Happy Earth Day 2019

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Celebrating Taurus Season, Mother Earth Day, and Venusian Themes of Love and Abundance

Hey there! It’s been a little longer than anticipated since I posted an update, unless you count last week’s channeling on the symbolism of Notre Dame in flames. (Find it here.)

I’ve just had my ass handed to me several times over the past week, thus my radio silence at the Full Moon; a time when you’re normally hearing from me. At the same time, I’ve been loving the new clarity and energy available since last Wednesday, when Mercury finally moved out of its retrograde shadow and into Aries. I’ve been using it to burrow deep into my Gene Keys and Human Design. It has been incredibly illuminating so far!

Of course, we’ve also had the Easter/Passover weekend. The fact that these more somber holy days traditionally coincide with a fertility festival is patently obvious by the brightly-colored eggs and the sex-positive bunnies. Pleasure, fertility, and sex are Venusian themes for sure, and she governs Taurus season as well as the Libra Full Moons we’ve just experienced.

The guides tell me that the message for today is to pay attention to melting. Not just melting of the polar ice caps (though that is a critically important melt to be attending to).

On this Earth Day 2019, we are being asked to look at what patterns are melting in our bodies. What resistance; which polarities; which defenses.

Under the bright Light of the Pink Blue Moon last Friday (the second Pink or Strawberry Libra Moon), how have our hearts melted toward one another? This double dose of Libra (the sign of the scales, the Other, partnerships of all kinds, and ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure, and Art) was “subtly explosive.”

{Permit me a short digression: I just love how the blue and the pink of our gender “divisions” were wholed at this Full Moon—it’s both pink AND blue. If it were a Venn diagram, you’d see the pink circle overlapping with the blue one just a little to make a purple window at the center. In this case, the blue completely overlaps the pink and vice versa, creating a single purple circle: the polarity dissolved and merged as unity. This is a true representation of how the masculine and feminine coexist in every body and activity. So yummy…}

Yes, I know that “subtly explosive” sounds like a contradiction in terms, but those are the words I’m being told to use. It’s as though a bomb went off in another dimension, and the ripple will be/is being felt here as something delicate, almost ethereal. And yet, it’s incredibly profound! Get quiet for just a minute and see if you can tune into it.

The first Libra Full Moon happened on the Equinox at zero degrees; it was the fifth Full Moon in a row at the Zero Point, and the full power of the energetic reset was available on that day. You might recall that I wrote that it felt as though we all woke up in a world that had moved from the 3D to the 5D overnight.

Even though it looked, smelled, and felt exactly the same, it wasn’t the same at all, and we could never go back to the old version. The quality of the “matter” of/on our planet had shifted. It could more easily take the shape that we wanted, simply from intention. This new “matter” was crystalline, sparkly; photons of Light deciding to play at being solid for the Earthlings.

Well, now that we’ve had the second of the Libra Full Moons (this time at the very final degree of the sign—29, a degree associated with Omega, the end that precedes the rebirth), it’s as though there has been an activation of the crystalline field. As though new life, prana had been breathed in to those photons.

We are at a choice point on the planet. Are we going to melt the walls in our hearts to embrace all the other hearts? Or are we going to decide that some people—those who believe different things than we do—don’t deserve our compassion? That they don’t merit receiving the love-beams we are otherwise happy to send out?

From what I’m hearing, this really is the difference between survival as a species and human extinction. Are we going to let our minds—that part of us that has collectively brought this planet to the brink of environmental collapse—keep leading us down a precarious path to destruction, because we have “dominion” over the Earth and animals?

Or are we going to tap into the deep wells of our hearts to discover that there is sacred consciousness in every blade of grass and drop of water, just as there is in each human? Not to mention recognize that each human—no matter her or his race, belief system, gender, prosperity level or nation of origin—is exactly the same as all other humans except in the merest of variations that make us interesting to each other.

