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Can We Leave the 2020 Energies Behind? Not Quite Yet, but SOON

After so many months of being lost in the Mystery of timelessness, are you feeling that things are starting to move? I am!

I’ll sketch it out in greater detail this weekend in my Scorpio New Moon post, but since April we’ve been stuck in a kind of series of retrograde eddies. The first big one of Venus Rx, whose effects we started feeling maybe a month after the Coronavirus pandemic started hitting the planet.

As soon as it was over, we headed straight into Mars retrograde, which (finally!) ends tomorrow, though we’re likely to still feel the effects until the 3rd of January. That’s a lot of inner motion and time to figure out what we desire, repair relationships, and re-envision what we want our lives to be like on the other side of the pandemic.

We have now crossed into a time of finding our way out of those eddies


On 3 November, Mercury stationed direct.

Yesterday, 11/11/2020 was a powerful gateway of abundance.

Today we witnessed the third and final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (one of a handful of signature astrological influences for 2020) which invites us to let go of all the beliefs and power structures that don’t serve us—personally or collectively—so that we can embrace the emerging paradigm as it arrives like a grand wave.

We are in the throes of a grand shift!

But wait, there’s more!

Tomorrow is not only the second of 2 Venusian High Holy Days (Friday the 13th) but also, as noted above, the end of Mars’s inner journey, so that our Masculine (we all have this energy) can turn outward again to broadcast, defend, hold the container, or explore our transformed world.

There’s so much to say about this, and I’ll say more at tomorrow’s live event (there’s no cost to attend) where we’ll do a guided journey into the Feminine and Masculine. As Mars operates his about-face, he drops a knee in honor of his Feminine partner, Venus on her sacred day.

You are most warmly invited to join me for this call (it may be an hour long, but there’s a replay in case you cannot be there live) to help us all step into these emerging energies.

Click here to register with just your email. Can’t make it live? There’s a replay, of course.

This is preparation

This week’s portals and shifts are all in preparation for Saturday night’s/Sunday morning’s New Moon in Scorpio, which—once again—is a Super New Moon, but this time with none of the retro energies to hold back the newness and forward motion.

Think of these backwards energies in terms of sports metaphors: in archery, the more tightly the bowstring is drawn back, the further the arrow will fly when finally released. To hit a golf ball hard, you must pull the club far behind you before striking the ball so that it covers more of the green on its way toward the cup.

This New Moon over the weekend also kicks off Eclipse Season, six weeks of sudden shifts and big surprises (some pleasant, others not, typically). This is a time to expect the unexpected. If you know that the rug is likely to be pulled out from under you, you might be able to jump instead of being knocked to the ground when it happens.

And all of these lunar and astrological events are preparing us for the Grand Finale of 2020: the December Solstice.

[N.B,: if you’re not astro-savvy and really don’t care much about the planets, you can skip this next part and jump to the next bold text. Just know that things are lining up for us in a massive way and the breakthrough at the Turn of the Wheel of the Year will be H U G E!]

On the 21st of December, there will be another conjunction of planets like we’ve seen all year (Jupiter and Saturn) but instead of in Capricorn (incidentally, today’s meet-up between Jupiter and Pluto was at the exact same degree of the 35-year cycle that started when Saturn and Pluto met up on 12 January, right after a massive lunar eclipse) Jupiter and Saturn are meeting at 0 degrees of Aquarius.

This will mark the beginning of a new 20-year cycle. And since it happens at the zero point of Aquarius—the sign Liberation!! Home of the Revolutionary, Genius, Activist, Outsider, Visionary, and Truth-teller—it will carry us into a very new and freeing energy.

It’s not quite time for building the new world we all want to live in—we’re still tearing down the old one whose oppressive Patriarchal beliefs have been keeping us all under the thumb of the system for millennia.

We’re in that mystical, magickal Balsamic moment of the cycle that began in spring of the year 2000: where the old (once golden and now leaden) is melted down and transmuted to become the new gold.

We are on the cusp of rebirthing ourselves and our world

Surrender is the single pathway through (see the Alchemical Goddess card from the 13-Moon Oracle deck in the video below).

Everything is ours for the taking if we can just trust our instincts as we emerge into the world.

If you want help moving through this so-alchemical moment (witnessing, intimate community, rapid expansion of all your spiritual gifts), I am offering my beloved program Marry Your Intuition starting this coming week.

This edition is called “Wrapping 2020 in Grace.”

This is a journey to your deepest self. It’s about stillness and Being. It’s called “Marry Your Intuition,” but really it’s my version of introductory priestess training.

In fact, I don’t teach you to connect with your Guides or intuition at all.

No, we travel collectively through interdimensional portals to an Oasis with a large tent where we sit in sacred circle. Having set up the conditions for your intuition to speak to you, it simply does, when asked! And I witness it, as do the other women of this intimate collective.

Marry Your Intuition is a tightly-held container. It is a 2.5 month program completed in just 5 weeks. “Wrapping 2020 with Grace” will carry us through all but the first 3 days of  this very alchemical Eclipse Season, right up to the threshold of the December Solstice and the commencement of a new 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle, and possibly into the Age of Aquarius itself.

If you’ve got questions about MYI, please reach out here or register for the Friday the 13th ritual; I suspect (though I’m not in charge) that it will feel a lot like our journeys to the Sisterhood Oasis.

If you’re interested in this week’s 11/11/2020 gateway, please watch the video below. The cards and crystals that came to support this entire community were phenomenal and so perfect!


Steady on, Beloved! We can surely navigate these energies together.

May Own Winged Hearts Fly Ever Free + Inspire Those who Need It,