Solstice Solar Eclipse Portal

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Stepping through the Portal of 2020

Beloved, I invite you to take advantage of today’s Solstice/Ring of Fire Cancer Solar Eclipse to look at your life; we are ALL being invited to pause today for this long look. Take a few moments to contemplate the Annular Eclipse sequence pictured below.

Drop out of your brain* and into your belly. Ask your body what this image means to it and look for the answer to rise up (as a knowing, as a word, as a feeling, as an image—all are equally valid and an expression of how you uniquely process information) from your pelvic floor.

*If you need guidance on how to do this, here is an exercise my friends and clients have found useful when they find they can’t simply “drop down” by deciding to, or by taking a deep breath, stretching/arching their backs, wiggling their hips or tightening their glutes around the tailbone: with your mind’s eye, imagine a ball of light—like the Times Square ball drop on New Year’s Eve—dropping from the top of your head to your pelvic floor/root chakra. Really watch it go all the way down. Count it down slowly: ten… nine (it’s falling through your head)… eight (it’s at your chin)… seven… all the way down until you’re at three (belly button)… two (sacral chakra)… one… zero (pelvic floor/base chakra).

What came up for you? I invite you to really take your time sitting with it, and allowing whatever emotion that accompanies it to be welcome and embraced. Giving the feeling free reign to be recognized and accepted will help you move through the next 3 months. This is a powerful moment of choosing—perhaps the most powerful of our collective lives.

This Ring of Fire Eclipse is inviting us to choose what we bring back into our lives after the unmaking of the world with the pandemic, the economic crash, and global response to patriarchal oppression as exemplified by police brutality.

Our individual lives as we have known them have been altered in both obvious and subtle ways.

The world at large has been altered.

Our consciousness—individual AND collective—will hold the imprint of the first half of 2020 for many generations to come.

It is now time for us to CHOOSE. To choose what we will allow back into our lives. To choose how to fill the container of this annular eclipse. Sure, the ring isn’t actually empty, but it is a powerful symbol.

What will we make space for in our lives?

Will we invite all the oppressive, hierarchical “isms” that separate back in (sexism, racism, colonialism, rampant capitalism, nationalism, partisanism, consumerism, imperialism to name just a few) or are we going to see and understand that this circle of Light that is offered to us today is a chalice of peace and a symbol of wholeness—both individual and collective?

In essence, we are being invited to choose between connection and separation. Wholeness and fragmentation. Love and fear. The Chalice and the Sword.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the sword—it’s very useful for protection and cutting away the old and outdated—but we have lived and died by the sword for a long time. It may well be the age of the Chalice (the womb of creation) that we are entering into. I love how the Ring of Fire even looks like a chalice as seen from above.

Personally, I am hoping that many of us choose to put our secret dreams into the chalice over “the way it’s always been.”

True, throughout recorded history—which is edge-to-edge Patriarchal because that’s when written language was developed and therefore entirely governed by fear and separation—things have been a certain way.

The hierarchical structure of “developed” or “civilized” societies (note the judgement here) has been around for 7 thousand years, or 10 at most. We tend to forget—and most certainly are never TAUGHT—that pre-Patriarchal societies did exist, for 40 thousand years or more. These societies left little mark on the land (Stonehenge is a notable exception) and therefore it has been easy to erase their peaceful contributions to the cycles of life on our planet. Note that in what we now call North America, Patriarchal “civilization” didn’t arrive until 400 years ago.

The monuments to the Patriarchy are ancient and sturdy: ancient stone structures (temples, pyramids), ancient sacred texts (the Torah, etc.). We can look back on them and say to ourselves with confidence “that’s right—our culture must be right and GOOD because it’s been here doing the same things, making PROGRESS toward the same goals, since time immemorial.”

I believe that this is how we allow injustice and oppression to survive and thrive. “It’s always been this way” offers a kind of absolution to brutality. Since we, personally, didn’t create the problem, and seemingly no one can remember a time when it wasn’t this way, there must be no solution, and even if there were one, it wouldn’t be my responsibility to solve it.

