Activate Your Rainbow Heart

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Last Thursday I was taken to task by a dear friend.

He had been maintaining a sense of balance during the unraveling of the American democratic process, but then Elijah Cummings’ untimely death earlier that day was too much.

I get it. I was also so completely undone by Cummings’ death that I couldn’t even post on social media about it. I just couldn’t bring my broken heart to say anything, though he deserved all of the stunning memorials he got and more. He was someone who exemplified service to a cause—the betterment of his community of Baltimore, Maryland. At a moment when the current administration is trampling the American Constitution and then shouting “get over it!” representative Cummings, one of the most decent and bipartisan members of the House, chairing one of the House Committees overseeing impeachment investigations, suddenly died.

It was a huge loss to these investigations (he was truly a nonpartisan voice for peace and understanding), and to America and the values some of us—most of us, I think—still hold dear. The values of Truth, Justice, Freedom and Democracy, and the Rule of Law.

This dear friend asked me where all the spiritual leaders were. Why he hadn’t been hearing anything from us. If we had some answers, didn’t we have a DUTY to share some?

In the moment, I told him that I would propose something along the lines of what I’ve often done, which is a no-cost healing-channeling event for those who are hurting, confused, and wanting to do something but not sure what.

In the moment, I totally forgot that for the past few weeks I’ve been hosting livestreams (one is linked in last week’s Aries Full Moon post) offering support and suggested actions to spiritual people trying to weather this storm.

In the moment, I also forgot that last Sunday’s Plumbing the Depths call was JUST SUCH AN EVENT: a healing channeling call, though this one didn’t include much time in the Akashic Records; it was mostly a powerful shamanic journey.

I suspect that in the moment, he wanted me to tell him when it would all stop. When we could all relax and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that everything we stand for isn’t being put through the shredder, used as toilet paper, and then incinerated.


I probably will organize both private sessions with my magickal groups to hold the ground for more stability and open up interdimensional portals for the New Paradigm wisdom to come in more quickly. I’ll probably also organize a public one to help us all deal with and answer some questions; watch this space for more information.

However, I’m not sure I’ll be able to offer the kinds of answers he he might want, even from the Akashic Records. Here’s why, in two words:

Free Will

The Akashic Records contain drafts for the future, all the while letting us humans choose. This level of decision—the potential unmaking of the world’s longest-running democracy—involves not simply the population of the United States, but everyone in the world who holds onto an idea of what American democracy is or ought to be. So, while for the Record Keepers, the ultimate outcome may be known, they might not be willing to infringe upon our ability to choose our collective fate freely.


Moreover, even if the Keepers offer us a definitive answer, for me as a channel, sometimes it’s hard to judge timelines, perhaps in part because time doesn’t exist in the Records.

Because “getting it right” is important for me personally (I am dying to know when this will all get easier!) as well as professionally (I take great pride in being one of the clearest channels around), I might put extra pressure on myself in this case, which is bad news when channeling. It’s always best to just let it flow through me rather than trying to look for things or grab at them as they go by.

Tell me (yes, I am requesting an answer): what would you like me to do? Does it feel important for you to get certain answers from the Akashic Records? If so, let me know what you’d like to ask and I’ll check in with my guides about the best course of action to take.

And speaking of my guides, here is what they have to say about this moment in history; it’s less of an answer and more of a suggestion for highest personal and collective good.

While yes, there are and will continue to be rough patches to navigate, there is surely infinite depth in the human heart, even in those whose hearts you may think are closed.

In fact, these very people worry that YOUR hearts are collectively closed. And they may not be wrong. There is a lot of fear racing around right now, and fear closes the heart, raises human blood pressure, creates or amplifies inflammation in the physical system, causes many to act or speak on impulse, and is generally what makes it more difficult to live in the world.

The remedy, of course, is to OPEN your heart.

If that sounds easy, read on:

For optimal results, you must all open your hearts to all people, even those you resent (maybe they are on the “wrong” side of the political spectrum, or have done hateful things) or know too well/don’t know well enough to trust them.

