Aquarius Full Moon = Full Speed Ahead

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Shine Your Most Authentic Light for Maximum Success

There is so much to say but I’ll start with the primary message for this Aquarius Full Moon dispatch which is to hang onto your hats—things are moving! (Finally.)

Also (yes, we can breathe a big sigh of relief) we are now well and truly out of Eclipse Season, as Mercury today completes its shadow voyage. Since it has been treading and retreading, and then retreading a third time (!) the degrees of eclipse season since the start of eclipse season, we have still been feeling as though we were still in the throes of that tumultuous period. It was even amplified by the opening of the Lion’s Gate on 26 July, which peaked on 8/8 and which closed just a few days ago on the 12th.

So, essentially, we can consider that the rocky path or rough seas that we have been navigating for the past two months are behind us. Smoother sailing ahead—Huzzah! Let there be great rejoicing!

Of course, if you regularly read my missives, you may be wondering why I didn’t tell you about the Leo New Moon on the 31st/1st which marked the official (though not energetic) end of eclipse season, and also the cross-quarter Holy Day of Lughnasadh—also called Lammas or Loaf Mass by the Christians who cleverly adopted the pagan calendar to help the Goddess worshippers whom they had colonized to adopt the new Patriarchal religion—or even the potent Lion’s Gate.

Well, that’s a good question, and the answer is: I was myself being too blown by it.

I fully intended to, of course! I even started writing a few times. Every year, the Lion’s Gate flips some major switches in me (all good, for sure) such that I just cannot function as I usually do. It’s as though I’m taken off-line/put into energetic hibernation for a couple weeks for the installation of new system upgrades. This year I laughed a lot on 8/8 to see my posts from previous years about not being able to write a piece on the Lion’s Gate, but then was too blown out to be able to share the joke…

That Blue Light of Sirius (the Dog Star) shining directly down on us just knocks me out. To the point where for years I thought I came from there. And maybe part of me did. [I’ve also been told that I’m Pleiadian, and that makes sense too.] In addition, I feel that because I was born exactly across the zodiac at Imbolc (the Christians called it Candlemas to make the shift to a new misogynistic religion more palatable to those used to worshipping a feminine deity), my “Personality Earth” in Human Design is right there being showered in that Blue Light.

Did it knock you out too?

This summer we have been pulled or sucked through some massive portals: the portals of the eclipses, the portal of Mercury retrograde, and the portal of the Lion’s Gate, which is also the Galactic New Year, according to the Mayans. This year on 26 July we celebrated the new galactic year (One): the year of the White Wizard (the same as the current Dalai Lama, incidentally).

Now that we are through Eclipse Season and through all those portals… now what?

Well, now the fun starts.

Just 4 days ago, two major planets stood still and are still standing still in the sky: Jupiter stationed direct (meaning it has now started its seeming forward motion) which will bring extra luck and expansion from this beneficent planet. Moreover, until the first week of December, Jupiter is still in his home sign of Sagittarius, so the luck and expansion are extra flowy until then. This is a great time to be “dreaming big” as Jupiter is currently dancing with Neptune, which rules dreams, the unconscious (both collective and individual), inspiration, spirituality, oneness, and transcendence.

At the same time, Uranus stationed retrograde, meaning he appears to be moving backwards from our vantage point on Planet Earth. Uranus is the Great Awakener, so if you’ve been experiencing insomnia lately, this may be why! Whenever planets stop moving, we can feel their energies more powerfully than when they are doing their usual march through the heavens. Uranus also shatters. Typically, he shatters what is outdated and no longer aligned. It’s appropriate as we enter into this brand new crystalline world of ours that Uranus was stop to shatter whatever is left that no longer serves us, both collectively and personally.

Uranus is also the ruler of today’s Aquarius Full Moon, and because he’s still at a standstill, this extra potency will make the Full Moon feel even more Aquarian that usual.

Aquarius is a future-oriented sign. Aquarius says “hey, look what I found!” It embraces technology, innovation, freedom, even revolution, and has a keen sense of social justice. Those with a strong Uranian energy signature (those born under an Aquarian Sun or Moon or with Aquarius rising or a bunch of planets in this sign) tend to see the world differently from most and are often seen as/see themselves as outsiders. This is generally because they’re living in a future that they’re helping to build which no one else can see yet. They pull it forward, quantum-leap style.

To illustrate, some famous innovating Aquarians include Galileo, Lincoln, Simone Weil, FDR, Darwin, Rosa Parks, Mozart, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Francis Bacon, Copernicus, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Oprah Winfrey, Jules Verne, Audre Lorde, Thomas Paine, Django Reinhardt, Kate Chopin, Jackson Pollack, Bessie Coleman (look her up!), Langston Hughes, Colette, Michael Pollan, Bob Marley, Lewis Carroll, Boris Yeltsin, Jackie Robinson, Betty Friedan, Angela Davis.

