2020 Spiritual Accelerator

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This virus is a gift of re-balancing.

A return to our body wisdom.

A healing pause.

An invitation to awareness of what our hearts want for once—not the relentless demands of society.

A time to pivot toward what we came to accomplish in this lifetime, and start doing it.

The novel Coronavirus is a catalyst.

A needed reset button.

A sword of clarity, cutting away illusion and delusion; penetrating the bubble of “this is how it’s always been done” to offer brand new vistas.

COVID-19 is efficiently sweeping the legs of patriarchal institutions out from under it.

I am celebrating the shifts even as I walk through the Unknown with everyone else.

This is the Feminine Mystery.
We have been taught to be afraid of the dark, but in the dark is where the Magick happens.

AND, because we know there are sick, dying, hurting people out there, it doesn’t serve to be too glib.

There’s not much we can do except what we already are doing: Lightworkers are processing the emotions of the collective and this is real labor and it really counts, even if it looks like we’re not doing anything but lying on the couch.

N.B.: If you have been doing this work, deep bow of gratitude! AND, be sure that you are not holding all the energies. You MUST give them back to the Earth; she knows how to recycle them into vital life-force, but if you keep it, it will be the opposite of vitalizing for you! Ground, ground, ground to the planet. 

Remember, too, that the only way to sustainably give is to give from OVERFLOW. I foundered right after the Equinox because I was doing too much processing for the collective and not enough cup-filling. I asked my Higher Self to slow the requests for processing down so that I could do the necessary self-care (see below) before starting up again.

There’s also reaching out to those we know who are in emotional turmoil, offering a witnessing ear without trying to “fix” anything (as if any of us could right now).

Self-care is absolutely necessary as part of what we’re doing regularly. More sleep, more rest (they’re different), more laughter, more grounding, more stillness, more drinking of water and healthy foods, more orgasms (solo if you’re worried about spreading a virus) and other stress-relievers like meditation + vigorous workouts, and more connection to nature and other divine planes.

We can also (for now) be contacting our governmental representatives to insist that those who are experiencing the worst financial impact get they support they need, as well as offering to help those who are most at risk if they leave their homes (to do their shopping for them, for example).

As for how to reconcile this more positive take on the novel Coronavirus and the sick, dying, frightened, and hurting people around us:

I am seeing that there are two lenses (the human and the Divine) and that we sometimes oscillate between the two, weaving them together.

It’s important to really feel our feelings as they are (without making them wrong or trying to cover them up or deny them in any way) AND to occasionally take a sip from the Golden Chalice of Divine Wisdom.

It’s best if we can harmonize the two lenses as much as possible, and not stay too much in one over the other. I have been emphasizing the divine lens more than it warrants because there’s so much of the human lensing out there on all the media channels.

This virus hasn’t punched me in the gut YET, but I know it will, soon or late. I spoke of it last night (Equinox) on my interrupted livestream, and meant every word. Here’s the link to the Equinox message from the Crystalline Realm and Jen Duchene’s amazing Illuminating Journey Cards.

The novel Coronavirus is our new Teacher.

It is the Spiritual Accelerator that many of us have been hoping for for years.

And now that it’s here, many of us would prefer that it just disappear, thanks.

Gaia is taking her planet back.

In these past few weeks we have seen dolphins return to the canals of Venice, hundreds of sea turtles not seen in decades return to the empty beaches of India, the hole in the Ozone Layer closing.

Many people are waiting for things to go back to normal, upset when that “back to normal” time keeps getting pushed off into the future.

What if what we’re living through right now IS the return to normal? That human destruction of the planet and most forms of life on it was the glitch in the program, the blip on the screen?

This virus is a pattern interrupter, like a defibrillator which is designed to shock the heart back into a regular rhythm.

We are out of our regular rhythm in most parts of the world. The novel Coronavirus has come to shock us back into a healthier pattern.

We are still in the midst of that shock.

Does is look scary if you take a snapshot of the heart at the moment it’s being electrified and stopped? You bet! It looks like certain death, actually.

