Love is More True than Fear

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Love is more true than fear.
Love is stronger than fear.

Today lots of people are celebrating Easter. It’s a day of renewal, rebirth, resurrection.

It occurs to me on this day when the human self meets the divine self that the re-birthing has finally come to pass, just over a year after I first shared about it at the March 20, 2019 Equinox

I called that post “Total Planetary Reset,” and I wasn’t 100% clear on what that meant.

Back then I was hearing that the entire world had shifted overnight. That it had undergone a radical transformation, pulling itself from the 3D into the crystalline 5D in a single night.

The main difference I was seeing between 3D and 5D is that the 3D is more dense, more slow to shift, more subject to the “old rules” that had been in place on Planet Earth for many thousands of years.

The 5D is more mercurial, a shape-shifter, highly attuned to intention: instant manifestation of the “good” and the “bad” (though really there’s no difference if you look from a high enough perspective). This crystalline energy is playful—divine joy particles (photons, LOVE particles) choosing in every moment to play at being solid rather than the pure light that they actually are so that humans can maintain their vision/illusion of linear time and solid space.

We have passed through the final portal into full-on crystalline energy at the last Eclipse Season of December/January.

{ I have 2 striking asides to add here: (1) December/January is when the novel Coronavirus started spreading, and (2) we are currently in a Moon Wobble, meaning that the Aries New Moon and the Libra Full Moon of last week are precisely square to the Capricorn Solar Eclipse of 25/26 December and the Cancer Lunar Eclipse of 10 January; you may have noticed that some of the themes that were showing up for you then have returned this month for completion or escalation.}

There is no going back, and that’s a good thing.

Gaia is re-asserting her sovereignty.

She is asking us all to go to our rooms to think about what kind of world we want to create while she cleans up the messes that the Old Order has created.

These include environmental messes of course (how humans relate to other divine beings like oceans, mountains, trees, the atmosphere) but also interpersonal messes, the deep inequalities created by hierarchies: racism, sexism, financial stratification, unequal access to health care, unequal access to social justice, unequal access to life, liberty, the pursuit of our dreams and the protection of our families.

Mother Nature is taking her planet back.

Pollution is disappearing and animals are reclaiming the territory that humans pushed them out of when the cities sprawled.

The water of the holy Ganges river is India is safe to drink for the first time in years.

The hole in the Ozone Layer is repairing itself faster than anyone thought possible. Actually, we didn’t even believe that it WAS possible!

Crystalline energy IS Magick. It IS instant manifestation. And I am finding it to be entirely breathtaking.

Yes, it has taken a month or 2 for these massive shifts to have occurred, but in terms of geologic time (the timeframe in which we humans have seen the Earth shift in the past) two months rather than hundreds of thousands of years IS instantaneous. WOW!!!

I am welcoming the crystalline energy. I am welcoming the renewal. I am welcoming the Unknown.

And I am in awe of the way and the speed at which things are shifting for us.

Speaking of welcoming the unknown and the renewal, and the magick of crystalline energy:

Your body–not just your mental and emotional bodies–may be reacting to all this shifting. I experienced that last week again and again and again.

I was simultaneously purging old energies and bringing in new ones.

You, too?

I was sick enough over the space of a few days to qualify for one of the super-rare COVID tests; the 4 hours of waiting in a closed car and creeping forward through a parking garage to self-swab then wait for results was quite a trip. I’m negative, but that high fever and other symptoms were cooking me hard!

On the model of Gaia, who has been reclaiming her planetary Sovereignty, so have I stopped putting up with a lot of things that I tolerated for years because it seemed “easier” to let them slide. I am coming to the realization that it’s been quite a burden to tolerate that which is out of alignment.

Part of this was the non-negotiable requirement that I stay off most technology and social media for days.

In terms of the new, I’ve decided that this time of self-isolation is the perfect opportunity for a birthing; we are in the season of fertility, after all, with eggs and Easter bunnies everywhere.

One of the new things I’m birthing is my M3 experience, an exploration of the new energies of MONEY that are now coming into play. More about this very soon.

This 6-week experience will be primarily one of exploring how MONEY wants to be understood and partnered with in the emerging paradigm.

If you have been curious about how money works (and is NO LONGER willing to work) in the post-Patriarchal era, I invite you to join me for this adventure through the power portals of the Now into the the limitless potential of the future via the Akashic Records.

I offered a similar itinerary during the last Eclipse Season, and from that jaw-dropping series this one was born. It was some of the best. highest-frequency channeling I’ve EVER done, and I’m pretty damn good, so that’s saying something!

This one promises to be even better, since the material is so focused on a single topic. I’ve been hearing about and preparing for it since late January, well before I had any earthly notion that world economies would be up for a total rebirth. Perfect timing. Thanks, Guides!

Another totally new thing for me is picking up the invitation to learn to play the fiddle during this period of social isolation. Last Tuesday was the first time I’d ever held a bow in my hands, and I have to say that emotionally I’m a mixed bag of wonder, joy, overwhelm, curiosity, pride, humility, frustration and all the gifts that come with the Beginner’s Mind.

In other words, I stepped off the cliff and am in a space of pure Trust right now.

I’ve been challenged to make a short video of me playing a simple tune and discussing what the experience of building new neurons in my brain has brought me. I’m enjoying the trying, so while it would be completely edgy for me to get on video with that, I’m committing to doing that soon. Watch this space.

The message above and at the top of the page come from a potent channeling I did for my dear friend Debbie Pokornik’s podcast “Vibrant Powerful Moms.” Wow was it potent! And absolutely perfect for the times we are living through right now, though the channeling took place in early November of last year.

Much of what the Akashic Records Keepers were telling us was about how to embrace Love over fear. That’s what they’ve been saying through me for YEARS of course, but given the levels of fear we are all walking through right now, this message is stunningly relevant.

The podcast is about 45 minutes long, and there is SO much that is useful to anyone–not just mamas–that I highly recommend you check it out. It’s basically all channeled, so be sure to get grounded after listening (there’s info about that on the podcast). Find it here.

Since you’ve read this far down the page, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did. I’m sharing a few of the gems pulled out from the show by the host, below. Use these tools to help you move through these interesting times where all we thought we could count on is suddenly unreliable. And please share if you know people who would be helped!

Here’s the link again to the channeling; you can download it and listen as often as you like:

May we all continue to walk through the Unknown with Grace and Compassion, for ourselves and for others.

So much Love,