Marry Your Intuition to Live Your Best Life

Elizabeth Goddess + Divine Feminine Rising, Intuition + Your Inner Guidance, Spiritual Leadership + Activism, Stepping Into Your Power

Marry Your Intuition to Live Your Most Free + Sovereign Life, to Operate from Your Illuminated Heart, to Walk AS Love

Marry Your Intuition to Blur the Line Between Your Divine Self and Your Human Self + to Live Your Very Best Life

When we marry our intuitions, it is a sovereign promise to our souls that we will no longer forego our Truth in order not to be judged (by others or our ego-minds).

It is a commitment to knowing ourselves in the deepest possible ways, and honoring that knowing by taking the action that knowing demands. More often than not–at first–that action may make us wriggle uncomfortably.

Marrying our intuitions means loving ourselves unconditionally, and trusting that this love is justified.

Marry Your Intuition to get out of your own way.

Marry Your Intuition to embody your own radiance (you’ll be magnetic if you surrender to your radiance 100%)

Marry Your intuition to add life-force to all your creations; this stokes your inner fires like nothing else.

Marry Your Intuition to befuddle the Patriarchy; it will fall over us and pull itself down. Together we can do this, just by being our own Sovereign Queens.

Marry Your Intuition to bring yourself the joy and delight that you so richly deserve.

If you’re feeling called to Marry YOUR Intuition, please check out the program information here and set up a time to talk. The tent flaps close and our circle is sealed tomorrow (Tuesday 11 June) at 4 pm.

I get really vulnerable in this video, so I hope you’ll watch with love as I bare my soul.

This course is an introduction to magick and alchemy and the Divine Feminine Mysteries. The program is delivered virtually, though the container I hold is really tight. There are 2 classes per week, multiple emails weekly with Divine Feminine Nourishment Invitations as well as an intimate Facebook group moderated by me for sharing and support.

If you’re feeling this, reach out to me asap! There’s a contact form at the bottom of my front page. Find me on social media or if you get emails from me, my phone number is in the footer of everything you received. Reach out now so that if this is the perfect time (according to your body’s wisdom) to do this program, we can get you in before the tent flaps close. It looks as though, as of this writing, 2 spots remain.

Know Your Truth. Know Your Path. Own Your Wings.

Much Love to you!