Navel Gazing for Mother’s Day

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Invitation to Break the Rules

Wishing a Happy Mothers’ Day to all.

It’s a day to honor the Feminine in yourself (especially if you don’t identify as a woman) and in others. As a reminder, everyone and everything is a mix of Masculine and Feminine, with some people expressing more of the feminine traits and others expressing more masculine ones; this doesn’t have to fall along gender lines.

The Akashic Records teach us that the Feminine includes the following qualities/energies:

intuition, creation/birth/manifestation, perseverance/endurance, courage/inner strength, flow, seeing the bigger picture and then nurturing/attending to the needs of the collective, generosity, wisdom, intimacy, compassion,
and grace.

(Note that some of these have historically been held as the purview of the Masculine, under the Patriarchal Order: strength and courage, for example. We are taught that women are weak and need protection, but anyone who has witnessed a woman birthing her child naturally knows that’s patently false.)

For me, CONNECTION is the through-line for all of these qualities. When we tap into how we are connected to everything and everyone—including Nature, including the Divine (however you define it)—there is no way we can keep going around killing and oppressing others. This has been allowed to happen on our planet because of the age-long suppression of the Feminine under the Patriarchal Order.

For millennia, the Patriarchal powers declared that only women had access to the feminine and only men had access to the masculine (note the emphasis on separation here–the hallmark of the Patriarchy) and gathered all the traits they deemed positive under the aegis of the Masculine while vilifying or even criminalizing those traits deemed feminine. Intuition and knowing herb lore could certainly get you burned at the stake…

PLEASE TAKE TODAY TO NOTICE THAT YOU HAVE A BELLY BUTTON, which indicates your months-long interconnectedness to your mother.

From there feel into your interconnectedness to those who share your bloodline or your living space.

Feel how connected you are to those neighbors who walk or drive or bike the same streets as you when we’re not all staying at home.

Feel your connection to the earth and the trees and birds and small animals and insects who live in close proximity to your home. When you see them, remember this connection and welcome them as you would a beloved family member (their ancestors were here before any of the buildings were built, remember).

The Feminine is asking you—just for today—to recall that you are a worthy part of a vast global (cosmic!) golden web of interconnection with everything and everyone else.

In our patriarchal world that denigrates all things feminine, especially if they’re not “useful” or “productive” (this is hilarious, but that’s a story for another day) such a thing as navel-gazing is considered the height of unprofitable time-wasting, and as such, nearly criminal.

I am asking you to do it anyway. Begging you, if you feel resistance. If we all were to spend just 5 minutes contemplating how connected we are to everybody and everything we see around us, could that not eventually bring about the end of injustice and inequality?

Oh, did I mention that idealism, inspiration and hope are also feminine qualities?

Pass it on, knowing that no matter where you identify on the gender spectrum the Feminine is your birthright.

May our Winged Hearts all fly free!