Alchemy of the Star

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Awakening to our Future through the Alchemy of the Star

The above image, if you’re not already familiar with it, is the Star card from the famous Rider-Waite tarot deck. She has come to help us sort through the initiatory and alchemical energies of this week.

She represents hope, inspiration, intuition, higher consciousness, and reconnecting to optimism and the promise of better days ahead.

Oh, boy! We are just catching our breath from the upgrades and gateways of eclipse season and the Venus and Mercury retrogrades (yes, there were and are still plenty of outer planets doing the backstroke, but we humans feel them less) and are now offered another cluster of portals to serve our growth this week.

We are in the thick of it now, but I am feeling more hopeful than ever now, despite all of the initiations we are walking through as a human collective.

The first is Monday 3 August’s Full Moon in Aquarius, which will bring breakthroughs and quantum leaps thanks to a T-square from Uranus. It’s an 11/11/11 Full Moon, so there are gateways aplenty, and many opportunities for stepping into a new reality of your creation.

Soon thereafter, High Lughnasadh (the astrologically exact midpoint at 15 degrees of Leo) occurs Thursday night into Friday (6-7 August) followed closely by the peak of the Lion’s Gate on the 8th. This one is always a doozie for me as my Sun-Earth axis is at 15 Aquarius-Leo, the Imbolc/Lughnasadh points, but it feels especially massive this year, probably because we are in such a tabula rasa kind of moment here on Planet Earth.


Moonday’s Full Moon (yes, the days of the week correspond to planets, though since we call the planets by their Roman names and the days often refer to the Nordic pantheon we don’t always see it in English, but just think of Sun-day and Saturn-day and it will be clear) was ruled by AND amplified by revolutionary, doing-it-my-own-way Uranus. Uranus is about the higher mind, strokes of genius, flashes of intuition, ideas that support the betterment of humanity, sudden shifts, as well as technology and electricity.

Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, is an air sign (a sign of the mind and intellect) that pours out the Waters of Consciousness onto the Earth so that we can all see connections that we had previously missed. What connections have you been making that had previously been unclear? If you can’t think of any right now, why not ask your guides or Higher Self to tap you on the shoulder when some new insights are available? I love this practice.

Lughnasadh is a Cross-Quarter Holy Day, and one of the 8 spokes in the Wheel of the Year. In the Northern Hemisphere, it falls at the midpoint between the Summer Solstice and Autumnal Equinox, and is the first harvest festival of the fall. It truly is the partner of early February’s Imbolc—dedicated to Brigid and her smithery—as the Celtic god Lugh (pronounced Lou) is the patron god of artisans, and smiths in particular.

This holy day is also known as Lammas (loaf mass) because traditionally, the first sheaf of wheat was ritually cut at the beginning of August. It would be milled into flour and made into a loaf of bread which was shared by the entire community.

This first grain was the promise and celebration of the abundance of Mother Earth. While the loaf represented the death of the grain (it was cut down by a scythe which was also the tool that the figure of Death would use to cut down humans when their time had come). Some grain was retained to seed the next year’s fields, of course.

It was a kind of pledge that the members of the community would live through the winter and spring until the following harvest. This holiday, like the other 7 spokes on the Wheel, is ritual theatre dramatizing the theme of death and rebirth and the celebration of the cyclical nature of the Nature (life, seasons).

At this unprecedented moment in our human history, it could feel like things are spinning off their usual axes (and many are, for sure!) but Mother Nature is reminding us that the cycles of the Moon (New waxing to Full, Full waning to New in a very predictable manner) and the Wheel of the Year, where season follows on season, can be counted on to keep us grounded. We can depend on these cycles to offer stability even though they are constantly changing, cycling through. They offer Grace in motion. The Dance of Life.

When I asked my guides about this week’s set of remarkable events, they immediately showed me the tarot card The Star.

This card, the 17 (XVII) of the major arcana, not only represents the sign of Aquarius–so perfect for this week’s Full Moon–but (as I’m seeing for the first time) that it can also be pointing us to the brightest star in the heavens: Sirius. Navigators of the northern hemisphere used the North Star to travel by, but the brightest star we can see from Earth is the Dog Star, Sirius. It’s actually at least 10 times brighter than our own Sun and on 8/8 at the Lion’s Gate, our home planet aligns with Sirius, our Spiritual Sun.