But if you can wait and take another snapshot a few seconds later (translate this to weeks or months of Earth Time) then it’s possible to see that the terrifying stoppage was not only temporary, but in fact the thing that saved the entire system from total collapse.

On March 3rd I invited a few adepts to come on a channeling call with me about the Divine Perspectives around the novel Coronavirus. What we heard from the Keepers that day was simultaneously shocking (what did they mean about having to change how we live?!?) and comforting.

In those two weeks running up to the Equinox—really in just this past week—everything has shifted. Just in my life, I went from believing I’d be heading out on an Equinox trip, organizing people to pick my daughter up from school while I was out of town, seeing her dance recital costumes for the first time… to there being no school, no travel, no dance recitals, barely leaving the house to head to the ever-more-empty grocery store.

But I don’t have to tell you—this is everyone’s experience.

Keep breathing. Sit Still. TRUST.

Trust that even if it looks like a shit-show, everything is as it is meant to be. Yes, the landscape is changing, forever. (If not, we’ll have to do it again.) Yes, lots of what people have counted on for a sense of security or stability is in pure upheaval and will likely never go back to the way it was before.

COVID-19 is not a punishment, it’s a catalyst, a scrubber, a clarifier, a dismantler of what no longer serves us. It’s an invitation to sovereignty and to living our purpose—what we came to this incarnation to do!—and to living authentically/speaking our Truth.

Pro tip: if you see something being dismantled (say, the stock market), you can know it was no longer serving Humanity and Planet Earth.

This is the Feminine Mystery. The UNKNOWN. We have been taught to be afraid of the dark, but this is where the Magick happens.

Surrender and Trust.

May we all ride this wave rather than being knocked down by it.

May we all trust that LOVE will prevail over fear, and compassion over hoarding.

May we all find freedom in this Joy Revolution, even if it feels prison-like today.

May we all find clarity, expanded life force, and true soul alignment in this 2020 Spiritual Accelerator.

It is our alchemical crucible, breaking us down to face our own fears, to transmute the lead of our worlds–individual and collective–into GOLD.

Love + Magick to us all!

And May Our Winged Hearts Fly Ever Free!


P.S.: Right now, as we’re in the throes of this shift, is the ultimate time to get into your Akashic Records. We are all meant to be clear on what we’re here to do in this lifetime–and then start doing it.

Until this virus showed up, I had always considered the Akashic Records the greatest spiritual (and business, and personal) accelerator out there. Just imagine combining the two!!

The sooner you get clear, the more space/time during the blessed stillness you’ll have to have epiphanies.

Back in January, my Guides told me to reduce my regular Wisdom portal rates by 40% until further notice. At the time I had no idea what was coming, but I always follow my guidance and it’s perfect. I’ve been telling those who reach out to me, but there never seemed to be an appropriate time to write about it here.

Reach out to me if you want to explore. I get that money is tight right now, but I take payments, and this really feels like THE time to confirm your hunches so that you can push off powerfully now or when things start moving again.

P.P.S.: About the COVID-19 call: those who have heard it have found it to be very settling, calming, and a beautiful shift in perspective.

In fact, the purpose of listening is to center yourself so that your shifted energy field can benefit those around you and they, in turn, will pass along the same frequency alteration. It’s meant to be viral!

If you have been wise enough to engage in social distancing, this kind of heart-connecting may be right up your alley—a new way to expand your heart and connect with others without endangering your loved ones.

Read more about it here: https://elizabethlocey.com/divine-perspectives-19/

Is it worth $5 to shift your energy field such that even if you say nothing, you will be a grounding and soothing presence to your loved ones, and that this sense of centeredness might be passed along virally? To be a force for LOVE LEADERSHIP in the world? If you agree, click here to get the recording, available immediately.

This makes a great gift! It tells those you love that you care and are thinking of them even if you can’t go visit. Be sure to plug in their name and email so that they can receive the links and follow-up material.

Thank you for sharing this precious information and energy balm with your loved ones!