More Balanced than You Might Think…

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An Equinox with Special Gifts

The Equinox is a day of balance, something which might feel foreign rather than comforting in these strange times…

Numerologically today’s date 9.22.2020 reduces to 8.
(Nines cancel themselves out.)

An 8–itself already quite balanced in an infinity sign way or an “as above, so below” way—which is today made up of 4 twos is astonishing in its balance.

Two is the number of partnership, unity, polarity/duality, love. Pure creative life force. Healing. Having four of these—on the equinox, one of the 4 solar gates that every human feels—creates 4 pillars of light so that we can feel grounded and supported.

That 8 of abundance and infinity is a reminder that–no matter the shit-show that’s currently playing on the news–the wheel of the year keeps on turning (meaning both that Nature supports us and no matter what today brings tomorrow or next week will bring something new), we can count on cycles, and that today’s Mabon harvest festival in the Northern hemisphere is a harvest festival.

What are you harvesting?

It’s a great time to pause and contemplate what you’re thankful for, and to really feel that infinitude of golden abundance/gratitude filling your heart.

Don’t forget to light your equinox fires!

I’m aware that you haven’t heard much from me lately.

My sweet baby Castor got sick with cancer and declined very quickly over the summer. He was on my lap or in my arms or right next to me for the last 6 weeks of his life. He and his brother Pollux (Gemini Westie twins) came to live with us on 2 August 2006. I carried him everywhere, and was loath to leave the house except for essentials in August and the first part of September.

Not only was I more of a hermit than usual, but I also found it hard to write for this blog; there was no room for the laptop when my lap was already occupied by an ailing beloved. I had plenty to say about the Leo New Moon, the Pisces Full Moon, and most recently the Virgo New Moon, plus Mars Retrograde, but didn’t have the heart to let the dog play second fiddle to my work. His unflagging loyalty over the past 14+ years had earned him that at least.

During one week, his health improved, and I managed to put together a registration/info page for my new “Magick & Manifestation: Money” (M3) journey. I was so excited!

My Magick & Manifestation Through Eclipse Season (now offered as a home study) was hands-down the very best thing I had ever offered. And because my mother had transitioned just 9 hours before Eclipse Season started, I didn’t really market it.

My heart just wasn’t in telling people about something I could feel would be huge and amazing. (And OH! was it ever more huge and more amazing than I had anticipated–wow!) I didn’t realize until August just how much more prepared for the ups and downs of 2020 those of us who had done the M&M journey were than even those energetic masters that I work with often. It was uncanny to see it…

As soon as I finished the page, Castor’s health dipped again, and six days later we said goodbye. The M3 journey began the very next day–September 11th–with pretty much the membership of the adventure from last December/January, because I didn’t need to make the case for joining to them–THEY KNEW.

Knew that it would be intense. Knew that it would be change their relationship with other humans, the space-time continuum, and the very idea of ownership. Knew that it would expand their connection to their own infinite wisdom and ease them further into leadership roles in the emerging paradigm.

Money doesn’t want to be a tool for oppression anymore. Money wants to be a weaver of delight, moving people further into–not away from–wholeness and self-love.

I invite you to check out the M3 registration page: there’s a short Akashic Records channeling on the topic that might blow your mind. (It pretty much blew me and everyone on the call away, and we knew what we were in for!) If you’re feeling called, there are plenty of payment options. So far we are one call in (I got laid low by as virus one week to the hour after Castor’s death–test was negative–so there are still 7 of 8 live calls to go) and I would consider that you’re arriving right on time.

Especially if you have been noticing a shift in how you relate (or want to relate) to money, ownership, and power, this may be for you. Because it is an extended but weekly deep dive into the Akashic Records of Money & Power, you cannot help but be shifted. Even if you never listened to the calls you would be entrained by your “yes!” and the collective magnetism of the journey into an expanded relationship with your essence-self, a deeper wisdom of who you are and what you’re capable of.

Frankly, the world needs more of that right now–Champions of Light and Love Warriors who can hold and reflect the Truth as disinformation rages and the twin movements of fascism and oligarchy rise across the globe.