Each one of these is a pioneer in the field of arts, sciences, politics, or human rights.

How can each one of us emulate these creative geniuses to create quantum leaps in our own lives and communities?

This is what this week’s Aquarius Full Moon is asking us to do.

If you know your birth chart, plug 22 degrees of Aquarius in to find out in what area of your life you have the greatest opportunity or cosmic support for massive innovation or revolution.

All you have to do is allow it to happen. Really.

With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius and a whole new world ready to be formed at your feet, the time is ripe to take a risk and to be your fully authentic self.

If you tend to hide a part of your personality because you think it might be seen as “too much” or too far out there, take a deep breath, pull up your trousers, and step out onto the world stage sans mask.

You are ready.

The world is ready. (Even if it doesn’t look like it from the news reels.)

Get out there and be your no-holds-barred self. Start making the changes that you want to see in your world, because the next 3.5 months are the best time to make them.

Love yourself enough to show up as exactly who you are and ask for exactly what you want. Right now is the most likely time to get it in the next, oh, 20 years or so.

This is your time—our time–to shine!

Radiate your Love and your Light to everyone in your orbit, whether you’re fond of them or not; whether they’re on the “wrong” side of the political spectrum or not.

The more each one of us can embrace Oneness over separation, and Truth over misinformation, the better off each living thing on this planet—now and in the future—will be. Let us look for the many threads that connect us to each other and to the world we live in rather than those small differences which can often seem so dramatic.

I am aware that this is easy to say and hard to do. It’s a practice. I’m practicing this too, sometimes with more “success” than others. To that point: I’ve decided that continuing to practice seeing how we are all connected is how I will define success.

Yes, even to those who, like the El Paso terrorist, do everything they can to sow hatred and highlight difference.

Tool You Can Use:

My guides suggest we all keep checking back in with our hearts: hold your hand over your heart and take a few deep breaths whenever things get tricky or confusing or frustrating or maddening. A few breaths like this will help you get to the heart of the message your emotions were trying to share and will simultaneously bring you to a centered place of clarity.

Want to go deeper?

A small-but-potent way to work with me is to do a Mini Eclipse Reading. I’ll open your Records and we will ask a few pre-determined questions about the shifts you have undergone during this Eclipse Season that has just ended.

I’ve done over 2 dozen and they have been amazing! When people have shared with me afterwards what resonated most, the synchronicities were jaw-dropping!! We cover a lot of ground in just 20 minutes in your Records. I’ve committed to doing them through the end of August, so there’s still time to claim an appointment for yourself or for a loved one. (Please ask them first; this is a most sacred experience, and if someone isn’t ready, they will know.)

I’ve also got a few in-person retreats in the works for this autumn in the mountains north of Atlanta. In these days of mass shootings and domestic terrorism, I love the groundedness of looking someone deep in the eyes and welcoming her with holy oils and extra-long hugs. Being belly-to-belly to feel the web of connection and deepest caring and witnessing is so moving.

It’s like coming out of the desert into the oasis where you can go from being parched to being drenched. Drenched in Love. In recognition. In honoring. Let me know if you’d like to hear more about it. We will explore and embody the Divine Feminine, play with crystals, step through portals, perform rituals, swim in the water, and laugh a lot.

(This photo is from my last retreat up in the North Georgia mountains in the Chattahoochee National Forest/Blue Ridge Mountains just off the Appalachian Trail; for these retreats we will be on Lake Lanier–less remote, more watery, and yet quite magickal and private.)

Shout out to Stefani Ernst for the photo of the Full Moon above. Part of her transformation in Marry Your Intuition was to really connect with the heavens, and she’s been sharing amazing pictures of the Moon during Eclipse Season. I meant to share more of them, but again, I was so busy teaching my classes and undergoing my own massive energetic upgrades that I didn’t get as many posts written as I had planned.

I’ll post 3 below: one is the Sagittarius Full Moon with Jupiter cozied up to her–this event kicked off Eclipse Season on 16/17 June. The others are of the partial Lunar Eclipse on 16 July which I could not observe here in the States as it was still light out here. But she was watching during our final class meeting and taking these magnificent shots among others. [Thanks for agreeing to let me share them, Stefani! What a magickal experience to have the Lunar Eclipse energy reach us so powerfully through your eyes and camera lens on that last class meeting. Whew!]

Wishing you a star-filled rest of the month. May our winged hearts fly free under the Uranian Aquarius Full Moon!

Own Your Magick,