Mabon Blessings–Light Your Fire!

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Today is the Equinox, a day of Balance between Day and Night, Light and Dark. At my Northern Hemisphere home, I am celebrating the harvest: I made pecan pumpkin bread today (mmmmmmm… I love the fall for this), as well as a vegetarian quiche, to symbolize the Sun, which is at its final Solar Gateway before the total darkness of the Winter Solstice.

My friends in the Southern Hemisphere, however, are welcoming spring! Wishing all you lovelies the most glorious of seasonal thresholds!

I love that the Equinox–wherever you are on the planet–marks our re-entry into Libra season. It’s the sign of balance and harmony in relationships. This cardinal sign initiates us all into a new season, and with Venus already inhabiting the sign of her rulership, we can expect this to be a potent Libra season!

By the time we reach the Solstices in December, the energy will have shifted: Jupiter will have joined the party in Capricorn, where Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node have been hanging out all year. Eclipse Season will be underway (and fyi–it will be the biggest one EVAH so get ready!) This will also be the Sun’s entrée into the sign of the sea-goat.

An epoch-shifting Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be lining up: the starting gun for a brand new way of being in the world, and, if what I’ve been hearing in the Records is correct, it will herald the shattering of the Patriarchal Order.

Yeah, it might not be too fun, but just as hurricanes or tornadoes can be destructive, they also draw a line of completion in our idea of space-time, and herald fresh new beginnings.

Happy Spring to my Southern Hemisphere Beloveds!

Enjoy the re-emergence as I witness the composting.

Because this is a Solar holiday, it is appropriate to celebrate with FIRE.

If you are welcoming Spring, you’re still very much in the seed-planting period of your year. Make a list of intentions for the season, read them out loud as declarations, and then burn them ritually.

Because seed-plantings are very literally fertility rituals, you can choose to amplify the energy of creation with some sex magick. No need for a partner (though that’s more fun, generally): when your pleasure is at its peak, use your voice and shout out the biggest thing you want to manifest this season!

If you are entering Autumn, as I am, we are no longer planting seeds but harvesting.

Before I light my Equinox fire, I’ll be sitting quietly: refining and discerning. Discerning what I have harvested this year (particularly since the Summer Solstice) and giving thanks for that.

I am personally grateful for a deep maturing–a ripening–of my sense of myself and my gifts to the world. My sense of who I am as a woman has deepened. I know that I am a steadying force for everyone in my orbit if they let me be that. I am the Gatekeeper, and the Gate. Life is a hologram, collapsing and expanding with a simple shift of perspective. Nothing is separate, no matter the out-picturing. Everything is so deeply intertwined with everything else that it makes my head spin unless I pull the idea all the way down to my hips.

I am also sifting back through my intentions for this year/season. For me, things shifted–in ways both beautiful and terribly unsettling–at the previous Equinox. I am releasing some of those so that I can focus all of my attention upon my harvest. As I was telling a friend today: it’s not time to build onto your home (or business) if you have ripe crops out in the field, waiting to be gathered in and stored for the winter. And spring. And most of the summer, until the new crops arrive.

In the not-so-distant past, this was a matter of physical survival, and indeed it may come to that again in the coming years. These days, at the very least, I encourage you to do a mental accounting exercise. What am I keeping? What am I letting go of? What do I need to set aside in a cool, dark, protected place so that I have everything I need to re-launch myself when the time comes?

When my lists are complete, I will read them aloud and ritually burn them, giving thanks for all that I am releasing as no longer aligned, and for all those things (people, resources, opportunities to be delighted) which I am drawing to myself during this time of Harvest.

May YOUR harvest be bountiful and full of pleasant surprises!

And may our Winged Hearts Fly FREE!

P.S.: I’m stretching my arms wide in embrace. Of Gaia’s bounty. Of the scary and exciting times we are stepping into. Of Magick. Of wisdom. Of the pure unadulterated luxury of being alive in a world of sensory delights, even if they “hurt” or “stink” in the moment. And of YOU, Dear One. I’d love to join harvesting forces with you if that feels aligned. No agenda beyond the joy of connecting and seeing what’s juicy and ripe in that connection. Please reach out.

Ah, Libra season! I feel your delicious draw!