This is what our choice is right now. Are we going to choose our minds and a death-impulse? Or are we going to choose our hearts and new life for the planet and all species inhabiting her bounteousness?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love synchronicities. Well, a beautiful synchronicity for today is that Earth Day is happening not only in Taurus (this was no doubt intentional when the first Earth Day was planned in 1970) but this year, it’s happening on the day that the Sun meets up with Uranus in the early degrees of Taurus.

Now, Uranus is a slow-moving planet and will be in Taurus until 26 April 2026. Yes, another 7 years and a handful of days. Uranus represents the higher mind, sudden change, revolution, electricity, genius, breaks of all kinds, and freedom. Taurus is the fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus: think springtime, fertility, growth, abundance, sensuality, grounding, endurance. In some ways, nearly the opposite kind of energy to that of Uranus.

But I think the cosmic brilliance of this long voyage through the sign of Mother Earth by the rebel-genius is unparalleled. Here are some of the possibilities:

Humanitarian stewardship of the Earth. Sudden breakthroughs in abundance. Experimentation in sensuality and pleasure. Innovations in endurance. Pragmatic revolution. A stable future. Creativity and growth. Freedom from materialism. Agricultural innovations (like moving away from monoculture toward perennial grains; suddenly destroying all Monsanto seeds to preserve human survival and economic equity). Grounded individuality. Democratic distribution of community resources.

Does this sound pretty good to you? Yeah, me, too.

If you want more, please check out the channeling I did last May on Uranus in Taurus. Find it here. We will still be swimming in this energy for another 7 years, so we might as well get prepared, right?

Wishing you all the best as we move through this final week of April. The astrology might be a bit challenging, as it was last week. One ongoing toughie is the triple conjunction of Saturn-Pluto-South Node all hanging together in a clique in Capricorn. Pluto is set to station retrograde on Wednesday the 24th, and Saturn does the same on the 29th. When any planet slows to a standstill (from our vantage point; obviously they do keep moving) its energy is greatly amplified, so expect to see Plutonian (death and rebirth, the Mystery, things that are hidden coming to light, the Void, shadow aspects and the Underworld, all forms of POWER) and Saturnian (pressure, limitations, structure, sovereignty, authority, manifestation, boundaries, work, time) themes showing up.

The advice here is to slow down and do the inner work—possibly shadow work—that will help you on your personal evolutionary path. Take walks in nature (it’s Taurus season, remember—in the Northern Hemisphere spring with her dusting of flowers is here), feel your feelings, do plenty of journaling or talking to friends or therapists. There is a lot to process after the transformations of the past 5 months, so don’t turn aside from this opportunity to get really clear with yourself and release those things which will otherwise hold you back.

If you’d like some help dealing with what the stars have served up for you, I’m doing frequent crystal-pulling livestreams over on Facebook. With all the reshuffling of my first house thanks to the triple conjunction and Cardinal Grand Cross at the Full Moon on Friday, I had to take a break from doing them, but I should be back soon.

Notre-Dame-de-Paris’s self-immolation last week hit me pretty hard as well. Here’s a link to a channeling I did on it. There were tie-ins to medieval queen Eleanor of Aquitaine and stronger hurricanes in the Atlantic. There’s no charge or even an opt-in form. Feel free to share the link.

One final note:

Yes, these are challenging days. Truly! But instead of thinking that we are being worn down or overwhelmed or burnt to a crisp, let’s imagine ourselves being RE-FORGED. A sword that once was broken and is now, through the magick of an alchemical fire, made new and even stronger than before.

This is really the work that I am being called to do with others these days: to catalyze and provide a container within which the activation, the re-forging can take place. Is that kind of radical transformation–transmutation–easy and fun? I wish I could say it is, but no.

Alchemical processes are painful.

They are about dissolving who you are and re-cohering your Self as a new, more whole, more powerful iteration of your essence. You return to the world burnished. Shiny, yes! And more radiant than the Sun, for sure! But also understandably raw. All the cruddy parts–and scars from old wounds–polished off as with a copper wire brush.

So… Fun? No. But worth it? Absolutely.

If you want to know more about alchemy. my function as a quantum leap portal, or your potential, let’s find a time to talk.

Own Your Magick,