Introducing the Third Eyewitness News Channel

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“The News You Need Now”

Listen to the first episode for tips on how to navigate the energies of these times. Recorded live on 25 September 2020.

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Over a decade ago in early 2010–before I started consciously channeling the Akashic Records, and while I was still a tenured professor of French and Women’s Studies–during my Morning Pages exercises, a set of voices started to come in. (Whoa! That was a surprise.)

These voices (there were 4 entities) wanted to tell me about the divine truth behind the earthquake that has recently devastated Haiti. They said I should call their transmissions the “Third Eyewitness News channel.”

A few months later whenI left my academic career and learned how to channel Akashic Records, I also realized that these entities from the news channel were part of the Akashic Records crew that I was now working so closely with.

From the beginning, my mentor Jen Eramith told me (from my Records) that I was meant to be bringing in divine perspectives on human events to act as a kind of soothing balm for people worried about global events. “Cool,” I thought. And in fact, I have done that for big events off and on.

Back in 2010, I could not imagine the kind of times that we are moving through right now, with a global pandemic and instability (to use the most neutral term possible) in the institutions of government, education, medicine, and the stock markets.

So, it’s finally time to turn this into a more consistent set of transmissions. I plan on setting this up as a podcast soon, but for now here is the first episode, about moving from a fear-matrix to a love-matrix, and how best to navigate these uncertain times.

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