Between Worlds

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We Are Between the Worlds
Between Paradigm Structures
Between the Veils
Anything is Possible

We are between the worlds–the one we knew and the new one that is emerging.

This is such an exciting time! Also frustrating, scary, and FULL of potential.

The old rules are done.

The novel Coronavirus is dismantling the world as we knew it.

Not just how we see the outside world—our jobs, our governments, our educational and financial systems—just especially how we see our inner worlds: our homes, our partnerships, and most especially our relationships to OURSELVES.

We are all blank (or mostly-blank) canvases right now.

What are we going to paint? What colors will we use?

What are we going to build? What do we want the New World to look like out there? Or inside us?

Now is the moment. Except for some essential workers, most of the world is sitting in stillness right now.

[Pausing here to express HUGE gratitude to all who are out there making sure life continues for the rest of us: truly the Feminine in action. I’m talking first and foremost about medical staff (doctors, nurses, first responders) but also freight and delivery drivers, grocery store employees, and more. Thank you.]

I can think of quite a few things that I’d like to see shift in the outside world: more of a focus on the Feminine (compassion, connection, intuition), the Magickal, the Unseen, and less focus on “maximizing” or “leveraging” or “winning.”

We are no longer operating in a Zero-Sum-Game, where one side wins and the other side loses. Now—if we try (and it will take a little effort at first)—we can see how one person winning means that others win too.

The old rules are done, even if many people out there (probably not you, my reader) are still operating As If. That will pass. The sooner we let go of the ways we used to do or think about doing things, the better it will be for us.

Oh, did I mention that the “new rules” are actually the “old old rules”? Yes, the emerging paradigm is a return to Mother Nature’s default settings. Gaia called and wants her planet back.

We are now between the worlds, and this was most clearly exemplified when I pulled Jen Duchene’s 31 Soul Portal for the Equinox (astrological New Year). See the cards, crystals, videos from the Equinox here.

We are in a liminal space of PURE POTENTIALITY. We are all being broken down alchemically to our imaginal cells, like soon-to-be-butterflies in their cocoons. (Check out Jen’s card—it looks like a row of cocoons are hanging in the upper left.)

Imaginal cells are magickal cells which tell the deconstructed body what to become, even when it’s never been that before. It’s an evolutionary leap, but a leap which is always already latent in the cells.

The caterpillar is born with the ability to become the butterfly it never dreamed it could become. Not only is it possible, but it’s the caterpillar’s manifest destiny! Inescapable.

Bruce Lipton puts it this way:

“Out of the decay arises a great flying machine—a butterfly—that enables the survivor cells to escape from the ashes and experience a beautiful world, far beyond imagination. Here is an amazing thing: the caterpillar and the butterfly have the exact same DNA. They are the same organism but are receiving and responding to different organizing signals.

“That is where we are today. […] We see […] a decaying caterpillar world. And yet, everywhere, you and other human imaginal cells are awakening to a new possibility. We are clustering, communicating, and tuning into a new, coherent, signal of love.” 

Read his whole post here.

Let me say that again: The caterpillar is born with the ability to become the butterfly it never dreamed it could become. Not only is it possible, but it’s the caterpillar’s manifest destiny! Inescapable, incontrovertible.

Beloved, we are those human imaginal cells.

We all have, however latent, an unimagined potential within us. Will it eventually be realized, no matter what? I believe so.

If you desire to build your version of butterfly wings to soar to freedom and assist in building “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” (per Charles Eisenstein) and help others through this trying time, may I suggest working privately with me in your Akashic Records?

A few weeks ago I suggested that this period of enforced stillness was a spiritual accelerator. I have always felt that the Akashic Records are an amazing accelerator, too. In fact, they helped me to tie up a career I was born to–both my parents had been acclaimed French professors before me–in 18 months after my first two back-to-back consultations. (The first was all about me, the second, all about those around me.) Within 2 months things started moving, and snowballed from there.

Now is the perfect time to rebuild yourself with your heretofore latent gifts and abilities turned on so that you can be quantum-leaping through all the shifts.

Right now I’m offering 40% off my full Wisdom Portal activations; my Guides told me to in late January or early February. I’ll admit that I pushed back (“you don’t offer discounts on one of the most beautiful and sacred experiences possible!”) but they told me that many people needed it, and that when the money hurdle is lowered, it’s easier to say yes to their true soul’s desire.

I also take payments, if that settles your mind about doing this work. Please contact me if you want to talk about what it entails and so that we can determine if this is right for you, or right for you right now. Yes, I do have a scheduler, but in these anything-goes stay-at-home moments, it’s better in so many ways if you just connect with me directly.

I am not asking that you do it by yourself. I am also accepting the Divine Invitation to spread my wings and fly. On Wednesday a dear friend and well-known musician suggested that I learn to play the Celtic fiddle.

[His exact words were “sometimes when I see you I have to stop myself from asking ‘Did you bring your fiddle?’ Like I knew you from a past life when you were a fiddler.” You can imagine how that might strike a particularly resonant chord for me.]

He saw it in me, and I trust his wisdom, so I took the leap. He connected me to a great local luthier and my new fiddle is being shipped right now.

This is the kind of divine communication through the mouths of other humans that cannot be planned or prepared for. But it IS the kind of pivot point upon which I have built my entire life and all of my successes; when I’ve felt like I’ve failed it’s because I didn’t follow those invitations.

People often marvel at how many times I’ve burned down my life to be reborn from the ashes (oh, and there have been plenty of ashes!) It’s all about recognizing the invitations when they come.

I am now inviting you–if you so desire–to a conversation about accelerating your path via your Records. You get to choose what to ask about, and I can never see anything that you haven’t given me express permission to see.

Email me or reach out on messenger or by text if you have my number..

Love + Magick to you, Beloved!

May our Winged Hearts Fly Ever Free (even if we are all staying home right now as an ongoing act of Love)!

P.S.: One of the main messages from the Spiritual Accelerator post was that while many people are waiting for things to “return to normal” (normal driving, normal consuming, normal polluting), what if what we’re living through right now IS the return to normal?

That the acceleration of technology, overpopulation, deforestation, the degradation of oceans and the atmosphere, etc. that humanity has imposed on our planet over the past 300 years is the mistake, the glitch in the program, the blip of the screen of planetary time? Read more about it here.

P.P.S.: In the Equinox post, we had cards from Jen Duchene’s fantastic deck (it’s for sale here) including the 31 Soul Portal above and the 5 card (indicating change–big surprise!).

We also received crystals for the start of the astrological year speaking to us of cycles of death + rebirth, the Divine Feminine, renewal, massive shifts that are only available if we let go of what’s no longer serving us (I could write several posts JUST on how Green Aventurine applies to our human situation today!), taking the long view, massive amounts of manifestation and elimination of toxins, emotional balance and peace, and the need to speak our personal truths right now.

It’s worth a look. I promise.