2020’s Final Full Moon

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Welcome to the final Full Moon of 2020!
Cancer Full Moon at 8 degrees

Trying my hand at an audio blog this time! I’ll work on tightening it up for next time. See the highlights below:

  • Full Moon at 8 degrees Cancer, Sun opposite at 8 Capricorn (look for the house where this is located in your natal chart)
  • This Cancer-Capricorn axis of security has been highlighted ALL year by the pandemic (career and financial security vs emotional security and home life)
  • This is the Omega Moon to the Alpha Moon on 10 January last year, which basically kicked off the pandemic
  • Crystals and card below were discussed
  • Invitation to take advantage of the ongoing 40% discount on my full Wisdom Portal Akashic Records session
  • If you’ve been feeling like you’re coming undone, you are, and that’s a good thing! When you come back together, it will be as a “higher order of being”

Crystals for this Cancer Full Moon

DOUBLE Rose Quartz—Love of all kinds
DOUBLE Labradorite–Magick + interdimensional realms
Rhodochrosite–healing core wounds
Howlite–stone of Power and radical calm
Green Aventurine–what do you need to let go of so that you can become your best self in this moment?

Card for this Full Moon/Year’s End

‘If you have felt in your life that you were very different, isolated, a “stranger in a strange land,” take heart! the great heart mandala is being visibly re-connected and you with it. This archetype alerts star kindred that you are being drawn toward each other like iron filings to a magnet by the law of affinity, like vibration attracting like vibration.
[This is the best part right here —>] And don’t be concerned, it is actually a good sign that your planetary brief might presently have this scribbled on it: “I’m coming glaringly unwoven. My life threads are a jumbled tangle, a twisting torsion of wefting threads. Everything is being stripped away but the unknown. Sharp shuttle shards of definitions and dangling remains of me are lying everywhere in unraveling patterns. My ego’s threadless clothes lay in tatters. Familiar tapestry on which I wove my life is gone. Impoverishment of smallness which defined me as freedom’s beggar dissolved like the first scaffolding web spider makes…” If this sounds uncomfortably familiar to you, take courage. This unweaving of the dysfunctional patterns in your life that attempt to maintain your smallness is a painful gift offering the dissolution necessary for you to energetically re-cohere into another order of being.’

Ariel Spilsbury, 13 Moon Oracle: Holographic Meditations on the Mystery p. 148

Resources for an aligned transition to 2021’s new energies

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May 2021 bring us many gifts of joy and growth.


And may our Winged Hearts fly ever free.

Own Your Magick,