Solstice Message + Ritual

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Solstice Message from the
Akashic Record Keepers + a
Ritual for Planetary Healing

With my Navigating Consciousness and Marry Your Intuition participants, I channeled a Solstice message and ritual from the Keepers. At first I thought it was just for those groups, but when the Keepers started referring to those in the Southern Hemisphere (we have an international group, but no one from below the equator) I knew this message was to be shared more broadly.

See below this text for the actual audio recording.

This Solstice, falling as it does on the heels of the Sag Full Moon on Sunday night which opened Eclipse Season, means that we are now in a period of very intense energy. Jupiter was conjunct that Moon, shining very brightly next to her, and this planet expands and amplifies everything it touches.

That Full Moon opened the portal of Eclipse Season, and this Solstice opens a further portal within that portal. The stars have lined up for this: they have been moving the way they’ve been moving for millions of years, and this might sound a bit human-centric, but this particular supportive set-up of Jupiter conjunct the Sagittarius Full Moon just before the Solstice has been on its way to help us through this period since time out of mind.

Most people on Earth live in the Northern Hemisphere, but those in the Southern Hemisphere have a critically important role at this time, which is to plant the seeds of renewal, healing, and personal empowerment for all of those who are operating in the sphere of planetary healing. Thank you for using the magick of the Dark Moon of the Year to set these potent intentions. The healing of the planet could not be accomplished without your participation.

We have a slim period of just a few weeks to pull back from the planetary destruction that has been coming in earnest for the past 300 years, since the Industrial Revolution. Those in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing the Summer Solstice–the period of brightest light and solar energy on the on the planet; the Full Moon of the Year. Solar energy is typically associated with the Masculine, and yet it’s become quite clear that at this Solstice in particular, we are celebrating and ushering in a new Solar Feminine.

(NB: The Patriarchy offers a warped view of Masculine and Feminine in more ways than I can count right now, but one of them is to conflate the Masculine with men/boys, and the Feminine with women/girls. Nothing could be further from the truth: ALL of us hold both the Feminine and the Masculine within us at all times.)

Right now, at this Summer Solstice, the North Node—representing everyone’s highest evolutionary path—is in the home of the Mother and nurturer, Cancer. This water sign rules the womb and breasts, governs deep personal connections, is very compassionate. Cancer wants to create a beautiful nest from which the hatchlings can learn to fly.

At this moment, Mars, the quintessential Masculine, is in the sign of Cancer, the quintessential Feminine, sitting right next to the North Node, opposite Saturn and Pluto on the South Node (the Karmic past that no longer serves us; Patriarchy, anyone?). They‘re facing off. These planets are known as the most difficult planets, and now they’re in a face-off.

Everyone’s highest evolutionary path is to embrace the Cancerian path of operating as the Mother/nurturer. How do we reconnect with all others on the planet? How do we reconnect to the soul of the oceans whom we have been polluting for generations?

The Solar Feminine is the new face of the Feminine that has been arising for the past 6 years: Sovereign and empowered.

Under the Patriarchy (which means all of recorded history), the Sun has been considered Masculine, and the Moon Feminine. The Moon doesn’t shine, it merely reflects the light of the Sun. It has historically been associated with the unconscious, and what happens below the surface or in the dark: there is a side of the Moon that we never see, after all. The Sun has been considered the shiny life-giver. It’s been many thousands of years since we’ve had a true Solar Feminine—maybe even 26K years. It is now time, not for men to sit down and for the Masculine to give up its place to the Feminine, but for the Masculine to shift slightly to the side to make room for both.

The Patriarchal Masculine appropriated all the traits it perceived as positive within the Feminine (inner strength for example), assigned negative traits such as weakness and manipulation to the Feminine, conflated her with women, and shoved her into the Shadow.

It’s time for the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine to come together. And Shine.

Solstice Ritual to perform again and again over the coming days and weeks:

Visualize a staff or a tree (they both connect heaven and earth), and two snakes (one red and one white) twining up the trunk of the tree of the shaft of the staff. When they arrive and are fully intertwined at the top of the staff or lower branches of the tree, there is an explosion of energy much like a supernova of Illumination, with the Masculine, Feminine and Nature together, linking Heaven and Earth. The Masculine and Feminine are standing equally, neither one being denigrated or revered above or below the other.

Feel the power of this supernova shift in your cells. It hit my body like a wave, and it’s a combination of joy and relief, and not just for all the species currently living on planet earth; it is also the relief of the planet. The more you feel this integration of Masculine, Feminine, and Nature in their highest expression, the more healing power you are bringing to our planet.

Feel the self AS the tree or the staff. Feel the Feminine red snake and the Masculine white snake twining up you. You can do this exercise as often as you like over the next days, weeks, months and even years. Re-twining the Masculine and Feminine around you in partnership, and honoring is all you need to do to affect massive planetary shift.

It’s unspeakably important at this moment in history to do this.

Thank you.

Thank you also to those in the Southern Hemisphere for sending out the seeds of healing. You can also do this exercise with the Masculine and Feminine energies coming together, though your most important role is to plant the seeds of healing intention.

There is so much love, gratitude and appreciation flowing out of the Records for all those who are willing to do this important work right now in the world.

Deep bow to you from the Keepers and from me.

Feel free to share this page with others whom you think would like to perform this ritual as well, for the greater empowerment of planetary healing.

Own Your Magick,