Unearthing Treasures: Scorpio Full Moon + Abortion Bans

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Last week it felt like the world crumbled.

And it did, for many of us.

I don’t know about you, but my first reaction was to go to a place of trauma and despair instead of dancing a jig of delight on the crumbling bones of the Patriarchal Order. Today I am popping corks in pure celebration. It will be a tough row to hoe as they say, but as of now I can see through the screen to the other side.

Last May I did a potent channeling on the 8-year period of Uranus in Taurus, and one of the messages was that the landscape is definitely going to change.

Here we are! Things they are a-changing…

Beloved, if this assault on your human rights, personhood, sovereignty  and autonomy has you feeling plowed under, full of rage, in fear for your life, grieving the illusion that women are seen as co-equal citizens and more, I witness you. I was feeling all those feels myself for the past week; thus the delay getting this post out; I needed to come to a place of clarity first.

I have a lot to say about why we are here, what to do about it, and how to take courage and fortitude from this most extreme violation.

This is not a run-of-the-mill blog post. It is a re-framing of the assault on women’s human rights, a call to arms and a reminder that although it looks dire now, we were born for this!

The world we knew does not exist anymore; we have passed through a portal and there is no going back. When this message  of “total planetary reset” came through at the Vernal Equinox, the new world looked really positive–and it is!–but first we have to walk through the dissolution of the old, and that can be pretty scary, as we have recently witnessed.

Right now we are witnessing the death throes of the Patriarchy (see the Uranus in Taurus call for more detail) and as it is dying, it looks more powerful than ever. Have no doubt: it’s melting like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Some energetic context:

Last Saturday’s Full Moon in Scorpio was a doozie for sure.

After 2 crazy-potent Full Moons in Libra, the Scorpio Full Moon was another portal. This time it was a portal into owning our sexual power.

You may be thinking, “But Elizabeth… just before the Full Moon all these states announced new laws restricting women’s rights to our bodies!!”

Yes, they sure as hell did. Scorpio is all about sex, power, and control, after all.

(And: I feel I’ll be swearing a lot from now on. Thanks for understanding.)

And what happened after that? MILLIONS of women in the US and around the world who had been relatively complacent rose up like a wave to say NO!

In Poland, massive street protests prompted the parliament to withdraw a proposed abortion ban.

In the Republic of Ireland, mere months after a referendum (yes, it was the people voting, not state or church leaders deciding) made abortion legal for the first time, starting Saturday all abortions will be available at no charge to the mother, which is really the way to FULLY support women’s reproductive rights: no barriers to the care anyone needs.

Here in the US, the new state laws—all of which are unconstitutional on multiple points, by the way—went SO far toward criminalizing women’s bodies (some suggesting the miscarriages might be punishable by prison time) that it’s a massive wake-up call to men and women everywhere.

Incidentally, Uranus, the Great Awakener, was meeting Venus, the Goddess of sex, pleasure, beauty and prosperity, in her home (Taurus, land of fertility, the Garden of Eden) for the first time in three-quarters of a century on the very day that some of these crazy, absolutely illegal state laws here signed.

You can’t make this up!! You just can’t.

When planets meet, as at the New Moon, or last week when Venus met Uranus, it’s considered a deep embrace, even an insemination. Literally: a seed-planting. Uranus the revolutionary planted the seed of rebellion in sex-positive women. It is the beginning of a new era, and not just astrologically. This is the beginning of something new socially, politically, relationally.

Boom! The lightning bolt of change struck and we all woke up. For quite a while I was feeling plowed under. But in the fullness of the past few days, it has become clear that this isn’t an unmitigated disaster AT ALL. It may get worse before it gets better, but it WILL get better. This is our opportunity to reshuffle all the cards.

The abortion bans are reminiscent of Trump’s 2016 election. It looked (and continues to look, on occasions such as this) like a total disaster. But it was clear that the world was changing, and no matter how shitty it was going to look in the middle, in the end we would have a better world to live in, having re-built/re-birthed it from the ashes of the old one.

(Fun Fact: Phoenix is the highest frequency avatar of Scorpio, the sign where this massive change-portal happened, and where the Sun is located at election time in the US.)

Let’s be clear: This IS that new beginning. All around the world we are waking up and saying no to the powers that be; or those that have been. The Uranus in Taurus period, including Saturday’s Scorpio Full Moon, is where it begins.

Scorpio. Closes. A. Door.

Like blood flowing through a valve in the heart, you can never go back, but only forward into the new.

What ended for many of us last week was the illusion that we were safe. That our rights were duly considered, even if only in the background, out of public view. And now we’re clear.


Are you ready to take action?

If so, it’s time to do 2 things:

First: process the grief, anger, shame, or fear that you’re already feeling. Just allow yourself to feel it in all its scary dimensions. Let it have its way with you. Give it all the space and attention it’s clamoring for. (Make sure you’re fully in your body first; this is the essential pre-step.)