The Lion’s Gate opens yearly on 26 July (this is the Mayan Galactic New Year becaUse of the alignment with the Central Sun, incidentally) and peaks on 8/8. This entire period is one in which Earth and all living things on it are bathed in the Blue light of Sirius, the codes of which upgrade our systems on the material and immaterial planes.

It’s normal to feel a little loopy or ungrounded while the Lion’s Gate is open, especially this year when so much of the decaying paradigm that we have all known for millennia is falling away before our very eyes.

The Lion’s Gate and Sirius’s light mark a new cycle and come each year to bolster humanity’s faith in the Good. The energy is one of boundlessness, unconditional Love, infinite possibilities.

This year in particular it opened just weeks after the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse marking a radical shift away from finding the source of authority outside the Self to finding it within our own hearts. The sign of the Lion (Leo) is all about the heart–finding our truth and our courage there.

I’ve been listening for ways to help everyone deal with this triple portal of radical shifts, higher consciousness, and abundance. Not just to weather or ride out the storminess, but to really open ourselves to all of the potential upgrades and opportunities.

This is a big one. High Lughnasadh/Lammas always occurs as the Lion’s Gate is peaking, but to have the Full Moon in Aquarius turbo-charged by Uranus almost exactly square to the Sun and Moon just days prior is a huge gift. It’s a gift of courage, insight, inspiration, and innovation. It’s not necessarily easy, but it will get things moving.

Will the things that start to move be internal or external? That remains to be seen.

In the midst of all the spinning and shifting energies, this is the plan that finally clicked in: I will meet those who want to join me on Friday the 7th (early afternoon Eastern Time) for a channeling event, where everyone can ask questions about this triple gateway of Aquarius Full Moon, Lammas spoke in the Wheel of the Year 2020, and Lion’s Gate along with its implications for the next 6+ weeks until the Equinox and beyond.

On the 8th, I will host a Lion’s Gate Activation and guided journey to make the most of all the Light Codes coming through (mid-morning). On Thursday I will host a third call integrating the channeling and activation events (early afternoon again).

You need never be present on the live calls, as whenever you listen you will be connected to the Akashic Energy of the live moment; if you register ahead of the live events and know you cannot make it in person, please send in a question or two and listen for the answer on the downloadable recording. These are meant to open up with new meaning and Light Codes over time, with each new listening.

In other words, “I’m too late to participate” doesn’t exist.

Part of what we are shedding right now is the illusion of time as a constant.

Expect the channeling call to last 90 minutes at least (give yourself time to ground afterwards), the activation to be an hour, and the integration an hour or more (I have yet to do one, so I don’t know for sure how it will run, but expect Q+A, animal and crystal guides to assist with integration, and more; you’ll receive an email before the call with ancillary materials and visuals). I always insist on an integration call when channeling personal Akashic Records, but these days people have been asking for integrations for these potent calls as the energies right now are so big and unfamiliar.

Overall, this “Alchemy of the Star” activation will offer about 4 hours of timely guidance. If it feels right, please join me. Note that all payment options add up to 8, the number of the Star tarot card (17 –> 8) and this Lion’s Gate portal.

I do not need to tell you that we are all living through some very destabilizing times. [Snort!] It’s as though we’re experiencing a very long and slow earthquake.

My best advice to you is not to try to clean up the smashed pieces of the world we knew, or to fret over what is intact and what isn’t (that will change). Gather those you love close, and to stay as safe and as grounded in your own Knowing as possible.

Notice how you FEEL and honor it! Acknowledge those feelings, let them tell you your Truth. If someone in your field is insisting that something which feels wrong in your heart is true or right, just walk away.

This is a moment of shedding. We are all shedding our old lives like a worn-out, ill-fitting coat in the summer heat. As you wriggle out of it, notice how threadbare it is, how mis-matched to your shiny essence-self, even if for years it felt like comfort and security.

A new day is dawning, and it’s full of promise. I can feel it; it’s visceral. You can, too, right?

Love + Magic,

P.S.: Click below right to join the three calls for the triple gateway and infinity portal for those of us who are ready to flow with the changes.

Click here for the Infinity Portal registration link. When you sign up, you should be taken to the page with all the times and links for the various calls. If you’re not so directed, or if you mistakenly close the page, let me know and I’ll put you back on track.