Total Planetary Reset

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This. Changes. Everything.

Welcome to an extremely rare Equinox Full Super Moon day. The last time we had an equinox exactly at a Full Moon was in March of 2000, but then the Sun/Moon were not at zero degrees as they are today.

The Sun is at 0 degrees Aries and the Moon at 0 Libra. Zero Aries is known as the Aries Point—a powerful shot of newness after so much Piscean energy to end the astrological year. There is suddenly, after all of the dissolving and oneness of/in the ocean of consciousness, a new driving force, a great momentum carrying us all forward.

The zero is about endings and beginnings. Infinite possibilities. Total re-set. Starting over new.

My dear astro-numerologist friend Jen Duchene was livestreaming this morning and mentioned that she had been dreaming of death, flatlining, everything breaking apart. This was the year that has been, and also the world that we have known. And that we were now in completely new territory and have passed the point of no return. If you’re curious to see the whole thing, find it shared on my personal page on FB.

(Does that sound scary? Not to me. To me it sounds totally empowering. Please read on.)

I was sitting with this all day, and it came to me that we are not merely in completely new territory (I’ve been saying this for a while—check out this post from 2017). In fact, we all woke up this morning on a different planet. It may look like the old one, but it’s completely new. It’s more malleable than the old one, though not less solid. More crystalline. We can move particles around with our intentions. Pull out the parts of the old reality that no longer serve us and plug in something completely new. And wonderful! Bliss-generating. If we DARE.

The intentional field is one of absolute infinite possibilities. How courageous are we willing to be as we dream up our new realities. What do we want this new world that we inhabit to look like?

The Equinox coincides with the Full Moon in Libra, at zero degrees, offering a complete reset of relationships. How do we want to RELATE to our world? Our families? Our obligations? Our partnerships of all kinds?

Let’s zoom out. How do we, as a human species, want to relate to the natural world? To the oceans and the air and the minerals under the Earth’s surface? How do we want to relate to our food? Do we want to continue eating animals? Or genetically modified plants? Our answers may differ, and that’s okay; everything is still malleable.

Let’s zoom out some more. How do we want to relate to each other on a more global basis? Do we still need wars? Do we still need guns? An outdated educational system? (I say this as one who was in it for 80% of my life.) Do we need or desire governments, banking systems, large corporations? I don’t know. How about racism? Does it still serve us as a human population to treat some as more worthy of happiness, liberty, and prosperity than others based on their race? What about based on class, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation?

Does it still serve us as humans to hold back 52% of the world’s people because they were born women? Does it serve us to dehumanize those we don’t understand because we don’t know them? Refugees, for example? Or those holding philosophical beliefs that are different from ours? Why is it that we are still operating under a Patriarchal hierarchy where no one benefits but everyone is encouraged to squash the person “underneath” so that we can maintain our oh-so-tenuous social positions?

Well, maybe we no longer have to. Today’s massive re-set energy is offering us a wormhole into brand new energies. Brand new opportunities. Brand new ways of relating.

Let’s collectively and individually take a deep breath and draw a line between where we were and where we are heading. We can do this! It is done. What’s left is for us to not fall into our old habits of separation and fear of the other.

Will you join me in dreaming this new dream? If you’re on board, please reach out. I want to know what you’re creating. What we are creating together. I want to witness it. To Honor it. To welcome it in full joyfulness.

The truth is that we are all riding on Spaceship Earth together. Everyone here is a divine being of light, whether they look evil or not. Let’s take this unprecedented opportunity to act like the family that we are. Let’s have each other’s backs rather than stabbing each other there.

We can do it. The future is ours. We can toss it (and the entire planet) away, or we can stop where we are, slap our heads in realization, and step back from the precipice. It’s not too late! Not yet. And here is our chance to get it right.

Who is with me? Let’s do this.

PS: If you’ve been feeling lost, confused, bewildered or broken, you are not alone. It’s not you, but these planetary energies calling all humans to a higher level of consciousness. We are being cracked open, and that’s a good thing. (I am totally not immune! Let me tell you, my world has been rocked and it’s not over yet. But I know it’s all for the best.)

Keep breathing. Try to relax. Do nice things for yourself: eat healthy foods, drink even more water than usual, sleep as much as you can, buy yourself flowers, make a conscious effort not to judge yourself or others, listen to music you love, dance if you feel like dancing, hug a tree or lie on the earth, open your heart, smile at others. You’ve got this.