We need to stop thinking of systemic oppression (the Patriarchy) as inevitable, because it isn’t. We need to stop offering absolution to the brutality because it has “always been this way.”

News flash: it hasn’t! The way it was before the Patriarchal Order established itself through sky-god religion and the idea of ownership/private property was erased by the new hierarchical regime. The way Life on Earth has been for w-a-y longer is one of recognition of how interwoven we all are with each other, with the cycles of life, death, and rebirth, with nature, and with the stars.

I am putting a collective return to the vital awareness of our interconnection into my chalice for amplification (so that it can grow and resonate out).

Today’s Ring of Fire Eclipse Portal is inviting us to see in whatever way we can the ways of being that are possible but rendered invisible by our culture. We are being offered a key to living in the Power of Love rather than the Love of Power. (Hats off to Mr. Hendrix.)

What are you going to invite into your life at this Moment of Truth? And, more importantly, what are you choosing to leave outside the circle or chalice of your heart/hearth/Earth?

Note that Mercury just went retrograde in Cancer, asking us to re-visit and re-consider how we nurture ourselves and others, and what home and hearth look and feels like to us. Ha! We’ve just had “stay-at-home” orders keeping most of us within 4 walls for months, giving us plenty of time to experience the joys and dis-comforts of home. What would you change? Right now (Sunday and Monday) is the best time to get clear and set intentions about what nurturance and hominess feel like, so that you can make those dreams come true over the coming months and years.

My guides are saying that we’ll be in the energy of “re-filling” the chalice of our home (heart, hearth, Earth) from now through the beginning of October. March through this Solstice have been months of emptying out; now we are choosing what we want our new reality and emerging paradigm to look like.

(This information on this paradigm shift came through in an amazing adventure at the previous Solstice, called Magick + Manifestation through Eclipse Season, available now as a home study adventure. It really is some of the most magickal and empowering information that I have EVER channeled in my decade of doing this work. Wow.)

If you are interested in the astrological details of this portal, the Solstice is exact at 5:43 pm Eastern today (Saturday 20 June) and the Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse (happening at 0 degrees Cancer, right on that Solstice point, of course) is exact at either 2:25 or 2:41 am on Sunday (my sources said one or the other).

For those in the S hemisphere, today is your Winter Solstice, the ultimate seed-planting for the year! (And, because it’s an eclipse, for many years to come.) Mid-winter blessings to you! Enjoy the stillness. If like me you’re in the N hemisphere, happy Mid-summer!

How I’m celebrating: I plan on watching the Stonehenge livestreamed sunrise (do a search for the best link) starting at about 11:30 Eastern tonight: sunrise in the UK is set to be 4:51 am local time.

Then, tomorrow at I pm Eastern I’ll do my own livestream on FB with a Solar Eclipse Solstice portal message from the crystals. This is a great time to be setting intentions for the next month (it’s a New Moon) AND the next 6-12 months (it’s an eclipse) and even the next 19 years: the next time we’ll have a June Solstice Solar Eclipse is in 2039!

I hope that you’ll join me for my Solstice love-stream. And that you’ll take up my invitation to decide what you want to allow back into your heart, back into your mind, back into your daily life, and into your Earthly expression this time around.

Together we can make all the difference.

Together we can return to the Power of Love by turning the Love of Power inside-out. Love is stronger than fear. Our unified hearts can tear down those seemingly sturdy monuments to separation and oppression.

Light your fires and REJOICE!

So much Love to you! May our winged hearts by ever free!

P.S.: Here’s a tiny snippet from the over 15 hours of wisdom that came through Magick + Manifestation through Eclipse Season, and one that I’ve bean leaning on:

“You are connected to your truth, and all you need to know.

Everything is made of love.”

On that note, I wish you a beautiful Solstice Eclipse.