What is a priestess?

Elizabeth Goddess + Divine Feminine Rising, Spiritual Leadership + Activism

She is a Transmitter of Love.

Only Love.

If you are wondering what a priestess is–or wondering if you ARE one–come find out.

A new 5-week journey into the Divine Feminine Mysteries begins this week, in honor of Valentine’s Day.


What mysteries held deep within your memory field are ready to awaken?

Marry Your Intuition is a path of Remembrance.

Remember who you are on a Soul Level.


Reconnect with your Sisterhood.

Link arms for support and mutual empowerment.

This is deep, expansive, Soul Reunion.

Get Still.

Honor your process.

Let your body reveal its Truths.

Plumb your depths while being fully witnessed and held.

I promise you’ll find gems down there you never knew you had.

Awaken your five senses to connect with your “sixth.”

(Knowing that your intuition and divine connection with the natural world, the cosmos, Mama Gaia and more are much more vast than this suggests.)

As the tension dissipates from your mind and body, and as you sink down into your exquisite wisdom, feel the warm return of vitality, freshness, grace, spaciousness, and magick.

A priestess is in service.

In service to the Divine Truth.

In service to the hearts that connect us all.

In service to Beauty (be it of Nature or crafted by human hands).

And in service to self-knowledge and expanded awareness.

Are you ready to step through the gateway to that expanded awareness of yourself? So much of life, dripping with honeyed goodness, beckons from beyond it.

Step through with me.

Do you have to consider yourself a priestess to join Marry Your Intuition? Of course not.

Marry Your Intuition is a shared journey–a pilgrimage to your deepest self, as well as to magickal dimensions beyond the Earth’s boundary. We tread the path together in small groups.

The space of Marry Your Intuition is a small tent–extremely intimate and tightly-held.

Paradoxically, in this cozy space we travel across dimensions. It is where the vastness of space between planets meets the vastness of space between electrons in a single atom.

At this Valentine’s Day, I invite you on a journey of self-love, self-honoring, and self-wisdom.

So that more than ever, in a world which needs Love more than ever, you can Be the Rose Quartz and emanate LOVE out in all directions, without conditions and irrespective of how you think it might be received.

Learn this and more on this initiatory journey into the Divine Feminine Mystery.

Will you tread the Path of LOVE with me?

{Pssst: if you’re reading this, you already are. Deep bow of gratitude.}

If what you’ve read here speaks to you, please share it and check out Marry Your Intuition here.

Be the

Rose Quartz

The sisterhood tent flaps seal on Tuesday 18 February 2020.

May our Radiant Hearts Fly Ever Free!

Love + Magick,

P.S.: Think Marry Your Intuition just might be right for you but you’re not sure? Reach out and let’s have a quick vetting call to find out. Click “contact” just below for my email address and we’ll schedule something on the fly.

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