2020: Welcome to the Rainbow Frequencies

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Happy New Year, New Decade, New Portals, New Challenges, New Hope + Inspiration!

Wow! Here we are already in 2020. The year 2019 was quite a breathtaking voyage of learning, death + rebirth, beauty, despair, and wonderment.

It took me out onto the skinny branches over and over, and not always in scary ways. Sometimes it’s positively thrilling to be out there in mid-air, wondering how far out you can go, fully engaging trust and surrender!

Was it like that for you, too?

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

It’s Eclipse Season, which is a series of portals for quantum leaping. This one even more so than many!

We had our first of two Eclipses on Christmas Night or the day after, depending on your position on the globe.

This is a photo my sweetheart took on the 26th as he and our daughter were in Bangkok, Thailand.

This Annular (from his perspective, partial) Solar Eclipse occurred at 4 degrees of Capricorn.

The next one (the big one) is a Lunar Eclipse coming on this Friday the 10th at 20 degrees of Cancer. It will be followed immediately by the birth of a new Saturn-Pluto cycle on the 12th at 22 degrees Capricorn. The Eclipsed Moon will be shining her alternately bright then shadowy then bright again light upon the whole lineup of planets in Capricorn, all essentially conjunct the Saturn-Pluto pair. (Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are joining these two, and the South Node is there, too.)

That’s a super-stellium, folks! A whack-you-upside-the-head tour de force of Capricorn energies, all under the spotlight of the Full Moon opposite. (If you need a refresher on Capricorn energies as they have been considered for centuries, go here.)

Saturn represents material reality, Pluto is transformation.

Material reality is now being transformed.

Over in my Magick + Manifestation through Eclipse Season group, we are having jaw-dropping epiphanies and wild–wild!–channeled information coming through. I made the following video right after last Friday’s Moon Circle.

I didn’t take time to look at (much less do) hair/makeup before hopping on the livestream, because I wanted to capture the energy of it as purely as I could. In fact, what little makeup I had been wearing had run because the overwhelming beauty of what was coming through, and the gratitude of the Keepers for bringing the new Truth onto the planet was so enormous that it made me cry.

It is DEFINITELY not too late to join us. New people are just arriving and have noted how potent it was to listen to all the calls and feel the transformations working in their bodies. While this group is open to men + women, as of this writing there are no men enrolled.

The weekly live Moon Circles run through the end of January. You can join the adventure through the end of 2020, but the FB group page will shut down at that time.

You can definitely do this on your own (we have people not on FB who are riding with us through the portals but not participating on the page) but while it’s still Eclipse season and if you want a collective experience–especially if you want to maximize the potent energy of this Eclipse Season–now is the time to climb onto your magick carpet and head through the portals with the rest of us.

Bonus if you’re an astrology geek: we’re channeling information on all the different phases of the Moon and it’s AMAZING!

We’ve also heard about the new Rainbow Paradigm that participants are helping to anchor onto the planet, the possibility of working differently with time (past, present, and future are not as “solid” as humanity has believed for eons), how this past Solstice was designed as a kind of lightning rod to collect the excess energies of this particularly potent season, a new understanding of encompassing (this blew ME away and was what had me bursting into tears last week!)

What to Expect in 2020:
An invitation to Listen In

This week it was my great pleasure to be a guest on my dear friend Debbie Pokornik’s radio show as her kick-off to 2020.

We thought we’d start by pulling crystals for the new year and decade, but so many jumped onto my fingers (see the photo above) and their message was SO POTENT AND UNIFIED that we really didn’t have time in her 30-minute slot to talk about anything else!

The message from the crystals, though, was clear: each of us TOTAL support from the divine plane (we knew that) but there was more. Courage was a major theme (4 stones!!) as was speaking one’s personal truth. Nearly half the stones that came through were heart stones. That feels super significant to me.