M3 is not a “program” in the sense of having a defined curriculum.

It’s more like bathing in the warm, healing waters of unconditional love & wisdom, and emerging a completely new person. One that inhabits her power or his power with new ease and grace.

It’s definitely not too late to join us for the live adventure. There are even a few spots still available for 10% off with the code “FIRST10” (all caps, no spaces). Read and listen here. Reach out if you have questions; I’m always happy to talk about the astonishing and alchemical “Magick + Manifestation” journeys.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who went to take the fight for Women’s Rights to a different plane on Friday deserves (and will get) and entire post dedicated just to her. A post on the Solar Feminine–the New Feminine energy which is no longer one of reflected light (as it was under the Patriarchy), but self-generated light. More on this later!

To me, RBG put women on the map.

Until the early 1970’s women weren’t just marginalized. The non-inclusion of women in the category of “any person” was settled law under SCOTUS from the 19th Century until then.


(Normally, I would tell you what the specific lawsuits were, but I’m honestly pretty exhausted following Castor’s death, a sudden hard-hitting virus, then RBG’s passing a day later, so if you want to look these up and get back to me, please do. The case that made the law was Virginia v. [the person whose name I am forgetting], in which this woman had passed the bar in NY state, but had moved to Virginia and wanted to practice law there. Under Virginia statute “any person” who had passed the bar and had the right to practice law in another state could do so in Virginia, but she was specifically excluded. The case went to the Supreme Court, and they decided in favor of Virginia.)

On Saturday, I sat down with my 14-year-old to watch the documentary RGB (Magnolia Pictures). It was important to me that she know who this great woman–this Titan of the law–was, and how her life is already different than what it might’ve been without RGB’s tireless efforts to create the (gender) equality that was promised in the 14th Amendment to our Constitution, but which wasn’t practiced because (this is the generous reading, Justice RGB’s reading) the men on the High Bench didn’t see the discrimination.

If I were a mom to boys I would’ve done the same thing. As a former college professor, I’ve seen that most millennials even dismiss the fight for gender equality as a fight that’s done, but it’s not; not even close. In her famous dissent to Shelby, RGB said the gutting of the voting rights act was akin to throwing away your umbrella in the midst of a storm because you’re not getting wet.

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest that you do. It’s funny and inspiring and contains more than a few surprises the first time you watch it. It’s available some places streaming for free, or you can rent it for a few dollars; I’d suggest buying it for a few more if you can.

Her legacy includes bringing equal rights and fair pay for men AND women into the national spotlight. (Her early cases argued before SCOTUS were mostly men asking for benefits typically awarded to women.)

She made sure women could be financially independent: again, until the early 1970’s women couldn’t hold a credit card or open a bank account or sign a lease or a mortgage in her own name, but had to have a man (father, brother or other “guardian”if unmarried) co-sign with her.

If you appreciate (or know someone who appreciates) not being beholden to someone else’s whims about your personal financial decisions, you owe the Notorious RGB a great debt of gratitude. I know I do.

Without powerful Justices willing to stand up over and over and BE that umbrella day after day to defend the rights of women, people of color, immigrants (for we are all immigrants, are we not?), LBGTQX, the poor, those with disabilities, and more, we won’t really live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We’d be living in the land of the “only those with enough money and influence win.” Or the land where “only those who are angry and scared enough to shoot people” win. I don’t want to live in that America.

Still, it’s the Equinox, and a truly magickal one at that. Breathe in the balance that is available, and know that no matter what the outpicturing of the world looks like, with every decision, though, word, and act, you are creating your own world.

Be the Rose Quartz, transmitting Love on all frequencies. Every little bit of that counts triple these days!

Remember that the tools of the pacifist are potent:

Holding space.
Listening with compassion.
Witnessing without judgment or advice.
Recording what is true (on video or in words) so that later if someone tries to say “it was never that way” you have proof to offset the gaslighting.
Standing your ground not with a weapon but with the power of breath, grounding, and embodiment.
Living in alignment with your heart

These are the tools of the Champions of Light. The Love Warriors.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The time is now.

Let’s do this. (Wondering how? Reach out.)

Love + Magick,