super New Moon

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The Most Magickal Moon of the Year! (Set Your Intentions)

Welcome to the magickal, mystical, super New Moon in Pisces, fortified and modeled by Uranus’s move into Taurus and Mercury’s retrograde cycle (stated yesterday) also in Pisces.

The message from my guides for today’s new cycle is that for the coming month, we will all be carried on our own lotus flower. (Stay with me, here.) Picture the stories of the young Buddha generating a lotus flower everywhere he stepped, and the Hindu and Buddhist representations of the divine as sitting or standing on a lotus blossom. This image of being carried upon a lotus asks us to really integrate, in time for the astrological New Year in 2 weeks, the truth of our own divinity.

The lotus is a symbol of beauty, spiritual wisdom, and purity (it is rooted in the mud and floats upon murky water but never takes on the muck of its origins, like spiritual teflon) and carries the promise of spiritual expansion as its petals open and unfold.

How can you pull the power of this image into your awareness; into your life? There is a protection available within the lotus (those petals are unassailable) coupled with a sense of being truly vulnerable and open-hearted. I invite you, for just a moment, to see, feel, and know yourself as standing or sitting on your own divine lotus. Right now.

Did your body feel different: a sensation on your skin, perhaps? Was there a perfume associated with sitting or standing on your lotus? What shifted for you in those moments of embodiment that you can carry with you into every life experience, including dealing with challenging people or situations, so that you can be like the lotus—feet rooted on the Earth or in the muck, but rising above, serene in your beauty and spiritual awareness?

Let me take a moment to tie this image to what’s happening astrologically right now. All New Moons are new beginnings, but this is a new cycle that will last for the next 7 years—85 TIMES longer than the influence of a typical New Moon. Eighty-five times longer…

Uranus entered Taurus for keeps (until April 2026) this morning. Uranus is the radical, the revolutionary, the lightning bolt of sudden change, arriving in Taurus, the sign of the Earth Goddess, steadfastness, grounded perseverance. This sign is ruled by Venus, so all the Venusian themes of pleasure, sensuality, beauty, money, and Love are at play, and ripe for being revolutionized by Uranus’s ingress. I invite you to take a minute to feel into which of these areas is a fertile ground (Taurus) for dramatic shift for the better (Uranus).

Here are some excerpts from the Channeling I did on Uranus in Taurus (entered for 6 months before retrograding back into Aries until this morning).

Today’s New Moon is at 15 degrees of Pisces, sitting right next to dreamy Neptune, who rules the sign of Pisces. And sitting right next to Neptune is the asteroid Vesta, representing the priestess in service to the Goddess. (I like to think of Vesta in her Greek garments, called Hestia. The priestess Hestia was virgin in the sense of Sovereign unto herself; the Vestals of Rome had to commit to decades of chastity.) This is quite a lineup in Pisces where yesterday Mercury started backpedaling until the 28th.

Pisces is the sign of intuition, the unconscious/consciousness, dreams, Oneness, and merging with the Divine. Mercury Retrograde is a time when the conscious mind steps back and intuitive knowing takes its place. To have a Mercury Rx in Pisces is a rare event (it’s been 5 years), but to have it when Pisces ruler Neptune is enthroned in the very middle of the sign is huge, exponentially amplifying one’s magick and intuitive powers.

This extra-intuitive Merc Rx season that started yesterday is why last week I was suddenly called (it was practically a frenzy—staying up all night for days) to develop the intuition class I have been dreaming into for over 3 years. It’s called “Marry Your Intuition” and it’s not “just” a program to help you develop your intuition. It is that, incorporating the many effective elements from my former “Rock Your Intuition” program, but it’s also so much more.

“Marry Your intuition” is a luxurious dive into the deep waters of the Feminine Divine.

It’s about truly embracing your feminine side. Committing to giving yourself the stillness and soul nourishment that you have been craving. Merging with your Divine Feminine side (including, but not limited to, your intuition) will connect you not only to your own divinity as a human, but also to all the other energies on the planet—animal, vegetable, and mineral.

Come into resonance with the Earth beneath your feet. Hear the whispering of the trees, the messages from birds and scurrying animals as you traverse the forest. Feel the profound thrumming of rivers, lakes and seas. Taste the wind as it moves the hair around your face, carrying tidings of hope and seeds of change from abroad.

Come home to the temple of your True Self, and rest there for a while. You deserve to be fully supported.

Marry Your Intuition is an 8-week program distilled into 4. There are daily emails with suggestions for self-care, ways to connect to your inner guidance system, journaling prompts and crystal suggestions. If you are finding modern life to be draining, come immerse yourself in the Oasis of your Divine Feminine and quench your thirst for meaning, support, and sisterhood.

Allow yourself to drop the pressures of the outside world as you settle back into the cushions of Unconditional Love. Mercury Retrogrades demand stillness, reflection, turning inward. Why not make this journey not only one you can survive, but one in which you re-discover your essential self? Return to full-speed-ahead refreshed, awakened, nourished, and fully alive to your own wisdom channel.

The portals are now open, with payment options to fit most budgets. If you need more modification, please let me know, and we will work something out. The current state of your finances should never be an obstacle to merging with the truest part of yourself.

Own Your Magick and Embrace Your Lotus-Self: serene, protected, connected, and divine.

Deep Bow + Much Love,