Be the Rose Quartz on Election Day

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On 3 November (and beyond), remember to be a part of the wave, not the landscape

Dear one, on this day when Americans are choosing their next president, this is a reminder that no matter our nationality, we can–indeed, must!–vote in every moment.

One of the brilliant and most essential (as in: part of our essence) things about being a human is the ability to choose. Even if we are in a situation where our choices are limited, we still get to choose how to respond. We can choose to call upon our guides, angels, ancestors, Higher Self, or inner strength.

Today I am suggesting that we as crystalline beings (we are all made of water, and water is liquid crystal) call upon our inner Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is a stone which carries the vibration of LOVE: self-love, romantic love, familial love, love for nature, love for all humanity, caritas, or any other kind of Love you can think of.

The suggestions to “BE the Rose Quartz” and to be a part of the wave (of change–in motion and flowing with the energies) not the landscape come from the “Uranus in Taurus” channeling I did a couple of years ago in May when Uranus entered Taurus for the first time since the 1930’s. Last Saturday’s Taurus Full Moon was exactly, exactly conjunct Uranus at 8 degrees, so this channeling is still very much potent and useful for all of us right now.

In the video below, recorded on Halloween, I discuss some of the (then) Full Moon’s potency, including the triple-8 (number of abundance) and more. It was livestreamed, and I played my Celtic fiddle (not always exactly on key, alas) for Sean Connery, who traveled on on this potent day.

I am off now to the polls here in Georgia to make sure that all the voters can stay in line, that they have what they need to stay safe during this pandemic, and that every vote counts.

Remember that NO election is over until every vote is counted and the results are certified. There’s no such thing as “stealing it back” until all the votes are counted and the election is certified, which could be several weeks away.

I’ll be staying off of social media for the next few days, but look for an invitation to join me for a “Meet Your Ancestors” event on Friday at 4 Eastern when Samhain is astrologically exact–the TRUE thinnest veils of the year.

I’m so excited to lead that adventure!

Samhain Blessings!

And may our WINGED HEARTS fly ever free!

Another quick announcement: I’m leading another Divine Feminine Mystery Journey (in other words–my version of priestess training) starting on the Goddess’s High Holy Day, Friday the 13th. It’s the Marry Your Intuition “Wrapping 2020 with Grace” edition.