A New Era Birthed During Eclipse Season

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A New Epoch for Humanity was Birthed During the Just-Ending Eclipse Season

We are almost at the end of an incredibly potent Eclipse Season, which will end at the New Moon happening at 11:11 pm Eastern on 31 July, or 1 August in Europe and parts east of that. This is also the High Holy Day of Lughnasadh, the first of the harvest festivals in the Wheel of the Year. More on that in a future missive.

Now that my Marry Your Intuition program is over, I can share the opening message from the Akashic Record Keepers from the first of 2 live channelings we did in the program; it concerns the Eclipse Season that is just now ending, and it’s worth a read because the effects of this will ripple out through our entire lives. And because it outlines how to operate in the new world. Read on:

This eclipse season is a unique time in history, but it’s not as hard as you think. Many believe that it might require hard work or sacrifice. But even those who are resistant to going through the portal are being propelled through. It’s like a baby being born—this is a new world being born!! A baby might not want to leave the coziness of the womb, but it WILL be born no matter what.

Here are a few quick dates to help you get the timing of this: This birth canal began with the Sag Full Moon on June 16/17. Contractions began at Gemini New Moon two weeks prior. The true reference point, however, comes from when the planet renewed itself at the Vernal Equinox, 20 March. Humanity needed an extra trimester to get itself up to speed.

For the entirety of Eclipse Season, all of humanity is going through the birth canal. Some are crowning or more already (18 June was the date of the channeling), but by 1 August, all of humanity will be born into this new world.

Some might not see it as different (perhaps you’ve already been operating this way), but the human race is now in an era or epoch of instant manifestation or instant karma, in which whatever it is that you’re most preoccupied with will come into form. If you’re preoccupied by an irritant, you’ll manifest that. If you’re preoccupied by your big dreams, that will come to pass more swiftly and easily. Remember that manifestation isn’t always positive, but it is what you’re turning over in your mind and intending, whether consciously or not.

What’s true about this new energy is that it is all Love-based. Fear is but the shadow of Love, but because of the way things have worked in the past, and the lower frequency (getting much higher very quickly over the past 50, and especially 20 years with the super-high frequency babies born since 2000) planet Earth won’t be the same.

It might look the same, but intentions will be more powerful. A “random” thought will be just as empowered as a ritually-set intention at the New Moon. Take your spiritual Dramamine, because you might get a little motion-sick! Stay awake, stay aware! If you’re really working this, you are really being worked. This is less about friction and more about opening. Less “where the rubber meets the road” and more like the book pages opening up. You won’t even notice it’s happening until it’s done. You’ll notice that it will be very seamless as a process! It’s a time to be as CLEAR as possible about what you want to bring into material form. It will be very easy! If you’re still working from the old rulebook where it takes years to accomplish something, take note.

The old rules of Time will no longer apply. By 1 August it will all be done. Most will continue to operate under the old rules, but they will be stumbling over the things that they’ve brought into form—both what they desire and don’t desire—happening right under their feet!

There’s a Sacred Geometry, a new crystalline structure underground that Gaia is now bringing to the surface. Our message is: you are here now in this new world. Your role is to show others how to walk in this new world. To stay standing while the others stumble over their new creations. They will literally fall over these creations they didn’t know they were bringing into form.

During this time and after Eclipse Season is over, by virtue of the fact that you’re still standing, it will attract others’ attention. Be compassionate and graceful. Beam Love and say “I’m super conscious of what I’m bringing into form and I don’t move too quickly. One of the keys of right now in this birth canal is that moving quickly will NOT SERVE.

Many of those who have been served by the Patriarchy (mostly people of privilege) are used to going quickly, and they’re the ones who will be really surprised because when they try to move fast, they just fall right over! Stumbling over what they’re created. Invite them to slow down. Tell them that’s how you’re not falling over.

You are ALL in the right place with Perfect Timing!!! Keep engaging your senses, talk to your body. The more you do this, the more easily and gracefully you will move through the world.

I trust that you are already seeing how this has been playing out in your life over the past 2 months, and noting how you can respond differently in the future.

Just this bit of wisdom has really shifted the way that I live: I am more present in every moment, less interested in forcing myself to do things that part of me still thinks I should do (like getting newsletters out to you on my usual New Moon/Full Moon rhythm), and really operating in the ebb and flow of all of the energies around me.

I think I could always see them, but now that I’m LOOKING it’s astonishing what is available. They’re like threads of light in the golden liquid that surrounds and connects us all in a purely magickal field.

Everything. Is. Connected.

Will you take a breath right now to breathe that in and feel how it shifts things in your body? I hope so, because it’s so easy, takes no time at all, and can change everything about how you feel about yourself, your circumstances, and the world at large.


And, if you’re interested in learning more about what shifts happened specifically for you this Eclipse Season, I’m currently offering a mini Akashic Reading on that topic. It’s only good through August, and because the questions are already established and there’s no integration call, it’s available at a massive savings off my Wisdom Portals. Find out more here.

Beaming you Love and Wisdom, today and for all days.

May our Winged Hearts stay ever open.

Remember to Own Your Magick,

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