What Are You Birthing?

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Venus + Jupiter Meet at the Galactic Center:
What Are You Birthing?

On the night of Sunday 24 November, the two most benevolent planets are meeting up to share their great gifts.

More importantly, they are meeting at the Galactic Center–the Black Hole around which our Milky Way galaxy spins. This is the massively mighty interdimensional portal from which our solar system (among others) and everything in it was born.

Set Your Intentions!!

Because Venus is the planet of Love, Sex, Sensuality, Pleasure, Beauty, Art, and Money… and Jupiter is the planet of Expansion, Luck, Inspiration, Faith, Higher Thought and Learning, New Horizons… their coming together at the birth canal of our galaxy promises all sorts of yummy things!

I did a quick crystal pull on the video below for the conjunction, and as ever, it was extremely illuminating: TRIPLE Bloodstone for courage, double Clear Fluorite for manifesting Intuition, bootsrapping, protection, and perseverence, plus Chrysocolla for getting your heart expressions out there, and Moonstone for the Divine Feminine (Venus!) wisdom of the cycle.

At this potent moment, I’m also announcing a new offering based on the totally unique sky signature of the end of this year into January: Magick, Manifestation + Miracles Eclipse Season 2020.

Stay tuned for a link and more information by Friday! Best rates are available (Black) Friday 29 November through (Cyber) Monday 2 December.

Also, know that the Sagittarius New Moon is happening Tuesday morning just after 10 am Eastern. Best times for setting Sag lunation intentions are Tuesday from 10:06 am Eastern all the way through 5:50 am Thursday, and again after 7:33 am until midnight.

Sag rules freedom, optimism, legal matters, intuition, connection with Nature, foreign travel, philosophy, and higher learning,.

In case I don’t get another blog posted before then, I’m telling you now.

Now, go out and set some intentions for the Venus-Jupiter-Galactic Center conjunction!

So much Love and Magick to you.