In this year that suggests clarity of vision, we had two sets of double “eye” stones–Dragon’s Eye and Eagle’s Eye. These 4 are major manifestation stones (bringing our best ideas and our magick into form in the world) but the eye also suggests focus, long-distance vision, higher perspectives, and the ability to zero in on and hold onto exactly what we want.

There was more support for Magick in the Labradorite, so look for this in yourself and in your world. Following the breadcrumbs of magick is a great way to proceed in these new rainbow frequencies.

The double Clear Fluorite (I can’t believe we had 3 sets of doubles!!) speak to increased Sovereignty (to be expected with the transformation of Saturn this week; Saturn rules the Crown and Sovereignty as well as time, material reality, and much more), to massive protection, to vast amounts of intuition available if you’ll allow it in, and to a sense of self-=discipline/perseverance that will help you to bootstrap any worthy project you embark on, no matter what those around you may be saying.

The Lepidolite can help us to smooth out the emotional wave we are all riding at this explosive time, so that we can radiate the energies of peace. We recorded this show before the assassination of Soleimani, so this Stone of Peace is particularly goose-bumpy.

We didn’t even have time to discuss the Snowflake Obsidian, which connects us to our Roots but also to our Crowns. It’s grounding, suggests the need for clearing one’s space of negativity, and is a stone of revelations. Expect more surprises during the final 3 weeks of Eclipse Season!

Hear the whole thing over on her blog here.

Have you been feeling these energies? Please reach out to let me know.

Friday’s Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurs at 2:21 pm Eastern at 20 Capricorn. On the exact same day, Uranus stations direct at 2 Taurus.

This promises to be a doosie because… ECLIPSE. Also, Uranus’s participation makes it even more ripe for sudden breakthroughs. Eclipse seasons are already highly Uranian in flavor: they positively crackle with potential for change, they include sudden and massive shifts (destabilizing in the moment, but always for the better), and they feel electrical.

This Capricorn Lunation started with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse exactly square (within 2 degrees) to Uranus in Taurus, so on top of being able to feel Uranus’s energies extra strongly because of his standing still in the sky, he has imprinted this entire month with his high frequencies of change for the collective good.

Wishing you all the best as we all travel through these portals.

This Lunar Eclipse coming up on the 10th is quite similar to the one that shot me out of my guaranteed salary for life and the career I’d been training for since the age of 2 in one fell swoop. Perhaps it’s needless to say that I’ve approached it with some trepidation!

Lucky for me, the messages coming through in Magick + Manifestation have been SO positive and inspiring and beautiful (it sometimes feels like my heart just bursts into PURE LIGHT at the energies flowing through me!) that I’m no longer looking at Friday with a jaundiced eye.

If you’re in the same boat as I was (not really sure if this eclipse will be like poking a sleeping dragon), I invite you to check out the collective adventure we’re on. It’s definitely not too late, because these energies are implanted and flowing throughout the coming decades!

The messages coming through are about how to sail through this tricky month as a human, but more importantly, they address with practical steps how to be the healing the world is crying out for right now.

Ask your Guides or Higher Self if it’s right for you.

Share the registration page with a friend who’s either feeling wobbly through all the energetic earthquakes, or, conversely, who is mad with excitement about the massive potential to build the life we want during this signal moment in human history.

I’m so thrilled to be here on the planet to share this divine inspiration with the world.

Many many blessings, and epiphanies galore during this new year and decade.

May our Winged Hearts Fly every Free!

Love + Magick,

P.S.: There’s more information coming through the Eclipse Season Adventure all the time, so I’ll wait until next month to give a full accounting, but my Guides wanted me to be sure to let you all know that the New Era (paradigm, whatever) HAS BEGUN as of the Solar Eclipse.

They’re inviting all of us to feel into the rainbow frequencies in a more gnostic manner before going into our heads to pack away what they’re about. Being in the inquiry is the most potent place to be.

Ask your body to reveal some of this wisdom to you right now as you contemplate one of the above rainbow-infused images.