Eclipse Season Has Begun

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Eclipse Season Begins with a Bang! I’ve got some Illumination + Support to Share

Dear one,

It was my intention to share about everything I have (have had) lined up in terms of support for and through Eclipse Season over a week ago, but I was at my mother’s deathbed.

I hasn’t been an easy two weeks; eclipse season started a little early for me…

So I gave up on writing and decided to share a video instead.

Some of the things I refer to in the video update below are those things I prepared for you as we enter and ride out this most intense Eclipse Season of our lives.

First, a gift channeling from the Akashic Records about how to navigate Eclipse Season. Find it here.

Next, a shamanic journeying call to help us all clear out old patterns to prepare us for the massive upgrades this Eclipse Season will bring. (It’s happening live today at 3 pm Eastern!) Because Eclipse Season started at 12:12 on 12/12, I thought it would be appropriate to ask for $12.12 in exchange. Here’s that link.

Finally, a 7-week collective journey called Magick + Manifestation, because this is THE best time to bring our dreams into form.

Here is my mother (and Misty, the poodle) in 1963, after a Fulbright year in Paris and a summer on Ibiza learning flamenco guitar.

This was posted to FB and I got lots of comments, including how this photo was “legit art” (I agree) and how every bit of it is pure magick (again, I agree). I do not have photo credit and hesitate in posting it here because it was published in the Kansas City paper (the Kansan perhaps?) over 55 years ago, no doubt taken by a staff photographer. To me this is a cherished personal photo, and it is not my intention to operate outside copyright law.

Miss you, Mama!

May all our winged hearts fly free!

Love + Magick,