Equinox March 2020

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Vernal Equinox on 19 March 2020
at 11:20 pm Eastern

Happy Astrological New Year!

As the Sun moved from Pisces into into Aries, marking the start of the new Sky Year, I did I livestream to welcome in the energies and get some perspective. Where I live, we were already well into our first week of school and business closures.

As often happens when the energy is very high, the livestream broke up part way through. I’m posting both parts below. One has an interesting set of cards pulled from my friend Jen Duchene’s Illuminating journey deck, and the other with the crystals that came through with their message.

In the first video there’s some extra information that I hadn’t previously shared about the divine energy of the Coronavirus, too, about Gaia, the end of the Patriarchy, the rise of the Solar Feminine, and a massive reset button for our hearts and minds.


The 2 cards that came for the Equinox were the Level 5 and the Soul Portal 31.

The level 5 indicates change (haha–we knew that already!) The 5 is the central root number, half-way between 1 and 9. It’s on a “rocker” (the bottom of the 5 is round) which suggests both instability and malleability–the ability to shift through changes more easily than a number that is solid or flat on the bottom, like the 2. The 5 speaks to sudden shift as well as revolution. It is facing the future while simultaneously being open to the past. It’s a hinge, a pivot-point.

The 31 Soul Portal shown above is one that keeps coming through! It’s the twin of the 13 (the number of the Divine Feminine) and both add up to 4, as does our current year–2020.

This card is called the Dragon Whisperer, and in addition to dragons we see several strands of pearls (pearls also play a major role in Jen’s 13 card) and many crystals. This is a card that speaks to being between 2 worlds, and is that not where we are right now?

The crystals–9 in all–that came to us as a Message from the Crystalline Realm for our New Year were:

Double Moonstone–strong message from the Divine Feminine to underscore that she’s rising and also that we are at a turning point in the Wheel of the Year.

Double Green Aventurine–this is the stone of renewal and also carries the energy of spring (perfect for the moment of the Vernal Equinox. It also asks us, at this moment of the New Year/New Cycle to look at what we’ve outgrown. As we move through this unprecedented era of social distancing, what no longer serves our evolution, personally and collectively?

Eagle’s Eye AND Hawk’s Eye–these were the two biggest stones of the pull, and carry similar energies. Take a moment right now to come up with 5 qualities of Eagle and 5 of Hawk. Those qualities are speaking to YOU right now, quite beyond the general properties of these stones.

All of the “Eye” stones are versions of Tiger Eye, a stone of success and manifestation. The all-blue Hawk and the blue-gold mix of Eagle add to that personal power/Solar Plexus stone the power of the Third Eye chakra. It’s drawing intuitive and intellectual powers of perception into the manifestation mix.

Citrine was the 7th stone. Again, we have the Solar Plexus activation, which, along with the double Moonstone, really underscores the idea of this being the dawn of the Solar Feminine. In addition to being a stone of abundance, Citrine is also known for its power to transmuter negativity: not just to pull it out and hold it, but to CLEAR it. Transmutation is an alchemical process, but working with Citrine is not as painful as regular alchemy. And we certainly are in a period of clearing out the old, are we not?

Lepidolite, the Stone of Peace, was our 8th stone. I like to think of the lavender-colored ally as a Faerie stone. The color comes from high Lithium content, which smoothes out the emotional wave, moderating the high highs and low lows; in this moment of extraordinary anxiety, it’s not hard to see why this stone came for us. The sparkles are Mica, exhorting us to shine our lights, even in what we perceive to be darkness (it’s really the Mystery–the Unknown).

Finally, Amazonite–the stone of Personal Truth–came to bookend our pull. This is a stone of the High Heart, a stone that brings us the courage to speak our truth, and also the right words, so that our interlocutor can hear the intention behind the words and not be highly triggered by them.

Did these messages help you to see the upcoming year or our current situation from a new perspective?

If so, please scroll down to the buttons below, and share on social media or to individuals, with my gratitude.

May Our Winged Hearts Fly Free (even through this pandemic which is bringing us SO much more freedom)!

P.S.: If you’re enjoying this message, you might want to check out the call where I channeled the Akashic Records of the Coronavirus. SO many people have reached out to let me know that listening to the call really brought them a lot. of peace and perspective. It was channeled on 3 March 2020, well before the draconian social distancing methods we are now operating under were put into effect even in hard-hit countries like Italy.

Check it out here.