2021: The Year of Clear Choice

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Welcome to 2021!

Wow, here we are finally in the New Year, and the difference in energy is palpable.

I know that not everyone is celebrating right now, and if you are one, please know that my heart and ears are open to you. I witness you in your strength, your courage, and even in your breakdown, if that’s where you are.

I trust that you can feel my hand on the back of your heart right now, offering some of my strength if you feel yours is failing in this moment.

The are now less than 2 weeks from our Solstice Rupture (leading to a rapture experience of bringing heaven down to earth) and the gateway to these new energies.

Tuesday’s Cancer Full Moon pushed us even further in that direction, and marked the end of an extremely tumultuous Eclipse Season. I shared an audio message about this Full Moon here; I wasn’t channeling so feel free to listen while driving.

The year 2020 is over in our human timeline, but so many of the storylines ripple forward into 2021. Please honor where you ARE at this present moment with no self-judgment or should-ing. There are no shoulds. Where you are is where you are, and the Akashic Records Keepers teach that every choice that is made was the perfect choice in that moment. I know from experience that it’s often hard to honor that, but my life is better when I do.

2021’s Central Energy 

This is just a quick note to share that my guides are telling me that for 2021 it’s best to have faith, be joyful wherever you can, hold those people whom you cherish close to your heart, and speak your truth.

2021 is the year of Clear Choice—love stories or horror stories. Each human gets to choose which camp they’re in.

The love stories camp is not about romance, but about dreams and wonder and connection and trust, even when trust has been broken.

The horror stories camp is about nightmares and manipulation and control and distrust based on labels and categories.

Did anyone else feel when they got up today that 2020 was a dream?


I sure did! I’m working on an article right now about how humans’ relationship with TIME is shifting, but a whole year just gone in a dream?! Very Wizard of Oz-y!

To help anchor me–and you, and everyone else–here are some cards I pulled from Jen Duchene’s Illuminating Journey Deck: the tool of the KEY and the 5 Soul Portal!

I as was shuffling the cards I felt that there would be a 5 somehow, and sure enough! Today is the first day of a new 5 Universal Year (2+0+2+1=5).

I love Jen and I love love love her cards. You can get a deck for yourself here.

Cards for the Year

Jen teaches that when a tool card (such as this one) is drawn, to keep drawing until you get a Soul Portal card.

This tool carries the following associations: “Unlock closed doors, open secrets [I’m reading “open” here as a verb, not an adjective], new doorways, change [!!!], journey, discovery, options, missing link.”

I’ll also note that this card’s color is the color associated with the Akashic Records. Also, the 5 just below carries many of the same meanings, especially that of change!

To work with this Soul Portal, first look with soft eyes. Notice what your eye is drawn to first in this card.

There is a lot here. Feel how the colors and the images move or shift you.

Above the pomegranate and the crow is the runic symbol called WYRD (yes, it’s the root of the English word weird) that you might not be familiar with. Here is what she says about it:

“Web of Wyrd: this powerful Viking symbol is known as the “matrix of destiny.” Believed to have been woven by the 3 Norns (wise women who gave clues to an individual’s path). Nothing is fixed, all is flexible, and everything depends on how you see it. Nine staves or lines connect in an angular grid or gate, which include[s] all the rune shapes. Holding past, present, and future, touching each other, illustrating the connectivity and influence of all choices, beliefs, and actions.”

Jen calls this card “Wandering into Maze: Choosing adventure over inertia. Exploration travels into magical places.”

Later, under the number 5, she notes the following:

Five–open on both sides, sitting on a rocker ready to swivel and risk all for true freedom. Smack in the middle of the root numbers 1, initiation, & 9, completion.

Adaptable, versatile, active, progressive and processive, five embraces freedom and risk. 

After structure [the 4] comes adventure. The 5 strikes a balance between courage and control. 

Engaging the Soul to experience itself freely by embracing change through mind body & spirit as a constant friend.

You can’t make this up!! The 5 year, the choices, journey, options, change. Wow.

I pulled some crystals, too, but those cards are SO speaking that I sort of do’t want to distract from them.

However, I will say that there were FIVE!!!

(Seriously, you can’t make this up…)

If you’re a crystal maven, I’ll note that the stones were Hematite for grounding and finding the middle path, Rose Quartz for Love, Green Aventurine (there’s that sense of destiny showing up again) asking you what you’ve outgrown, because there’s a big thing wanting to come to you, but there’s not room for it in your field. Also Sugilite green-lighting you to follow your dreams, and Amazonite bringing you the courage AND the right words to speak your personal truth.


And speaking of crystals, I’ve got a brand new offering for 2021: a private crystal reading with me any time you like.

No more having to wait for me to announce a pulling party on Facebook (especially if you’ve left FB for a reason), and then hoping that you catch the livestream. Just schedule one at your magick moment, or offer one to a friend.

It’s a great way to amplify intentions, magnetize or manifest, or just give yourself a little love. Makes a great gift as well.

Find out more here.

So much 2021 Love to you!

I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us all. My hope is that it’s more trust, more freedom, more truth, and more Love for all.

Big, big BIG virtual hugs and kisses!

Own Your Magick, and may our winged hearts fly ever free!