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Thanksgiving 2020:
A Day of Grace

Grace has been on my mind a lot.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. In French, it’s Jour de Grace, a day of grace.

GRACE as a concept presented itself to me as a theme of the year a few months ago, and it wanted top billing in the Marry Your Intuition Divine Feminine Deep Dive I’m embarking on: “Wrapping 2020 in Grace,” carrying the dual meaning of finishing the year, but also of envelopment and holding.

The word “grace” suggests shimmer, sparkle, lithe beauty, but also benediction, blessing, and mercy.

Grace is compassion, tenderness, kindness, generosity, and love.

Grace is supple, elegant, poised; at the same time both still and nimble. Fluid of movement, yet exquisitely subtle and light.


It delights.

Grace simultaneously holds you in a close embrace and pushes back the boundaries of what’s possible for you.

Grace is infinite possibility at your fingertips.

Grace enchants and enriches. It honors and glorifies.

Grace is magick.

People have been asking me if I’ve been feeling good things coming in for the near future: in the new year or even before. The answer is a full-body YES!

Today we may be exhausted, or feeling tapped out in all sorts of ways, or even wishing for things to go “back to normal.”

Well, that old normal is gone. And I say HOORAY! The old normal was one of social injustice, political and economic oppression, closed hearts/minds/fists. The old reality’s calculus was zero-sum-game.

The old reality had no room for GRACE or magick or enchantment or limitlessness. The old normal couldn’t sanction quantum leaps. It didn’t want beauty or love that could not be controlled or manipulated. The old reality was heavy and iron-fisted. Suppleness was a threat to its grim rigidity.

One of the major shifts I’m feeling right now: the idea that GRACE is not something that is awarded (or not) from the outside, or bestowed by a higher authority, but SOMETHING THAT WE OFFER TO OURSELVES.

Yes, 2020 has been singularly difficult. Yes, so much of what we’ve seen this year–selfishness, lack of compassion, power smash-and-grabs, and straight-up LYING in a vain attempt to maintain control of something which is not controllable–has been ugly, disheartening, and even shocking to the senses.

Many of us have had to totally re-invent ourselves: our lives, our homes, our families, our habits, how we earn a living and spend our time. And this just to scrape by!

BUT WHAT IF… this was the biggest gift ever?!? What if his obligation to re-invent ourselves has handed us (albeit in the best disguise ever) everything we’ve needed to live our best lives?

I don’t mean the glossy-magazine-photo lives that we used to be told we should want in order to consider ourselves successful. I mean the kinds of lives that FIT. That fit us: our dreams, our values, our aspirations for ourselves and our quickly-evolving world.

What do you think: am I crazy, or is this just weird enough to be possible?

As so many cycles end right now, and we take a long, shuddering breath (of relief or at least reprieve) now that the Sun is in optimistic and future-oriented Sagittarius, I suggest taking time to see the shifts in your life from another angle besides hardship, if that’s how you’ve been feeling the shifts of this amazing year. As you do an inventory of your life, consider how what has seemed to be a huge bummer might actually be a fantastic boon.

Here is a Thanksgiving Gift for you, because I’m grateful for you, and your presence in my life. I am viscerally aware of all the golden threads that connect my heart to yours and to all the other hearts in our global community.

© Elizabeth Locey, 2020. All rights reserved.

The player above holds the first meeting of this edition of Marry Your Intuition. II invite you to set sacred space (it can be complex and ritualistic, or as easy as saying “I call in my guides to render this space sacred”), to get quiet and to listen. There are many gifts folded up in here, because in it we travel between dimensions to a place where everything is on the verge of taking form.

I invite you to receive this gift and to go on your own journey. Notice what comes for you and to you, and who you are accompanied by.

If you’re feeling far from loved ones at this holiday because of the pandemic, call them in! This is a liminal space where anything is possible and whence all realities that we know are birthed.

Come to meet me at the Oasis this Thanksgiving. It’s not for nothing that it’s an oasis: a place of lushness and the gifts of nature in a time when we may be feeling tapped out.

Dip a toe in the waters of replenishment. Maybe you didn’t realize how parched you were until you were re-hydrated.

In this recording, as we await the group to finalize itself, we do not enter the tent, where the real magick happens, but gather nearby, drawing in nourishment from the elements: the Earth beneath our feet, the water of the pool nearby, the fire in the brazier and the torches, and the wind gently moving our robes as we stand in sacred circle.

If this speaks to you, come join us in the sisterhood tent.

This is the final Live Collective journey of Marry Your Intuition.Come link arms with the other sisters live on the calls with you–I cannot even put words on the power and potency of this one simple thing.

Come join us to claim your power as a leader, to participate in pulling down the Patriarchal structures which need to go, and to watch your life unfurl and blossom in undreamt-of new ways.

Lean into the dream, for it is here now for you and for all of us. The tent-flaps seal themselves on Tuesday at noon Eastern, so if this is calling you in any way, please reach out now.

I’ll be back soon to talk about Monday’s massive Lunar Eclipse, which is all about Third Eye Activation, Dreaming things into form, and throwing down the old belief systems to build new ones in the Golden Love Matrix. See you then,

May Our Winged Hearts Fly Every Free!

P.S.: One of the previous Marry Your Intuition journeys was during the summer 2019 eclipse season and it was PHENOMENAL! Eclipse Seasons are a gift to humanity to shed light on what has been hidden and to accelerate our travels into higher consciousness. WOW! I know this one will be a doozie! How comforting to ride that roller coaster with dear ones, following the threads, claiming our power, uncovering deep truths about our strength, all the while embraced by Grace. Join us? 

If you receive my emails, there’s a gift code in your inbox right now, plus payment plans for every budget.

This is not a lifetime in which to play small! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Let’s do this. Together.