You don’t even necessarily need to verbalize it; howling like a wolf works wonders for activating your heart, high-heart, and throat chakras to move that emotion out of your body. If you need to turn the car radio up high for 60 seconds to mask the noise of howling, go ahead. Do it as often as you need to. This isn’t spiritual by-pass, because you’re feeling the pain and processing it out of your body.

Second, once you’ve felt your feelings, get up and DO something:

• Gather your allies: creating a network of support is key
• Have conversations, and not just the easy ones
• Write your representatives
• Call their offices
• Donate to groups who will actually support your rights or the rights of the women you love
• If you’re willing to put your body on the line (make no mistake: if you’re a woman it already IS), get out into the streets or your state houses and let your voice be heard

Let’s be clear: this is about controlling women, particularly those with fewer financial means and women of color. Wealthy women will be able to fly out of state or out of the country to take care of themselves.

This is not about reducing the number of abortions. Women won’t stop having abortions, because even if they have to go underground to terminate their pregnancies, they have done the mental accounting and have determined that the risk of DYING is less scary than carrying that pregnancy to term.

If the anti-abortion people were actually trying to prevent abortions, they would not simultaneously be working to remove birth control options from insurance plans or dismantling the Affordable Care Act.

This is about punishing women for being independent, autonomous. Note that they are not moving to jail or otherwise punish the men who are doing the begetting. That’s how we can tell it’s not about stopping unwanted pregnancies, but about reducing women’s freedom.

Anti-abortion factions have been convinced by Fox News or their religious leaders that they hold the moral high ground, because “life begins at conception.” The truth is that that idea didn’t surface until the mid-19th century (less than 175 years ago!), when doctors in the US wrested control over pregnancies from midwives and “female doctors.” They even formed the AMA primarily to help solidify their position against the midwives! For millennia, everyone, including the Pope, understood that life began at the “quickening,” which is when the mother first feels the baby stir in her womb at about 4 months. Before that, she didn’t necessarily know that she was pregnant. This article is a little fluffy, but it contains links to all the supporting evidence (I clicked every link), and I recommend it if you want to know more.

One final note to bear in mind when writing your representatives: if nothing else, this is an issue of personal sovereignty and BODILY AUTONOMY. Even without Roe v. Wade, the law of the land says that no one can be forced to give up their organs or their blood to help keep someone else alive. Even a corpse has the right to not be carved up and used to save others if the person it once was opted out of being an organ donor.

Let’s say that someone really needs a new heart or a new liver or new corneas. Even if a recently-deceased person is a perfect genetic match for organ donation and it would save multiple lives, it is illegal for anyone, even those with the very best intentions, to take those organs. In essence, forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to term—when her bones and teeth will lose calcium to the fetus, and her tissues are being absorbed to build a new body inside her own—is requiring that she give of her blood, bone and organs to another organism.

That is illegal in the US at this time.

Here is what I know:

Creating a new life inside your body is simultaneously the most amazing, the most beautiful, and the most scary thing ever. With every pregnancy, every woman has to decide if she’s willing to die in order for her baby to live.

Each one of us has to walk through that mystery and look death in the face at the moment of delivery if not before.

No lawmaker (especially not one who profoundly misunderstands female anatomy and how menstrual cycles work, as we’ve seen over and over this past week) should have the right to tell a woman that she needs to be ready to lay down her life because a condom broke, because she took a pill late, because her partner lied, or because she was raped.

Even if she is just a teen, her life is already full of personal connections, experiences, learning, and epiphanies. Her life has touched other lives and is woven in to the web of consciousness on this planet. Not so with a zygote who does have a beating heart but not a functioning brainstem.

How can we as a society decide, when we weigh these two lives in the balance, that the fully-realized human counts less than the collection of cells with no thoughts, memories, or stories?


I’ll be back with another post tomorrow which addresses a mystical transmission I received on the night my daughter was born an entire trimester early; it had been a day when we both passed through the veil again and again.

It formed the foundation of my current business at a time when it would be 4 years before I even entertained the notion of being something other than a professor until the end of my days.

AND it addresses why sensitive souls should not worry about abortions making embryonic victims out of the souls wanting to incarnate. You won’t want to miss it!

Own Your Magick! And don’t despair. If anything, it’s time to celebrate the end of the Patriarchal Order.

P.S.: I’ve been asking myself why the lawmakers are declaring that it’s the zygote that must be saved, while the pregnant girl or woman is cast on the rubbish heap.

The only reason that I can come up with is because that zygote might be male. Not yet, of course, but in a few weeks it might develop into a boy.

A potential boy is worth more than an actual woman. Hmmm.

If you can think of something different, I’d love to hear from you. I’d also love to hear from you if you would like me to do a channeled wisdom call on this issue.

P.P.S.: Here’s the link to that Uranus In Taurus call if you’re interested in learning how to navigate this period as the most empowered person possible.