Aries Full Moon of Challenge

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Transformative Aries Full Moon Today–Join Me in a No-Cost Live Event


Gosh, it has been so long since I’ve actually gotten something posted and mailed out! I’ve been journeying in my own personal depths since last month’s Friday the 13th Full Moon.

Well, here we are again on the 13th. It is once again a Full Moon. I have written about 3 different blog posts (I even finished them!) but none has so far been posted. That’s how deep I’ve been.

If you’ve been feeling that way, too, there are plenty of reasons.

One is because we came out of a powerful Pluto Retrograde period ten days ago. That means that we’ve surfaced after a months-long trip into the Underworld, being composted and finding rare treasures there in the dark amongst the coffee grounds and banana peels.

Lots of things we and others would prefer to keep hidden are coming to light (Ukraine, anyone?) and it’s just been one whopper after another.

Another reason is that for a few weeks now we have been in a Moon Wobble; it was exact one week ago on the 6th.

A Moon Wobble is when we are exactly half-way between the last eclipse season and the one that’s on its way in December/January. This summer’s eclipse season was more intense than usual, getting us ready for an off-the-charts intense eclipse season as 2019 becomes 2020.

You may have noticed that a lot of the themes you were dealing with in June/July are coming back up to be revisited, healed, released.

As painful as that may be, it’s a good thing.

Before I learned of the Moon Wobble, I kept commenting that it felt like Eclipse Season, with all the bright lights going out around us (Eclipse Season is when we often see those in the spotlight transitioning off the Earth plane…).

If you have felt kind of wobbly, know that you’re not alone! Everyone on the planet—especially for the sensitives like us—are feeling it.

I’ve been quite aware that today was the second Full Moon in a row happening on the 13th, but was so deep in my own process that I was unsure how to honor it. Then I realized that since everyone is ALSO in their depths, why not explore those depths together?

Today at 4:30 I’m hosting a no-charge shamanic journey down the well of consciousness.


Even I don’t know what will transpire—I leave that to the guides—but this is how I’ve been running all my programs like Marry Your Intuition lately, and it is magickal, alchemic, transformational.

Also, this event is open to MEN!

(I rarely do that, so I invite you to share with male friends who are exploring their own intersection of Divine Masculine and Feminine.)

So here’s a shareable link to the event.

I’m not charging admission. If you know people who might have been feeling challenged by these times, please do share the registration page with them.

Deep bow of thanks! I trust that one day soon I’ll be able to share about some of the energies that are still current.

In the meantime, know this about today’s Aries Full Moon:

Today’s Full Moon is at 20 degrees Aries. If you know your chart, you can see what house contains 20 Aries to get a better feel for where in your life you’re feeling this if it’s not already obvious (it might be).

The Sun is directly opposite, of course, at 20 Libra.

I’m feeling this one so much because my North and South Nodes (highest evolutionary path and a default mode I’d do better to avoid) just happen to be EXACTLY 20 Aries and Libra. Yippee!! No, I’m not feeling this at all, believe me! It’s a tremendous day. A really fantastic day, the best day in the history of our country. Believe me.

The Cardinal signs of Aries and Libra are square to the Cardinal Signs of Cancer and Capricorn, of course. That’s why they’re called cardinal. They make a big cross or + sign; the primary axes on a graph.

As you know if you’ve been following me, we have a big lineup in Capricorn, where the South Node is currently hanging out. It just so happens that Pluto is exactly at 20 degrees of Capricorn, so precisely squaring this Full Moon, making it especially Plutonic. A Cardinal T-square is nothing to sneeze at!

On the plus side, the Full Moon is also in and EXACT trine (you can’t make this up!!) with Jupiter at 20 Sagittarius, so some of the “darkness” that Pluto might be bringing up is allayed or mitigated by the inspirational, lucky, expansive, and joyful Jupiter.

I’ll leave you on that note, in hopes that you’ll join me on the call later today. Big Love!

May Our Winged Hearts Fly Free!

P.S.: Here’s a livestream I hosted on 10/10 to help us sort out the energies. I pulled a few cards, a few crystals, and talked about the best ways to travel through these strange and challenging times. If you can’t see it, let me know.

If you’re choosing which thing to spend your time on at the Full Moon, I suggest doing the shamanic “Plumbing the Depths” journey live if you can, and then coming back here.