The message right now is to adopt a Rainbow Heart, one that embraces the full spectrum of Light and darkness. This has little to do with the LGBTQ symbol besides being at the root of why that community chose it.

The rainbow represents joy across all frequencies. The Rainbow Heart is the ambassador of that Joy.

Joy cannot co-exist with fear or resentment or rage or hopelessness. It easily co-exists with playfulness, compassion, Love, trust, and flow. If you want more of those, activate your Rainbow Heart. (BTW, this is the first time I’ve heard specifically about a rainbow heart, though I’ve worked with Rainbow frequencies for years.)

Simply holding an image of a rainbow heart expanding its frequencies out into the world in your own heart will activate the energies, emanating them out into the world.

We are at a crossroads in our Patriarchal culture. It’s coming down, and we’re being asked to choose which way to go: into Love, which is an energy of opening, or into fear, which holds the opposite pole.

Adding an extra layer of potential challenge is the reality that as the oppressive energies that fall under the umbrella of Patriarchy—racism, sexism, nationalism, classism, and colonialism, to name but a few—are in their death throes, they actually look like they’re expanding.

Generally, I think it’s easier (note that I did not say better) to choose fear and closing energies. When you close your heart or your mind or your fist, you don’t have to deal with others so much: their demands on your time, for example, or your attention or any other resource. It feels simpler to have fewer options to choose from, even if none of them pleases you very much.

Your belief system doesn’t get challenged. No one will ask you to try new things or see things in new ways. You can stay in your “comfort zone,” even if it’s actually not very comfortable.

Love, on the other hand, offers new vistas, new experiences, new and infinite possibilities. In the energy of Love is where we find beauty, pleasure, connection, wisdom, trust, hope, justice, freedom, flow, and expansion.

If you feel like you could use some help tapping into the field of Love for yourself, my “new” program Marry Your Intuition may just be a perfect fit. It’s a tight 5-week journey to your deepest self, all the while being held by me and the other members of the sisterhood. We meet ten times for eight potent shamanic journeys designed to re-weave the threads within yourself that have been frayed or broken by the trauma of living in a Patriarchal world, and go into the Akashic Records of the Divine Feminine, intuition, and our sisterhood twice to get divine insight.

There are near-daily exercises designed to get you all the way into your body, so that you can actually hear its messages when it speaks: Divine Feminine Nourishment Invitations.

The energy underpinning Marry Your Intuition is uniquely feminine. It’s an experience; a remembering; a soul reunion. I’ve had to let go of all expectations about outcome, even process. I simply move into the interstices of space and time under the rhythm of my drum with the other participants, and we journey together to the heart of magick where the program guides have decided that we—collectively—need to go. No one is left behind, even when not everyone can be present. Each member is called energetically present before the drumming begins.

Curious to experience the journey with me? Check out my Plumbing the Depths call. Participants have been wowed at how much got given away, include meeting your Higher Self. The recording is available to listen to or download at no charge on the page just after you register.

While you’re at it, why not set up a short conversation? My scheduler is embedded right on the page. Meeting those who read my work is an exquisite pleasure for me; I love that we can complete or close the circuit that way.

This alchemical program is the foundational course of the Mystery School that I’m apparently building. (Not sure how I feel about that, but okay.) It’s not an exaggeration to say that it radically shifts people’s lives. I’m not immune, myself! More about that another day.

I hope you’ll check out Marry Your Intuition. We start on Samhain—pronounced “sow-in”— or All Hallow’s, and as a Cross-Quarter Holy Day it’s an acupressure point on the wheel of the year. We end on Friday the 13th, another day doubly sacred to the Goddess.

This is an intimate and immersive experience; I take no more than 12 women on the journey with me at a time. Expect to know more by the end about astrology (especially the Moon and Venus), crystals, sacred geometry, magick, how to stay in a Loving energy, the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine in sacred union, and most of all, yourself.

Up until the New Moon on the 27th at 11:39 pm Eastern, you can use the savings code MYISAVE23 to get 23% off, or, if you know someone who has participated previously, she’ll have an even tastier code.

May Our Winged Hearts Fly Free, even during these difficult times.

Love + Magick,